Olivia Colman discovers Indian family links in Who Do You Think You Are? – BBC

This is the last will and testament of
one Richard Campbell Bazzette I give and bequeath my property to be divided
between my beloved wife Sarah Bazzette okay and my beloved sons. Oh! William
Young Bazzette, Charles Young Bazzette Henri Young Bazzette, Richard Young Bazzette and
Alfred Young Bazzette. So five yes Five boys, I’m descended from Charles their
second son do we know anything else about Charles well I’ve got this oh this
is from the 1871 census many decades later Charles Bazzette head, head of
household that’s right married yeah 63 three lieutenant colonel
Indian Army retired Harriet wife so Harriet is my great-great
great-grandmother that’s right and Harriet was born East Indies kissin..
something Kishanganj is what it says there I don’t know what I’ve never heard of
that it’s a fairly remote town in the northeast of India oh so it might be
interesting for you to go to Kishanganj to find out more about Harriet your
three-times great-grandmother Olivia has discovered that her
great-great great-grandmother Harriet was born in Kishanganj in the Indian
state of Bihar in 1807 Olivia has come to the former British club in Kishanganj well the first thing we have is a marriage certificate Harriet’s marriage
certificate and it’s got a father’s name Celester yes Williams Celester born in
1778 so as you can see traveled a lot around India with the army belonging to
the East India Company we know that came here to Kishanganj okay and Harriet was born here yes the strong possibility is that Harriet’s
mother was not British and that very likely very probably
she was a local lady my great-great-great
great-great-great-great grandmother is Indian mm-hmm The Madras courier of February last contains the following articles Celester
was out shooting his gun having misfired he had just re-primed with the gun
went off and its contents passing through his head he was killed on the
spot so this is 1810 how old who would Harriet have been? three or four years old do we know anything about what happens to Harriet and her mum We don’t to
know what happened to her mummy but about Harriet in fact her grandmother
William’s mother who was also called Harriet actually paid for Harriet to be
taken from India and brought to England Olivia now knows that little Harriet
following her father’s death in 1810 was sent from Kishanganj to England the
last time I heard is that my great-great-great grandmother Harriet
landed in London in 1812 and I wanted to know what happened to her after that well this is the first mention we have of Harriet in England I give to my
great niece Harriet’s Celester the granddaughter of my said sister Harriet
Elizabeth’s Celester the sum of three hundred pounds a lot of money those days
this is Harriet’s grandmother sister her great-aunt great aunt Louisa
she’s about 21 now and now has her own money and do we know what happened to
her after that this is a list of passengers who have arrived by ship in
Calcutta from England Harriet’s Celester that’s excited she’s gone she’s gone
back to India yes she comes back here to Calcutta she’s around 24 25 marriages marriages 1832 on this third day of April 1832 William Trigg Garrett
leftenant bachelor and Harriet Celester hang on
so who is William Trigg Garrett I thought my great-great great-grandfather
was Charles Bazzette this is Harriet’s first husband OH and do
we know what happened to them next yes we do sacred to the memory of William TIG Garrett Lieutenant Bengal artillery Oh
God he departed this life 25th of July 1833 age 29 after her first husband’s
death in 1833 Harriet fades from official records for a number of years so the last thing I knew about Harriet is that she was widowed just over a year
after she got married mid-twenties and so I want to know what happens next this is a letter written by Charles Young Bazzette her second husband for half an
hour we were alone together and then she said she loved me so what happened next they got married following their marriage in September
1838 Harriet and Charles returned to India September the 21st 1839 a friend
and schoolfellow of Harriet’s who is married to the surgeon at the
civil station has asked her to be confined there so she’s having a baby
yes oh how lovely Richard Bazzette son of Charles Young Bazzette and Harriet his
wife Mary Bazzette baptized 1845 Curnow which is in Punjab Charles Bazzette
was Cawnpore India again and Fanny Bazzette that 12th of August 1849 and mahou one
two three four oh how lovely, so they stayed in India
had all of their children there Harriet’s father William was the son of
Harriet Elizabeth’s Celester the grandmother who brought little Harriet
to England so here we are in Scotland so I’ve made contact with another
descendant of the Celesters and I’m hoping he might have more information about
Harriet’s grandmother and her family I’ve dug some stuff out for you which I
think you will enjoy Thank You. Harriet Elizabeth she changes the course of my
great-great-great grandmother Harriet’s life brings her to England when her
father dies but she’s sort of in the background doing things and I want to know more about her well I’ve
got a portrait of her for you no I can tell you a lot about her Very faded but she’s
very much fair isn’t she, she had a very extraordinary life Harriet Elizabeth
lived most of her married life in Portugal where her husband was serving
in the Army she left a series of Diaries and letters you will not have forgot the
distress of parting with my mother and how difficult it was to tear ourselves
from her last embrace oh she lamented that she would never see
us more I think I see her sitting in her wheelchair with a little black bonnet
pulled over her eyes to hide her tears for she was crying bitterly
oh so this poor woman do know more about her and what her name was indeed here she
is and Judith Bristow we left her the old lady with the bonnet
to hide her tears There she is when she’s married I guess 1740s I think so Anne Judith
Bristow is my great-great-great great-great-great grandmother Wow And Anne Judith she wasn’t born British she was naturalized and this is the
document that explains her naturalization born at Paris in the
kingdom of France French yes 100% it’s been it’s been an incredible
journey of discovery I thought there was nobody exotic in my family ever I was so
wrong and the spread over the world Portugal India France and Saint Helena
that I had to look up on a map because I have no idea where that was. I’m still
incredibly proud of being from Norfolk that will never go but it’s so exciting
finding out this stuff it gives you a little bit of confidence I’ve got to
try and be a little braver now I hope I dont let them down


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