Peixuan Guo’s Biomotor & RNA Nanotechnology Research

Funding from the National Institutes of Health
to Dr. Peixuan Guo at the University of Kentucky has led to three major breakthroughs. The first is discovery of a revolving biomotor
that can serve as a prototype for synthetic nanomotors. These motors could deliver therapeutic
DNA, RNA or drugs into diseased cells. The second discovery involves inserting this
biomotor into a lipid membrane for environmental monitoring, athlete drug screening, and disease
diagnosis. This technology has the potential to deliver a person’s entire genome for as
low as $1,000, through single-pore DNA sequencing. The third breakthrough, thanks to NIH funding,
was creation of an RNA nanotechnology platform to construct nanoparticles to treat cancer.
This technology targets and destroys cancer cells exclusively, without harming healthy

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