Passport To The Past – GPS Origins DNA Kit Review & Tutorial

You are watching GPS Origins Review, brought
to you by Thetop10sites. Everyone nowadays is curious to find where
exactly we came from. Now that we have such developed science technology, you can check
that even online with GPS Origins. You can directly order a DNA Kit for just
189usd or analyze your results from other provider for just 74usd.
What will you find out with DNA testing? The GPS Origins test is a revolutionary ancestry
test that enables you to trace where your DNA was formed over 1,000 years ago, along
with its migration routes, down to the nearest village or town.
Current ancestry DNA tests locate where your DNA formed within countries or continents.
Typically you find that some of your ancestries come from Western Europe, Africa or South
Asia, and given broad estimates of your ethnicity. These tests generally cannot identify your
origins to particular countries or locations. Building on the ground-breaking research of
Dr Eran Elhaik and his genetic team from the University of Sheffield, The GPS Origins™
test overcomes the limitations of other ancestry tests with a new ancestral tracking technique
that uses markers in your DNA to pinpoint specific places where your DNA was formed.
What stands behind the uniqueness of this new DNA testing method? GPS Origins is based
on a new way of viewing human populations that considers everyone as mixed from different
gene pools. This model is fundamentally different from existing approaches, which suggest humans
branched from just three or four populations that changed over time. Instead, the GPS Origins
test relies upon genetic uniqueness created by mixing of global gene pools in different
proportions. It utilizes autosomal DNA, inherited from chromosomes 1-22, which are more sensitive
to the genetic signature of your most recent common ancestors. The GPS Origins test uses
36 gene pools to trace the origin of your DNA, more than twice the number being used
by other methods. Looking at the comparing table on their webpage,
GPS Origins comes to be the best buy choice, compared to other labs in multiple directories
such as gene pools analyzed, DNA Collection method, Migration routes and many more!
All you need to do to receive your test is to create your profile, fill out your contact
details, pay with card and wait for your DNA kit to arrive. Easy as that!
At your profile page you can also upload your own RAW DNA data results or take a questionnaire.
The questionnaire test is developed to help the future versions of GPS Origins and is
completely private. If you have any additional questions you can always contact GPS Origins
on their contact page. Here are the main pros:
-new DNA TECHNOLOGY testing -fast results (4-6weeks)
But there are some cons: -only available in the US and Canada
-pricey -no DNA comparing software
Overall GPS Origins offers a unique chance to find out who you are and where do you come
from. Take a look at our next reviews.

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