Orphan Girl Takes a DNA Test!

Hello hello my name is echo so my DNA is a little bit of a mystery to me because I am a sad little orphan girl. My dad left my family when I was 2 years old and then my mom died when I was 14 and the rest of my extended family has just kind of scattered throughout the universe. So I really don’t know that much about like my genetic history So I did that stupid Youtuber thing that youtubers do where I just ask science to tell me who I am. I believe in the power of science. On my dad’s side of the family I believe that he’s like pretty white, but my mom’s side of the family is pretty much completely Hispanic I grew up in a spanish-speaking household. I grew up eating very traditionally hispanic foods. Apparently when I was really little I used to speak Spanglish Unfortunately, I’ve dealt with some internalized junk and all that stuff has been removed from my brain. Total honesty? I don’t know what the heck I am. I’ve been told from different members of my family that I am Spanish on my mom’s side like from Spain Spanish But also that we are native Mexican? So like Mexican Indian, so I really don’t know. I sincerely do not know what the heck I am. And today we’re gonna find out! Solving the mystery of the sad little orphan girl. At this point both of my parents are dead. But you know science is helpful. So it’s pretty much what’s going on today. We’re just gonna do that stereotypical youtuber thing and find out what exactly I am on the inside Science it’s great. Let’s go science and stuff oh I’m really actually kind of nervous about this uhhhhhhhhh Well all I have to do is click a button and I can find out everything that I’ve never known about myself. Do you realize how scary that is? Here we go nervous nervous nervous I’m nervous. Ancestry five reports traits 19 reports wellness eight reports DNA relatives click to participate I’m afraid to look at my ancestry if I’m honest. So, instead let’s have a look at traits. We’ll ease ourselves into this ooh This is weird Okay so the traits report. These reports are a fun way to learn about how your DNA influences your physical appearance preferences and physical responses. The predictions are based on current knowledge of how genetic factors influence our traits. Cheek dimples likely no dimples I have none left and chin likely no cleft Do not have one. Earlobe type: detached. That one’s right. Eye color: likely darker eyes That one’s also right. Freckles like the little freckles I do have a little freckling. Finger length ratio: likely a ring finger longer Than what? I do a pretty long ring finger actually. Hair curliness: wavy is correct. Skin Pigmentation: light skin. Yep. It says likely can’t taste bitterness I definitely can. I want to get some of those bitter taste test strips because I’m pretty certain that I actually do have Like the taste of bitterness. Echo you are likely to not taste certain bitter compounds 65% of customers who are genetically similar to you do not taste certain Compounds as bitter I can taste the bitterness in cilantro that a lot of people can’t taste and because of that I really hate it. Vegetables like broccoli and brussel sprouts contains certain bitter compounds that only some people can detect. I actually love broccoli and Brussels sprouts, so maybe I can’t taste it that is really cool Let’s have a look at the sweet taste one because I really love sweet foods. I love sugar so much. You are likely to prefer salty or savory snacks This one’s almost a 50/50 shot though. I will pour sugar into my coffee and tea and sometimes I’ll just yell America while I’m doing it so that people don’t judge me. Or they’ll judge me for my country Likelihood that I have red hair a 1% chance. I defy all odds Naturally though, I do not grow hair so the genetics is right. I was not born with this. It is not Maybelline Let’s have a look at something that’s like very clearly true. Um. Let’s do eye color, ooh That’s kind of cool. There’s a third chance that I could have lighter eyes I don’t but still it’s kinda cool. Cheek dimples This one’s almost half in half, which is kind of funny because I don’t have cheek dimples But I do have dimples right here. Definitely stronger on one side which is kind of annoying Okay, let’s have a look at ancestry whoo. I am mixed Okay, that makes sense. Oh, this is so weird and really fascinating okay, so apparently I’m mostly European, which makes sense because Spain is also like in Europe so even if I am like half Spanish That’s still European, and I already know that my dad side is mostly European because they are very white I love the way that this is layed out. That’s so cool. Okay. Let’s break this down a little bit Let’s go ahead and start by looking at the European sections So it looks like most of my European ancestry is from North West Europe, British Irish French and German Scandinavian and broadly north western european That’s fascinating tiny bit of jewish broadly european Let’s have a look at the East Asian and Native American sure enough sixteen percent Native American. *sings* Americaaaaa It’s kind of cool to see like an estimated actual percentage. Middle Eastern and North African like eight percent. That’s kind of cool What is Oceana