Producer Reacts to BTS “DNA”

Hey everyone welcome to form of therapy I am your producer and today This is a long-awaited day: today is the comeback of BTS We’re gonna be checking out a new music video DNA. We’re also gonna be doing a listening party for the full-length album I am excited. BTS is one of those groups I think is extremely unique in the kpop scene I think they have their own brand I think they have their own identity And I think they are one of those k-pop groups where- I thought about this all the time They have their own sounds they have their own identity and whenever you hear a BTS song you can immediately go That’s a BTS song even if you’re not a fan, and that’s the most crucial part in Creating a group. So yeah, we’re gonna be checking this out. We’re gonna be checking out the main title track music video first I hope you guys are ready Ohh very interesting camerawork That’s like all BTS fans when trying to figure out the theory behind these videos Are they shooting this on a green screen? No, nevermind. The tethering was like really soft Oh I’m sorry my girlfriend texted me, my phone fell Wow V’s voice is like really low. I didn’t realize it could get so low Well, that’s a fantastic transition into J-Hope This is like This is like very pure pop. This is a very interesting sound for them Well, that’s a oh that’s a great transition There’s a lot of oh my god. It’s so beautiful how they’re playing off each other. There’s a lot of um Cosmic themes to this music video, I’m gonna try and listen to the lyrics Oh Oh my god, everything is on point about this chorus The choreography, the camerawork, the editing everything was just it was working in perfect harmony Alright, but why does why does Namjoon look like Ronald McDonald. Oh, I love that part There’s a lot of cockiness in this song that’s very confident Oh my god Jin has more than one second of screen time. That’s amazing. Oh my god, that shot it’s- Is it just me, or is Jungkook just eating up the screen time in this music video Oh my god. OH MY GOD I love this editor He knows how to make it look really really cool That editing was very not traditional for a music video, I love it Oh my god Jin has another part. Oh my god. That is fantastic Not that previous BTS music videos didn’t have it, but there’s a lot of great filmmaking put into this Whoa That silhouette That silhouette scene was very trippy like almost like an acid trip Wow that is a gorgeous set, that is gorgeous lighting. I hope you don’t mind But I need to watch that again So there’s a lot of Cosmic references cosmic scenes in this music video. I love this camera work I can’t tell if it’s digital camera work, or if it’s Manual camera work. It’s gotta be manual right, but man that would have been so much work Now this scene right here is very interesting a lot of very vibrant bright Poppy colors almost very unlike BTS it like I don’t know like I would expect this from like a VICTON music video You know what I mean? There’s a lot of over saturation I can’t get over V’s voice. Oh my god, so velvety and soft and creamy That background sceneries really interesting I love that transition into J-Hope’s scene it’s still so bright Is this V and Jungkook that was Yeah, oh my god. I need like an entire scene of just that- of them dancing together I feel like Jimin’s getting a lot of screen time too Like I feel like Jungkook is dominating the screen time, but I feel like Jimin is up here as well. That’s so cool The DNA helix I appreciate this so much That red on red is a little bit too much for me I love this part. It’s so fucking confident. You know. It’s funky. It’s- Okay, I had originally thought that Suga had like very little lines, but I guess he had extra lines right there as well. Oh my god. Oh my god So the song, listening to lyrics- it’s a lot about destiny and it’s a lot about Sort of like your fated one Oh my god, my favorite part’s coming up The camera was almost moving with the choreography whereas it was up here, and then it was going down here And then it was going- oh my god Yo what the fuck is up with V’s voice I love it so much This is still such a great portion I think the only way that section could have been better is if Namjoon and Suga were also a part of it, but I think it’s it was just all the vocalists, right So this is where it gets a little bit trippy, yeah Like what is J-Hope also wearing I feel like it reflects the background of how noisy and messy that loud colorful scene was Hmm. I have to say there are very few groups that truly impress me, that truly stun me That’s really wow me. and BTS is one of them- this concept, this sound, is very different from a lot of BTS’s title tracks, I mean I can’t remember the last time they truly did something fun and Poppy. Think about stuff like Spring Day, Not Today, Blood Sweat and Tears Run, Fire might be the closest thing in recent history but Fire Wasn’t pure pop. This is pure pop. This is pure pop This is like pure EDM pop, and that’s very very interesting I feel like a lot of groups in kpop are trying to transition to the EDM pop genre, but but it’s very different I don’t know how to explain this better, but EDM is Electronic dance music. That encompasses a whole big genre, but right now there is a trend in EDM It’s especially an american trend and it’s bleeding into kpop. EDM is becoming this very minimalistic, very boring 2-tone type sound. Big proprietor of that would be the “choo-choo smokers” They tend to do EDM music That’s very low-key. That’s very chilled and Muted and minimalistic and people forget that you can be loud poppy Vibrant and punchy with an EDM song and that’s what this was and I’m glad that they went with something like that Now, I’m sure there’s this whole big crazy wild theory for the BTS shit. I’m not gonna fucking bother I did not pick up on any of that unfortunately because I was so busy focused on the production of this music video Because like I said It’s not like