Promises—Made to be Broken? (10.14.18) **

Oh you know promises are made to be
broken sarcastically or as an excuse or just
people are as cynical about people making promises because people their
whole lives have broken their vows with them or promises but tonight we’re gonna
see the difference between a man’s promise which always fails versus our
God and his promise that’s I’m gonna read from verse 15 brethren I speak in
the manner of men though it is only a man’s covenant yet if it is confirmed
no one announced or adds to it now to Abraham and his seed or the promises
made he does not say into seeds as of many but as of one and to your seed who
is Christ let’s pray father we thank you once again for this opportunity
to learn more about you about your ways about you will about your truth but with
your grace toward God we ask that you teach all of us with them with your Holy
Spirit or give me the wisdom to know what to say what not to say tonight let
it be about you and you alone that it be just about your truth and
nothing but the truth father god I pray Lord for the lost soul that you brought
here this evening I pray that they will surrender their lives to you tonight and
father I pray for those who are broken I pray for their restoration please
encourage them and enlighten them and father I pray for those who are
earnestly seeking you may they find you tonight in Jesus name we pray amen
promises are made to be broken unfortunately if you don’t know it yet
we live in a broken world right as the elections are come first like you’re
gonna hear a lot of promises made to you some of these politicians will be making
promises leaning to what you want whether it’s a financial situation that
you think is gonna benefit you or your health or some other structure that will
basically benefit you the voter the politicians main goal and their
party is to it to make you vote for them so they’re gonna open their mouth and
give you heaven and earth just to get your vote some of them are true to their
promises but but most of them are not you don’t need to say amen to that I
don’t need to know your point of view there but isn’t it true a lot of
promises are made by people are usually broken the the second after they get
what they really wanted from you sadly promises seem to be broken all the
time let’s look at marriages half of marriages fail or in half I believe I
know I gave this example before about give it again if you were to ride a
plane and they told you oh half of the time this will crash and not get to is
the destination will you actually still ride that plane your answer will
probably be no nevermind thank you very much but that’s what we do for marriage
we make promises we say till death do us part through sickness and true health
right well some of the time when our partners get sick or our spouses get
sick we’re done we’re done with them because we just wanted happiness we just
wanted health we didn’t want the challenges we agree the promises of
parents to their children but I will never leave you right that’s what they
say some parents are quick to leave the minute they see an alternative they
leave their children their family whether it’s the father or the mother
promises seemed to be always made only to be broken but the good thing is with
God with our Lord he’s always true to his promises amen
he’s always true to his promises but we’re not
as believers if you’ve been a believer sometimes there’s disappointments that
come our way there are times that there are our prayers weren’t answered the way
we want God to answer our prayers but the problem is not God and if he’s true
to his promise is the problem is what we’re asking for what we are asking for
and how we’re using God is the word using is alone is wrong on how we treat
God with our prayers and our requests to him or his promise is broken
never his promises are always true it’s us who he shows and reveals to us
that it is us who needs to be true for our promises to him and to each other
let’s begin with this one Matthew this is also in James 5:12 but let your yes
be yes this is Jesus speaking and your no be no for whatever is more than these
is from the evil one the hardest thing is when somebody breaks their promise to
you right when somebody disappoints you everything sometimes though they’re
saying all hell breaks loose right that’s that’s when we lose it because we
were counting on this person to help us to be there for us but yet they don’t do
and they were true to what they said that’s when families break that’s when
partnership fails and sometimes we do point to God and say you weren’t true to
your promise Lord well we’re gonna see tonight that as Paul is still talking to
the Galatian Church to whom or were infiltrated with Judaizers Christian
Jews that were trying that have infiltrated the church and have been
telling that Church that they need more than just what grace through Jesus is to
be a belief so let’s start here I know we read this
earlier but let’s see it again beer brothers and sisters here’s an
example from everyday life just as no one can set aside or amend an
irrevocable agreement so it is in this case God gave the promises to Abraham
and his child brothers and sisters the human covenant is is just like a will
all right but an agreement an agreement a covenant
is made between two equals so do you agree that God and Abraham are equal no
they’re not equal so this covenant was actually made by God to God this is
God’s covenant to himself although it was made with Abraham if you’re gonna
we’re gonna see later that Abraham was there but everything was done by God for
God on this cabinet covenant if one person in a covenant breaks the
agreement the other party is no longer responsible on their part of that
agreement the Old Testament covenant however was not between God and Abraham
but between God and God it was a covenant in which God did it all he made
the promise to redeem a people for himself and fulfilled it in Christ even
though he knew that the people he chose would not keep their end of the
agreement to obey Him we agree the whole human history we have failed God amen
our promises that we make to God we fail to keep it I remember when there was an
earthquake back in 1990 and it was my first earthquake I’ve always felt
tremors there before this big one it was 7.1 I think 7.3 it was scary in an
earthquake you can’t run anywhere right though while you’re running everything’s
