Oval Shaped Head v. Block Shaped Head Genetics (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Fye v. Hennie.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Mr. Fye, you have
petitioned the court
for paternity tests on the defendant’s
two children, two-year-old Nathan
and eight-month-old Samuel. Additionally,
you have requested a lie detector test
for the defendant because you claim her
infidelity has not only
created paternity doubt, but has destroyed
your relationship. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Ms. Hennie, although
you’ve admitted to
cheating in the past, you say that you have no doubt
that Mr. Fye is your
children’s biological father. So, Mr. Fye, tell me
how important these
results are today. Your Honor, these kids
call me “Daddy” every day. And, you know, it kind of hurts me because
as they got older the kids don’t
look like me. They do look
exactly like you. They don’t
look like me.
I mean, Nathan he’s got
different features
than what I have. And little Sammy,
he kind of looks
more like Nathan, too. They both
look alike and little Sammy’s
got my full name. Except for he’s
the fourth. And I don’t…
I don’t think it’s right. And so you claim that her infidelity
in the past has caused
you to doubt? SAMUEL: Yes,
Your Honor. Explain. I was gone away
for 45 days and when
I came back people, even friends,
told me that she
was messing around with a guy from
the neighborhood. We were not
messing around. SAMUEL: That’s not
what my friends told me, but when I confronted
the gentleman about it, he came… I was on
the phone with him, and he told me they did
mess around twice. Well, when I confronted
her about it, she denied it,
denied it, denied it. So I hit him on
his cell phone,
and then when I confronted her with the
cell phone with him on it, she started crying
and then she admitted to me
she cheated on me once. JUDGE LAKE: So you did
admit that, Ms. Hennie? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: You cheated on him
while he was gone? One time. JUDGE LAKE: One time. SAMUEL: More like
four times. It only takes one time. We know that
inPaternity Court.Right, but this was
about two months before I got pregnant by him. And so… (SIGHS) You’re saying it was not in the window of conception? SAMANTHA: Right. Mr. Fye, you don’t
seem to be buying that. SAMUEL: No, Your Honor. Why? Because I have caught
recent text messages
in her phone of her talking to
her ex-boyfriends and we’ve been together
for six years on and off. And every time we’ve split up, we wasn’t even
split up a week or two and she was already
messing around
with some other guy. All right, so, you have doubts
surrounding both children. Let’s talk about Nathan first. Explain to me why you doubt. I have an oval-shaped head,
okay, Your Honor? My ears are
close to my head.He has a block head.Like, I mean a block head.His ears have a dip in them.I don’t have
none of them features.
Um, I’m sorry,
but I have dips in my ears. He has my ears. SAMUEL: I don’t have
big ears like he does. Because his sticks out more
and he has that block head. I don’t have a block head,
mine’s more of an oval shape. Like an egg… So, you’re saying your head
is an oval shape? SAMUEL: Yes, Your Honor. (SAMANTHA LAUGHS) That’s why you’ve
submitted this. And you’re
saying Nathan has a different shaped
head than you? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: And you
say his ears don’t
fall like you? Yes, correct. So you’re saying because of the way
his head is shaped he is not
your son? Correct. I don’t think
he’s mine. JUDGE LAKE: So,
are you saying
the other man had a similarly shaped head? SAMUEL: Yes, Your Honor. Really? SAMUEL: Yes. As Nathan? SAMUEL: Yup. JUDGE LAKE:
And you’ve seen
this other man enough to be able
to compare? Yes. He used to be a
close friend of mine. (AUDIENCE GASPS) Oh. Ms. Hennie,
how did you end up sleeping with
your boyfriend’s
close friend? SAMANTHA:
Our kids hung out.
When he went away for that 45 days, we were hanging out
with our kids and it wasn’t… It didn’t
start out that way,
but it’s just one thing led
to another and… Forty-five days
is only a month and a half. So were you all in
a good relationship
when he went away? I mean,
not really. So, bottom line is
is he was gone and then this friend
was over with the kids, one thing led to another,
you say you slept with him? How many times? Once. He told me twice. He confessed this with you? SAMUEL: Yes, Your Honor. I suspected them
messing around
because I was gone and him and his girlfriend
had split up right before
I left, too. But when I asked her she told me, “Oh,
I went over and set up
a play date.” I told her, “I didn’t know
setting up a play date “is what you guys
call it nowadays.” (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) Because, I mean, cheating on somebody,
that’s not a play date. Unless it’s… You know,
a play date for adults, but… Right. SAMUEL: Not for kids. And then when I confronted
him about it, he was like, “Yeah,
we messed around twice.” Let’s go to your doubts
around Samuel. Little Sammy, I’ve… Me and her were
split up at the time. And it came down
to it where she was telling me,
“Oh, I’m out with my friends.” But then again she was
with some other guy. Mmm-mmm. And it’s the same guy
I think was Nathan’s dad. SAMANTHA: No. That’s not true? SAMANTHA: Nope. So you believe Samuel and Nathan have
the same biological father? Correct. JUDGE LAKE: And you
think they’re both your friend’s kids? Yes. And, Ms. Hennie, you
say that’s not true? It’s not true. But you all were broken up,
so were you seeing somebody
else during the time? No. No one at all? Nope. You’re lying. So you didn’t cheat no… I did not cheat on him. JUDGE LAKE: At all. No. She’s lying. And why do you know
she’s lying? Because, I mean, the guy
told me he messed around
with her twice already, JUDGE LAKE: Oh, you… And then… Because he said twice.
