Papa Dog’s Reaction After The DNA Test Result Shows They’re Not His Puppies (Part2) | Kritter Klub

“There was something between them~” But… The hair color of the puppies is different… They’re total Jindo dogs I gave you my heart and house. But they might not be my puppies..?! Takes a DNA test.. The results will be unveiled in 60 sec! The result is..? Take a deep breath. Let’s take a look …… Guardian : Anyway.. it’s not identical.. “They’re not a father and son relationship according to the DNA test” Like every single puppy is not.. Not this one… Not that one..either!! None of them are a match!!! PD : Did Moongchi not go back to the house because he was angry…? Guardian : He might’ve known.. I grew attached, thinking she was my daughter-in-law… Hate is also affection.. Mom wanted to take care of her PD : Don’t you feel betrayed? Why do you still take care of her? Guardian : Well I’ve known her for months Even though she’s not my daughter-in-law, she came so.. I think of her as my family…and I wanna take care of her She’s nursing the cute puppers as well! They don’t resemble Moongchi tho This one’s nose kinda looks like Moongchi’s..? Dad quickly changes his mind.. Baekgu and her puppies are wary of people Can they live together like this? Teacher will fix em, right? Hello Animal behaviorist: Puppies learn through their mother’s behavior Since the stray mom was wary The puppies also became wary of people.. GO AWAY HOOMAN Animal Behaviorist: The best thing is to restore the relationship with Baekgu Then the puppies will feel more around people The father who took care of Baekgu Protects Baekgu From the danger outside.. Papa is a good guardian Yeah, pet me like that She finally lets him touch her! Have you ever touched her before? Guardian : This is the first time ever Pet mah butt too, hooman Guardian : I think we have a new family now She’s not even your daugher-in-law though.. Yeah right hahaha If you can’t be our daughter-in-law Then be our daughter LOL So much love in the air


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