including indigenous people of Papua New Guinea and Malaysia? Was inhabited tens of thousands of years ago by early seafaring people. This is cool You most likely had a great grandparent or second great grandparent who was 100% British and Irish this person was likely born between 1870 and 1930 you most likely had a second great grandparent third great grandparent or fourth great grandparent or Fifth great grandparent who was 100% French and German I’ve been told that Gillette is a French last name so that would make sense. Fancy. Scandinavian Iberian you most likely had a third fourth fifth or sixth great grandparent who was 100 percent Native American and likely born between 1950 and 1840 that is pretty cool. There it is southern, European. Yeah Okay, see in Europe. How it’s like southern European is twenty four percent. That’s the Spanish from my mom’s side That’s actually really reassuring. Oh that means that I am exactly what I thought I was which is really cool. Generally I always tell people that on my mom’s side. I’m half Spanish half Mexican just as kind of like a general encompassing abbreviation of what I am, and it seems like based on this that actually makes sense because a quarter of my European is around Spain Iberian yeah, that’s Spain Oh, that’s so cool. I feel like… I understand myself so much better this makes so much sense Let’s have a look at my maternal haplogroup you descend from a long line of women that can be traced back to Eastern Africa over 150,000 years ago these are the women of your maternal line and your maternal haplogroup sheds light on Their story your maternal haplogroup is a 2h a 2h is relatively uncommon among 23andme customers one in 1100 I have an uncommon maternal haplogroup. I’m unique. Share reports with your father or brother to trace your paternal line well It can’t do that anymore. Neanderthal ancestry hmm. I have 266 the under fall variants. Your DNA family Learn about your DNA relatives the diverse group of 23andme customers who have DNA in common with you only individuals have chosen to participate in the DNA relatives are the subject of this report. Echo you have 1046 DNA relatives in your 23andme DNA family This is really cool locations of your DNA relatives, not surprisingly mostly Southwest. Maybe I’ll reach out to them We’ll see. The Wellness reports. The Wellness reports directly relate to my physical body and not my sense of self Which is a bit more scary? Let’s dive in. These reports help you understand How your DNA influences your body’s response to environmental factors like diet and lifestyle. Let’s look at my genetic weight because I’m fascinated by that Echo your genes predispose you to a weight that is about average which makes sense I’m not like incredibly like plus-sized, but I’m also not really skinny I’ve also put on quite a bit of weight because it’s my medication, but I’m working on it lol for a 26 year old woman who is 5/6 should be 147 pounds. I’m a bit more than that at least that’s what’s average. Genetics Its good. See this is the thing though your weight is like partially influenced by your genetics This is why fat shaming is stupid. Healthy habits for your genetics: avoid fast-food Lol. And I probably should but I’m an 8 minute walk away from a Taco Bell So that’s not gonna happen. Limiting red meat that one I can actually do I was vegetarian for like five years So I really don’t eat red meat much to begin with. Sleeping out the amount I don’t do that. Eating vegetables. I feel like a lot of these are very straightforward common-sense things. Some I’m good at, some I’m not so good at. Let’s have a look at my muscle composition. Your genetic muscle composition is common in elite power Athletes. Studies have found that almost all elite power athletes including sprinters throwers and jumpers Have a specific genetic variant in the gene related to muscle composition you have the same genetic variant as these elite power athletes That’s cool. Sleep movement to likely average or less movement that one’s true. I don’t really move much in my sleep I am not likely to be an especially deep sleeper That’s kind of interesting because I feel like I’m very good at sleeping generally I can just kind of lay down and immediately fall asleep which I realized is a skill that not a lot of people have. This one is very much me the caffeine consumption. Based on your Genetics you are likely to drink slightly more caffeine than average. Why yes, yes, I do. I don’t know oh, no. It’s pretty cool I feel like it’s just kind of confirmed a lot of information that I already sort of knew about myself Which is really great? I guess a small part of me was kind of afraid that Everything that I thought about myself would be wrong 2018 is going to be my personal year of self-discovery I’m gonna discover myself like the type 5 I am. Figure out my place in the world I want you to know that you’re a beautiful human, and I love you And I’m gonna give you 500 awesome points for making it through this weird video I’m gonna go make some more coffee, and hopefully I will see you guys later. Bye Double rainbow all the way across the sky Woa woa omg. Look at that rainboww


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