Our Ancestry DNA Results!!

(footsteps) (children talking) – I need you to fill that with spit. – Fill it? – Fill it with spit to the black line. (serious, electronic music) Hey what’s up guys? Today’s going to be a fun one. We’ve got these boxes from ancestry, and they gave us a call and they’re like, “Hey, you guys want to see what “your ethnicity is? “Like your true ethnicity?” And I’m like, yeah, I have a pretty good idea from what my parents have told me about our ancestors but, you spit in these vials, you send them back to them and within a few weeks, you get a thing in the mail that shows exactly what your heritage is. And I’m like, heck yeah I want to do that. You first, – Ancestry DNA, okay. – We have to fill it up to the black line with that and then we
put this in afterward and it puts that liquid stuff in there. And then we basically just put it in this and ship it. – Super easy. – I know. I’m collecting spit. – Are you collecting cars or are you collecting spit? Which one? (upbeat, electronic music) – (laughs) I’ve never
looked at my spit before. – Hmm. – (laughs)
– Got some. – I’m excited to see what.. – Where do you think
you’re going to be from? – Iceland. – Seeing our levitating light video we’ve talked about how some of our ancestors are from Iceland. So we’re going to have some of that in our blood for sure. (electronic music peaks) We’re in a museum in Utah that has a bunch of history of the pioneers that actually came across the country and came to America. Why are we here? So, we have an ancestor, his name is Steven Markham and he was a bodyguard of this prophet named Joseph Smith and basically he had this stick that he called the rascal beater and it was like this knotty, hickory wood and he would beat people away with it, like get them away from him. Yep, that happened. So, we know about these people in our ancestries and in our DNA and we know about those stories, but we don’t know about
everybody in our DNA, so that’s why it’s cool to do this ancestry DNA because that way we can know like our own body makeup, like what percentage
comes from each country. So, yeah. There’s a brief history of our ancestors. Now let’s go find out what our DNA is and for us it’s going
to take a week or two, but for you guys, it’s going to be right now. What’s inside the what’s inside family’s DNA? That’s what we’re about to find out. So, Leslie. Where do you think you’re
ancestors are from? What do you think your makeup’s going to be? – It’s going to be, I think, England, Ireland and Germany. Well, it’ll be interesting to see what the kids, like
what percentage they got of both of us. Because it’s going to be different percentages, right? – Yeah. I think that’s interesting too. So if you guys want to do this yourselves, it’s a great gift. It’s a cool thing that you can send off to somebody. They gave us a special code at ancestry.com/whatsinside and I’ll give you 10% off. So if you do it for yourself, use the hashtag #MYANCESTRY so that we can see like, what your results are. I don’t know. This is super curious. It’s available internationally in like 30 different markets. All the info’s on the site. And link and the description, you can click on that. Let’s get to the results! Time for London! – Okay! Let’s do this! So excited! – Okay, London. You are 36% from Ireland. – Whoa! – Ireland. – Ireland. – St. Patrick’s Day. When you wear green? – It’s in Europe. – (laughs) Um, 28% Scandinavia. – What does that mean? – East Europe. Europe West 16%. Great Britain which is England, London. You’re name’s London! Great Britain 9%. – Oh my gosh. I’m really surprised
that Ireland’s so high. Really surprised. – Claire, 32% from Ireland. – So it’s less. – 19% from Europe West. Wait. What was Scandinavia for her? London’s 28% Scandinavian. And Claire is only 17% Scandinavian. – Whoa. That’s really interesting! – That’s pretty cool. – That is so cool! – But now that you know that 32% of the makeup of your DNA comes from the people of Ireland doesn’t it make you want to go, “Man, I want to visit Ireland. “I want to learn more about it. – Umm hmm. – Okay, that’s Irish. – (laughs) – That’s cool. Lincoln’s turn. You ready? All right, here we go. 41% Ireland. You’re the most Irish out of everybody. 29% Scandinavia. And then 15% Europe West. You’re the most of like, one thing. Let’s see. Because like Great
Britain is 9% for London, and Great Britain is 15%
– Yeah! – for Claire. And you don’t have any Great Britain. What’s your Great Britain? 2%. – 2%. – That is so interesting. – This is it. We’re going to do Mama. Who’s going to have more Ireland? Mama, because she has O’Brien in her? Okay, Mama’s up. – Okay. – Boom. 27% Ireland for Mama. You’re primarily Scandinavia. – What! – 31%. – I have never even heard that. Never! – Do you know what Scandinavia is? – Well, yeah. It’s like
– I don’t. – Finland and Netherlands and… – Norway, Sweden, Denmark – I’ve never heard
anything about our family being from there. – I don’t see any Germany. Where is Germany in that? – Germany, it’s in the – Oh, Germany. Okay. So yeah, Germany is in Europe West. 14%. – My dad is going to be
so interested in this. – My turn. – Okay. – Let’s see where I’m from. 38% Ireland, baby! Only 16% Scandinavia. I thought I’d be like way more Scandinavian. That’s funny. Europe West 24%. Great Britain 17%. Did you even have Great Britain on yours? – I don’t think I did. – So all the Great Britain is from me. So whoever has Great Britain is from me. So let’s see who has
more of Daddy in them. Claire has a lot of Great Britain. Lincoln nothing. You’re nothing. You got more Mama in you. – Yeah. – And then London. So London is where more of my girls. They’re more a part of me. And Lincoln is more of a mama’s boy. – Yeah. – That was pretty cool. If you guys would like
to do this yourselves, then do the ancestryDNA kit which I definitely
recommend for yourselves or as a gift. It’s actually a cool gift because a lot of people want to know what their ancestries are. Where their ancestries from.
– Where are you from? Where’s your ancestors from? – Yeah. Where are they from? You think you know. You might know your like,
most famous ancestors but do know where everybody came from? What your own DNA is and what’s inside of you? Well, there’s a link ancestry.com/whatsinside. It’s in the description. You can click on it. Big thanks to ancestry for sponsoring this video and giving us these kits to be able to do this and show you guys our results. – Really fun. – We have a crazy couple of videos coming up in the next few days. We have 3 or 4 videos for the Family Channel that involve trampolines, explosives, Teslas, all kinds of stuff, so get ready for a crazy few days. – It was awesome! We had so much fun. – Somehow we survived. – Somehow. – We’re home now. All right, so stay tuned for that. You guys are the best. (happy, rhythmic music)


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