Pediatric Stroke: one family tells their story

Hi, my name is Travis Ewert.
And my wife, Brooke, and this is Trevor. I mean, it was real
scary days of when was it gonna happen again. We had about a six
week or eight week period where every other week he’d have
another stroke event. And so we would relive it all over again.
(Brooke) The doctor walked in and told us that Trevor had had
a stroke, and we were obviously–I remember the
feeling. We both looked at each other and kind of had this
puzzled look our face because we didn’t know that kids could have
strokes. (Travis) He shouldn’t be sitting here interacting with
you, all of the above now. Part of that was just his age. So we
watched his little brain just remap almost instantaneously.
(Brooke) With most kids with strokes, they really struggle
with processing. And they also struggle with attention. And we
had already seen those issues, so it was kind of confirming in
the sense that, okay, we have– they’re seeing the same things
that we are. He really helped us to figure out a way to help him
to learn in school. That was so helpful and kind of freeing for
both of us. There was really nothing wrong. (Travis) They
gave us targeted, “Here are the things you need to look for.”
(Brooke) And also, Doctor Tim has given us a great resource
with Doctor Blotta. He was the doctor who did Trevor’s psych
test, just to kind of give us a good baseline for Trevor. Once
Doctor Blotta kind of did all the testing, we saw that Trevor
was actually just fine and was just average with his peers
across the nation, which helped us a ton. (Travis) Just because
of what they did for our kiddo and his healing, and ultimately
saving Trevor here, we said right away, “Hey we want to be
part of this, whatever we can do to help you out.” Tim’s
involvement not just with local expertise here, but across the
globe, how they network together to learn about how can we
identify those early symptoms, what Trevor went through with
multiple strokes. So his damage and what to look for. I mean,
you’re not gonna find a better team. Period. It’s because of
what they learned with Trevor have been able to help kids
after, which for us is great. If families can avoid what we went
through based on symptoms and other things, and catch that
early, I mean, that’s what research is all about, and
that’s why this is so important.


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