PNRI – What does genetics redefined mean?

Let’s talk about genes. No, not the kind you wear. The kind that are in each and every one of our cells. The kind responsible for making everything that we are as living beings. Advances in technology have allowed us to read genes, just like reading a book. As we read more and more people’s genes, we see that mistakes can happen. Some mistakes can lead to diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and many others. Scientists look for these mistakes to try to understand what went wrong, so that one day they can figure out how to fix the consequences of these mistakes. But, some people who have the same mistakes in their genes do not develop a disease. These people remain healthy, even when their genes say that they should be sick. The scientists at the Pacific Northwest Research Institute are asking a different question “How do our genes work to keep us healthy despite the genetic risk?” In other words, “what can nature teach us about how our genes keep us healthy?” Daring to ask this different question will lead to new solutions to diagnosing, treating, and even preventing diseases.

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