Hello everyone welcome back on DNA Pandeglang Religion is one the most important thing in the world when we are keep on this way and follow the god way, syurga or Jannah is ours Now as we known that pandeglang is kota santri and we can see in every moment like the wedding party , Khitanan until for celebrate islamic day like Maulid Nabi Muhammad Saw kyai or ustadz give advice about religi on his tausyiah. – Yeah Yeah Yeah You We are sure that Allah always show us the right way in life If you are always remember and keep on Allah religion, yes Islam Tausyiah or tausiah is a term used among the Muslim community in Indonesia, referring to the broadcast of dawah which is conducted informally Tausiyah is distinguished from regular khutbah which has more serious tone, or Tabligh Akbar which can be attended by thousands of participants. In practice, tausiyah also refers to the promotion of patience in life, stemming from the Islamic teaching in the Qur’an Surah Al-Asr verse 3 Stealing from Islamic teaching in the quran surah allah surface streets Shit

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