Pam and Eric C: A Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) Success Story

(calm instrumental music) – [Eric] Mako look at the camera,
look at the camera, ready? One, two, three.
– Camera. – [Eric] Yeah, camera. We named our son Mako, after the shark. Because so much of our lives have been influenced by the ocean. – [Pam] Finding a partner
who has an equivalent level of passion for what he does in his work was very important to me. – [Eric] We didn’t have
kids until much later because I traveled a lot for my work. I was gone about 50% of the time. – I knew I wanted kids at some point but I think I was focused on other things. – And really the trigger point was that her sister had twins. – Seeing her transformation
and becoming a mother, that’s when we started any
real meaningful conversations about, okay, what is our
plan for having kids? – We would go in to
see the doctor and say, “Well, it seems like
it’s taking a long time.” And they said, “Well, you’re both fine, “just keep trying, it
shouldn’t be a big deal.” – So we did like six,
about six rounds, of IUI and that didn’t work. And then, at that point, we
just decided just to do IVF. – We were ready. And thought, if we’re
serious about this process, then let’s go down this path. – We were very fortunate in
that our fertility clinic just included PGS as part of the standard genetic tests that they do. And we’re very grateful for that. (calm instrumental music) – What is this? Drone, that’s right. – [Pam] PGS allows you to
have additional information. My sister had twins because,
at that point in time, they didn’t have genetic testing. Now you don’t need to do
multiple implantation. You’ll implant one embryo at a time and that makes the entire
pregnancy process a lot better. – Two, three. (laughing) (calm instrumental music) I think we were very
lucky because the process was fairly smooth, we went
through the cycle only once. I really can’t imagine
having gone through IVF without PGS because the
information that it gave us was the main determining factor of which embryo ended up being implanted. – It provides you with so much relief. – I feel like it should be a standard part of the process for all procedures because the alternative
involves a lot of guessing. – Oh, thank you, thank you. I don’t think you could ever fully expect what it would be like. What it feels like to be a mother. – Everything about being a new father has been wonderful.
– A little nudge. And there he goes.
(laughing) I kind of thought about, oh, will he be more like Eric and really a brave explorer? Or is he gonna be more like me, a methodical thinker, a scientist? And when you have a baby, you just think, who cares what he’s like? Who cares what he will
be like in the future? He’s healthy, that’s all that matters. – Feet up, there you go. Eyeball. (laughing) One more.
(camera clicking) (calm instrumental music)

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