You think it’s… SAMUEL: Yeah. And I mean, he’s never lied
to me in the past before. And then when I was…
When we split up
that’s who she ran back to. Three weeks after
him and her got done, me and her
got back together and that’s when she said she
was pregnant with Samuel. There was
a two-month difference between any pregnancy
and me cheating on him. There’s no way that any
of these kids are not his. If he doesn’t think
they’re his kids then I have their birth
certificates that he signed. I’d like to see those.
Jerome. She cheated on me
four times, Your Honor. It was not four times. It was one time. Four times? SAMUEL: Four times. SAMANTHA: One time. So these are the
birth certificates
for the children. The first,Nathan James Fye,father’s name,
Samuel John Fye III.
The second child, Samuel John Fye IV.Father, Samuel
John Fye III.
So you presented
these birth certificates to show the court
what, exactly? That he signed those
saying that
he is the father. Did you sign them
or was the name just
listed by the mother? I signed them. My father’s always
been in my life,
so I figured, you know, I don’t want to be
denying these kids. So this signature
above your name, that is your name? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Not just typed in,
but signed? Yes. JUDGE LAKE: And you admitted that you actually
executed these
birth certificates? Yes, Your Honor. At the time
you executed them, did you believe
you were the
biological father? SAMUEL: Well,
Samuel John Fye IV, I had signed the paperwork
because she had him
at the hospital. I had signed
the affidavit sheet because me and her
was talking about names. I had to go downstairs and take care of
some work business and when I came back up
she already filled out
the name and everything and shipped it out. You’re the one that told me
to name him that. I did not tell you
to name him that. Yes. So you’re saying
for the child that carries your name,
Samuel Fye IV, you’re saying you
didn’t give her permission to give him that name? No, not for his name. JUDGE LAKE: Really? We were discussing two different names
at the time. And then when I left
to go downstairs, that’s when she filled out
the rest of the form and she gave him
my name. Was the reason why you
didn’t give her permission to use the name explicitly
because you had doubt? Yes, Your Honor. I had
doubt that he wasn’t mine so that’s why I
didn’t really want
to give him my name. We talked about it… The name was there
before you signed it. No, we talked
about it and then we’d come up with
two different names and we were going more
with the other name
than this name. And she ended up doing that
when I went downstairs to
take care of some work. JUDGE LAKE: When he went
downstairs in the hospital,
Ms. Hennie, did you take it
upon yourself to just
give the baby his name? SAMANTHA: No, Your Honor. It was his idea to name
the baby after him to keep that name
going on. So, Mr. Fye, you signed
the birth certificate, so what’s the big deal
about your name? You’re still the legal father. Today, if I find out
the kids ain’t mine, I want Samuel John Fye IV, I want his name
taken from him. And Nathan, I want
his last name pulled
from the birth certificate. Ultimately, you claim, if the paternity test
doesn’t go your way and you are not these
children’s biological father, this relationship is over? Correct. Or if the lie detector proves that Ms. Hennie is not
telling the truth. Then it’s done
between us. JUDGE LAKE: Then the
relationship is over as well? Correct. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Hennie, were you in a relationship
with this other guy
for a while? No. We were not
in a relationship. And you still contend
you only slept with him
that one time? SAMANTHA: Yes. It was more than once. SAMANTHA: No. Four. It was four times
she cheated on me. Four times or one time? SAMANTHA: One time. I’ve caught
several text messages
in her phone, of her talking
to her ex… Talking to a friend
is not cheating. Her ex-boyfriends
and stuff like that. Like, “Oh,
I had a good time.”