previous BTS music videos. Haven’t been well made production wise but it just really stood out here I feel like they went the extra mile here I think because a lot of BTS music videos were more cinematic and they were more movie like they didn’t really experiment with their cinematography and their filmmaking, but here because we’re going back to like I don’t know something like Fire or Dope it’s an enclosed set they have more control. I feel like we got a better music video because of it and this is very reminiscent of what I feel like was Dope Obviously just on a higher scale and level First of all the camerawork. A lot of the camera work was fucking on point I don’t know if that opening camera work was digital it probably wasn’t but it looked digital And it just means that the stabilizer was that fucking steady I liked how it followed the choreography and a big part of that was also the editing. The editing was cut into places where it made the music video very punchy I feel like when it comes to music video editors these days they just I don’t know they they’re kind of just pretty lazy they just Kind of edit like alright scene scene here scene scene here or whatever But here they cut it exactly in tune with the song They have like zooms and punch ins right at like very impactful moments of the song and it like really Escalated and elevated the moment and the feeling of the instrumental going back to the camerawork what I found very interesting About the camerawork was that a lot of these Were wide gonna talk about this in a future reaction coming up First of all a lot of the choreography is very It’s very tight. a lot of the choreography. They don’t sprawl out too much You know obviously here and there they do but a lot of the choreography is very Very tight-knit and like you saw the things with like they’re like imitating the helix spiral of a DNA sequence So there’s a lot of touching and there’s a lot of grabbing and there’s a lot of twists and turns so it’s all very Like kind of impacted together and instead of having a tight shot to like make it feel claustrophobic They shot it really wide they shot a lot of them wide I mean during the first course There’s a lot of sweeping camera movements where there is just a lot of empty space around them and it made the choreography And it made the song and it made the set design look more grandiose and it need to look more epic and you’re gonna see This again in future reactions coming up I talk about this a lot of camerawork you shoot it tight if your set design is not on point You shoot it tight because when you have open space you go: That’s just like a dead building bunch of dead plants It doesn’t look good And so you shoot it tight because you don’t want any uninteresting or unappealing things and a shot and so BTS they created a full giant set around this and so they shoot it wide and the whole thing looks really Really grand so I got to give the BTS production team props to that they did a really great job That was definitely interesting as well the loud Poppy colors because I feel like a lot of BTS music videos. They’re pretty they’re pretty undersaturated actually They’re very somber they are very cinematic and tone and so this is a huge departure for them Now, I’m wondering if this is a new beginning I wonder if Not Today and Spring Day was a closed out chapter in like this big long thing they were doing with the story and I wonder if this is a new sort of trilogy or a new story going forward Or if it links back to everything so I never watched any of the BTS trailers I never watched anything other than the serendipity trailer So I actually have no idea all I’d like I’ve seen the thumbnails and the thumbnails make the trailers Look like there was a whole story thing that was gonna happen and there was none of that here So I wonder like how is that gonna come into play so if you’re an ARMY and you know how all that works out like Like why is the music video very much a set and borderline Choreography music video as opposed to a story music video like we usually get- are we getting another music video? Please let me know. anyways. I feel like I’m running a bit long I just gotta say BTS came back, and they delivered one of the most poppiest tracks in kpop right now and I just feel like they did it in a way that is very much them that is very much unique and It sets a different bar. It’s that’s a different standard like this is just so different from regular kpop You know obviously the catchy whistling tune and the acoustic guitar like This was just so different, and I absolutely loved it. I absolutely love it Also a little bit of an announcement. We just recently announced our fandom name It is group therapy and groupys for short. Obviously it’s got a dual meaning. Groupies is Basically the word that existed for stans before stans were a thing Groupies are people who are obsessed with bands or obsessed with whatever, and I thought it worked it fit perfectly So we’re group therapy slash groupys, and I hope you guys like that We’re gonna be having more announced regarding our fandom name in the future, but yeah, just wanted to get that out there But guys enough from me. What did you think of DNA by BTS? Did you love it? Did you hate it? Did it not live up to your expectations?, or did it exceed your expectations? Let me know in the comments below. Let’s foster a discussion, and if you’re new here. Why don’t you go ahead and consider subscribing? Obviously you can watch more videos like this in the future We’re also going to be doing a BTS album listening party, which is just a large-scale album reaction So you can go ahead and check that out in a little bit if you enjoyed this video Why don’t you go ahead and click like and the like button down below? It’ll help us out a lot you can check out the listing party and more reaction videos over here And I’ll see you guys next time


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