Primary Sources Reveal Lasting Love

(music) The friend had lost her husband and was having trouble dealing with the holidays, and it was the first holiday. So the friend decided to visit the widow, the recent widow. And the friend was a genealogist, and she knew that we had Americas Genealogy Bank. She knew abou it. She’s like “I’m gonna come there because my library doesn’t have it. I want them to have it! But they haven’t gotten it yet” So I’m visiting her, she lives in the Hamptons, I’m gonna’ look, and I’m going too some geneology for her. She was able to confirm in the News Paper from the New Haven register at that point, A story of this woman’s husband great-grandparents how they got married; and it wasn’t in a simple way. They apparently got married by Justice of Peace, but they found to be underage. Well the husband was thrown in jail over night because his father was not happy with him, and his father happened to be a judge. His friends who thought they were going to give them a little send off honeymoon type thing, and apparently tried to break him out of jail. You got all these stories and they ended up two years later, when they were of legal age and they got the marriage bands and they got married. So you were able to confirm with actual primary sources and material that this was a love that lasted.

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