Stuff like that. That’s not… You know,
I don’t play that. Tell the court, how
has this paternity doubt affected the way
Mr. Fye treats
the children? He treats
the kids just fine. It’s just
when we fight, he throws
that in my face. “Well, how do I know
these kids are mine?” He just makes
comments like that. But you don’t
treat the children
any differently, Mr. Fye? No, I love
them kids to death. But, I mean,
if they ain’t mine, like I said, I want
Sammy’s name taken from him and I want Nathan’s
last name taken. And I don’t want to
be in no relationship
with her no more. But, really, I mean. Is… (SIGHS) If you love
the kids so much, is that’s what’s in their
best interest, you believe? She knows if
the kids ain’t mine, she knows I’ll still
be there for them kids, but it’s just I don’t
want to be with her. It’s just a repeated
over and over thing for her. And she thinks
it’s just fun and games. And I’m not…
I’m not fun and games… See, none of this is gonna have to happen,
though, because when you see these results… SAMUEL: We’ll find out. You’ll see. When we find out, if it comes back that I am
the kids’ father and you told the truth,
I’ll apologize to you. But other than that,
I don’t… I’m done. Good. So, tell me, what is
the relationship like now? Do you have
any trust? It doesn’t sound
like you trust… He has no trust at all. …Ms. Hennie too much
at all, Mr. Fye. Yeah, I don’t
trust her at all
ever since she… I can’t even go
to work without having to
text him and call him
on every break. The whole break.
My whole lunch. Now, see, that… That’s a lie. She does that to me. I can’t even
go to work… Every time I’m at work,
if I don’t answer my phone, because I’m
a security officer, if I’m at work
and I can’t answer my phone she’s accusing me
of cheating. “Oh, which girl
are you with today?” SAMANTHA: No. And I’m at work. I even send her pictures
that I’m at work. That’s what he does to me. I don’t do that to him. I’m usually sleeping
while he’s at work. This sounds like trust issues all over the place, Jerome. SAMANTHA: Yes,
a lot of trust issues. So this is
affecting the family? Yes. What have you done
thus far, Ms. Hennie? I mean, it just seems like
he doubts everything you do. He doubts the children. Have you done anything
to try to prove to him that these are his children? Yeah, I mean, I’ve… When both of them… …told him anything
possible. Anything you
want me to do. When both of the boys… That’s why I’m here today. When both of the boys
were born… To prove to him
these are your kids, I’m not
lying to you. We’ve been together,
on and off, for six years. If he didn’t want to
be with me, he could have
done that a long time ago. Listen, Your Honor,
when the boys were born, I asked her to establish
DNA tests right there
at the hospital. No, you did not. She wouldn’t do it. And you could’ve done that
before you signed anything. But… I sat there and
I even told her, I said, “I want DNA done
on both of the boys.” She wouldn’t do it.
“Oh, I ain’t got my ID.” “I’ll go home
and get your ID.” You felt like she
was avoiding it? SAMUEL: Correct. SAMANTHA: That’s not true. He was back and forth
from our house
to the hospital. Countless times. If he wanted to
bring my ID,
he could have brought my ID. So you have not been
avoiding a DNA test? SAMANTHA: No. If I was avoiding it
I wouldn’t have
gotten it for this. So you
are asserting that you only had sex
with this family friend
one time? And you are
proof positive certain that Mr. Fye
is your children’s
biological father? Yes, Your Honor. All right. I’m ready
for the results. Jerome. JEROME: Yes. JUDGE LAKE: First off,
we’re going to do
the paternity test and then I will get to
the lie detector results. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and
they read as follows. In the case ofFye v. Hennie,when it comes to
two-year-old Nathan Fye, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Fye, you are the father. SAMANTHA: Who doesn’t
look like who? Good. SAMUEL: I’ll apologize for it. Unless he doesn’t…
Let’s see Sammy. SAMANTHA: All right. Second result. In the case ofFye v. Hennie,when it comes to
eight-month-old Samuel Fye IV, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Fye, you… In the case ofFye v. Hennie,when it comes to
eight-month-old Samuel Fye IV, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Fye, you are the father. Change what name? I apologize for that. SAMANTHA: Yeah! But we still have
the lie detector test. Jerome, the results, please. JEROME: Here you go. I’ve reviewed these
lie detector results, and in light
of the results, I would like to
see you both in my chambers. Court is adjourned. Ms. Hennie, you met
with our certified
polygraph expert. You were asked,
“Other than the time
you admitted to, “did you have
sexual intercourse
with anyone other “than Samuel III, “from the beginning
of August 2015, “through
December 2015?” You said “no.” The lie detector
determined that you were being truthful. I apologize for it. Should be. See, with having
the results, I feel
a lot better now. I mean, I can trust her
a lot more now. But, you know, when
she cheated on me
that last time, it was like
I had no trust. You see how a lack of trust
can literally tear a relationship
and a family apart. And even though Ms. Hennie
was telling the truth, even though the children
ultimately were your
biological children, the lack of trust
you feel for her affected you all
each and every day. One of the foundations
of a solid relationship
is commitment. And part of being committed
is being faithful. There’s no
one-night stand, one moment in time
worth all of that. Right. JUDGE LAKE:
Do you agree? Yes, I agree.
I totally agree with that. Good. I want you all
to figure out how
to put this back together. We have counseling
and resources for you. And I hope you’ll stick
together and work together. Oh, we will now. JUDGE LAKE: Good. Thank you,
Your Honor.


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