Profesional Genealogist Anthony Adolph gives his tips for family tree researchers

Okay, so we are with Anthony Adolph whose a professional genealogist and author and we’re on the Genes Reunited stand. So, Anthony can you give my viewers some
tips on how to do their family history? Well the first thing is talk to your relatives
and find out what they know. But I would advise being healthy
sceptical about what they tell you and check that they are giving you the right
names and the right dates and don’t take it for gospel. Go away and look at the original records and check. And that brings us to another good tip,
actually, that is when you’re looking for records you’re going to be looking for birth marriage and death records often and they’re on many of the web sites including Genes Reunited you can find references to births marriages & deaths. Now my advice is buy the certificate
don’t try and save the money by not buying the
certificate and then second-guessing what might be on it because you can go really badly wrong so buy the certificate. Then you are on solid ground and that means you can work further back
with confidence and maybe a third tip: I’d say have a DNA test have genes tested
particularly if you can have your Y chromosome male line DNA tested because
that will tell you where your family tree is going to go in
terms of thousands of years. And once you know where the family
trees going to go than all the rest of the genealogical
researcher you’re doing is going to be building back along a path which already to a
certain extent laid out. So I think DNA tests are really the way forward, actually. Okay, great thanks for those tips.
A Pleasure,
Thank you.

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