Organizar Reuniones Familiares para Genealogía

Welcome to my FindRoots channel
the present day I want to share a tool that
you can use to collect more genealogy information
this tool are the meetings family members if you have the help of your family
to carry them out it will be much more simple
so today I want to give you some tips that you could use for when
hold these family reunions the first thing that is sum
importance is the food the food is something fundamental that you should
count for this to take place meeting
in my case what worked the most is the fact that each family wears a
different dish and this dish is a quantity
important so you can reach for most people but of course
it’s just about eating in this meeting you must count
with activities that are already recreational so they can know each other a little more
they should investigate a little about some integration games so that
can carry out in your meeting familiar the next thing they could
to do in a family reunion is to take finished the next thing you could
take in a family reunion is the telling anecdotes when telling
these facts that have happened in your family and they have carried out certain
relatives with their ancestors is very interesting to know a little
more and also know a little more to our ancestors and how they lived together
with them medical team were called
in this case if you have uncles or grandparents could tell them about their
great grandparents how they lived with them as they knew them and what were their tastes
another thing that worked for me a lot is the presentation of the family tree if
you have investigated several generations could be very interesting
that you have it printed and that can you comment a little how have you been
in the search and also at the same time could you know the different last names
that comes to his family also that family trees
going to have the dates where they they were born and at the time when they
they lived so this is going to be very interesting for your family to
know something else that worked for me is the fact of conducting interviews
interviews with family members who are from older can be my great uncles
great grandparents grandparents and that they tell me a little about which
are your tastes and also true anecdotes that have lived in your life
that maybe even though we are close to them we don’t know then
these data and these interviews are going to help and they will enrich our tree
familiar we will even be able to find some data that will take us from the
hand to find others documents and data we need in
our tree to meals as he says nothing but of
far well it came with its water boats and it’s
Sincere it sounded for me to go out and my grandmother I had a lot of fruit in its wide
apolinário sanchez and corner
what I have done is record these interviews edit them and then
present them at the family reunion as well in a more concise way we can
introduce you to all these interviews another thing that worked a lot on the
last meeting that was held in my family was the act of carrying
antiques objects that in this case they were from my great grandmother and that they
they could tell the story of those objects
so this was very enriching and very emotional for the family since my
great grandmother already has about 10 years of deceased then the fact of
be able to meet and talk about how was she how she was with her children and how
it was with his parents because it has led us to it could be asking each of the
families that carry the photos more old family members who have
so we could even reach know more certain people than such
we have no idea how they were physically
and this will also help us to we can take pictures of those
take photos and upload them some genealogy platforms for all
can have access to them also something that I think is very important
importance is that always in the family reunions you in details
of how they are advancing in their genealogy they can talk about certain secrets or
things that you have been finding in the latest investigations in this case
The last thing I discovered was from me great grandmother against in certain documents
who say their mother was with life when was the marriage of one of
her sisters so this was something crucial for
determine then that the date of death of his mother is not like
she said it and finally when closing with a good dance will always be the best
so here are some clicks that I I can give them that I have used and that
they have used my family to hold these family gatherings
and be able to have the best so you study have some others
suggestions can put them in the comments
don’t be discouraged if at the first meeting that you organize doesn’t have much
assistance this is most normal little little by little the other families will join
and in the end you will have a great party and gather family see you at the
next video goodbye

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