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It’s a very exciting day here at The Planet D because we are going to find out our ancestry DNA we’ve been traveling the world full time for eight years having adventures in more than 100 countries on all seven continents and sharing our experiences on ThePlanetD.com Welcome to Antarctica welcome to Dubai Welcome to the Maldives welcome to Scandinavia As you know, we travel all around the world we visited a ton of countries experienced a lot of cultures but never really looked into what our heritage is all about and what our Ancestry is so that’s what we’re going to do today. People always ask us when we travel to places like Ireland and Wales and the UK. They say “oh are you from here” and we go. “I think I have a Scottish heritage or I think I have an Irish heritage but it’s about time we find out once and for all where we’re from So we picked up our DNA kit and that’s what we going to do today let’s open them up and see what it’s all about after AncestryDNA sent us our kits, we activated our code online and it was so easy Just spit into the tube release the stabilizing fluid, shake for five seconds and send it back in the postage-paid envelope I don’t know whether I have that much spit in me but we’ll see almost there ready to go so we’re going to talk to Ancestry today about our DNA results and our family tree but before we did we thought that we would actually go through what we think because something I think is really funny as Canadians is a lot of us don’t really know a lot about our family tree or we tend to know the wrong information right? Yeah definitely I mean because you know obviously Canada’s all immigrants you know you don’t really know where people came or you have these things that are all assumed. I have always said I am French and I am English and that’s pretty much I always thought it was pretty basic and it’s funny because I thought most Canadians are from France or England because we have French Canada and English Canada. I know for me I’m really looking forward to seeing if you know my limited history of what I know about my past which is not very much is true I want to know whether I’m Scottish if I am from Scotland then where am i from there and you know maybe I can delve a little bit deeper maybe there’s some royalty in there or something like that. I don’t know. I don’t know a lot about my mother’s side because my mother is adopted so I’m super interested to see if they can sort of track something down and maybe be able to dig a little bit deeper into that and I’ve traced my roots back to like Dukes in England and I know that I’m related to Richard the Lionheart and I always am upset that I don’t have any other royal money even though I suppose a royal blood so that bothers me. So we’re going to be getting on the call in a couple minutes I’m very excited me too we’re going to know where the heck we came from During our meeting I found out I was not only French in English but I have a lot of Irish and a little bit of Scandinavia too so that was pretty cool what we have today. We always joke there’s a little Viking in all of us. Yeah, it is really cool because I always get that when we’re travelling when we’re in Europe people go “Oh, do you have Scandinavian routes? yes and I’ve always joked, “no I’m too short to be Scandinavian but I guess like, my look, people think I look a lot Scandinavian. Well there are a few things that really surprised me about my AncestryDNA and family tree number one they were able to find my mom’s birth mother and if you remember she was adopted and what was really interesting is how they did this they were able to do it through the DNA. Someone else it submitted their DNA through through the Ancestry program and they found such a close match they found someone who was actually my cousin oh my gosh Wow in this world first cousin is not related to you through the Bouskills so it’s your mom’s side somewhere. So she had an extensive family tree. Wow the surnames that start to show up in this tree on this branch. Frasier, Bane, McClean, they are all big clans, That is so cool so your grandfather was actually born in Scotland oh I didn’t that. There you go I had no idea He is part of Clan Frasier oh neat. Now this particular clan has lived in Nova Scotia for a few generations they came to Canada it looks like, as part of that highland migration. Right. Until we get back to place called Gairloch Scotland Oh, I’m going there. Next week. there you go! that is so wild. Gairloch is actually one of the places where the Highlanders were allowed to come this particular community was set up by a man who’s last name was McKenzie and he started inviting these Highlanders to come to this community This is so cool That’s Cool We’re here at Gairloch, Scotland where I found out I am from. during the Highland Clearances Gairloch was one of the few places where the Highlanders were allowed to come it was set up by a man named Mackenzie another one of my ancestors who invited the Highlanders to settle here it brought a whole new level to my travels knowing that I was tracing my ancestors roots and history. I’ve gotta say being on this trip and being in a place where my great-grandfather’s were from really had a profound effect on me as I was walking through Gairloch, I felt more like I belong there like this was my homeland rather than being a tourist it was like there was this connection and that’s something that I never felt before when I travelled and I think finding out that my heritage was Scottish and I was from this area just a week before that I thought I actually went there was a bit serendipitous and sort of was meant to be so it was this calling while I was in Scotland that I know I’ll definitely be back now that we know that we have ties in Scandinavia Scotland, Ireland and even Spain, it’s motivated us to get out there and explore our family history and we want to give you the chance to find out about your own heritage so we’ve arranged an exclusive Planet D discount code for everybody out there so you can check out where you are from just follow the comments and the links below to find out your own DNA and don’t forget let us know what you find out in the comments says we’d love to know where all of you are from


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