shaking right though the earth new is moving things are falling loud
banging I made promises to God that day so did my neighbors made promises to God
that day all right some of my neighbors say I’m never gonna gamble again Lord
after the last aftershock they went back to their old ways same with me I kept
saying and my brother and my sister were saying we’re gonna be good kids Lord
because we were thinking out of the world we’re gonna be good we’re gonna go
pay our parents we know be our parents sometimes when we pray and we’re asking
God we’re making we’re making a truck business transaction with him right when
we were praying for my dad’s petition to bring us here to the States we were
praying we were saying Lord let this this petition be approved we’ll go to
the states will be so good to you I’ll go to church every Sunday I’ll do good
things for you a month later always out the window
after I was here I was Americanized right away why we make promises to God
and we don’t keep them we make promises together we don’t keep them but then we
know as you can see God is true to his promises and that’s why we’re gonna try
to tackle tonight again and Paul here pause analogy here is of like the the
will or in a Testament in the Greek or in the Roman world where when when the
wiff even if when we see my notes where’s my note it is probably the legal
instrument Paul is referring here which is a last wheel or Testament in the
Roman world it was widely used by God’s covenant with his people which is the
pre-christian Greek translation this separate Septuagint Septuagint yes I
wrote I watched a youtube video how to pronounce it I still forgot it that one
poha was using that even if paws opponents admitted that Abraham was
justified by faith those Judaizers that penetrated the Galatian Church might
have argued that the law coming at a later time entirely changed the basis
for achieving salvation to disprove this or to argue this Paul declared that just
as properly executed Roman Covenant or will cannot be exchanged probably
reference to the Greek law so the promises of God are permanent and
immovable do we agree I hope it comes through also the promises spoken to
Abraham and to his seed were not fulfilled before the giving of the law
rather they found fulfillment in Christ and are in effect forever the blessing
of justification by faith therefore is permanent and could not be changed by
the law the Ten Commandments was not able to change that justification by
faith by any means Romans 5:1 says therefore since we have been justified
by faith we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ what does it mean
believer the decision you’ve made years ago or last week or or the decision
you’re gonna make today if you haven’t accepted Christ as your Lord is
permanent if you surrender to God into his lordship and accept him as your Lord
and he becomes your Savior from your sins from the consequences of your sin
it is permanent that is it that’s all you need to do now do we have good days
and bad days yes sometimes we have more bad days than good i myself from having
a bad day today well praise God for the prayers and the schedule as I have
selling the Deacons earlier the schedule somehow you know sometimes the schedule
of our day rescues us our emotions do we agree do you always
feel good at work no but you go to work because that’s on your schedule do we
agree and I plea with the believers here that’s the purpose too
one purpose of church on Sundays the schedule of worshiping God one hour or
if you go here three hours I’m scared I’m scaring the visitors I’m just
kidding the an hour a day of your week rescues
you because that’s in your schedule it rescues you from the emotions that are
dragging you away from being intimate with the Lord and being in fellowship
with believers and hearing his word and learning more about him we agree today
that rescued me today because I know it’s too late to call it brother Richard
or pastor Charles to deliver our message today I was having a bad day and so do
people all right so do you you when you have a bad day sometimes we don’t act or
speak as if we are believers but you know the promise of God that we are
justified by faith and it’s permanent he had nothing to do with us it all had to
do with that just one decision that we surrendered to him isn’t that wonderful
I guess so a couple people on us all right justification by faith what does it mean
Romans 5:1 I read it earlier right therefore since we have been justified
by faith we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ in the book by dr.
Charles Stanley he explains the meaning of justification the Greek verb tense
used in this verse means a once-and-for-all
transaction that’s it we have been justified that is declared not guilty
once and for all the word justify is not only a theological term but it is a
judicial or legal term as well as far back as the book of Genesis the
question was asked shall not the judge of the earth deal justly if we accept
the Lord Jesus Christ who died in our place we are justified at peace and
spared from the penalty for a sin amen amen that deserves a loud amen amen
because God has done it all for us so now we’re gonna see here all men she he
brings us back to Abraham and the promise that was made to Abraham so that
what that’s what we’re gonna try to see please turn your Bibles to Genesis
chapter 12 before we get to the other one Genesis is the first book as many of
you know and probably sometimes the most neglected book but there’s a lot of the
treasures there too for our faith to solidify it our knowledge by their faith
Genesis one to three promises to Abraham I’m reading from the New King James
Version now the Lord had said to Abraham get out of your country from your family
and from your father’s house to a land that make you a great nation I will
bless you and make your name great and you shall be a blessing I will bless
those who bless you I will curse him who curses you and in all and and in you all
the families of the earth shall be blessed is that the wonderful promise of
God to Abraham you know what thing the one thing I also see there is is it is
the blessing in America is the blessing in the Philippines is the blessing in in
Saudi Arabia or is the blessing in in Australia the blessing is where God
wants you to be amen amen it’s hard to say for most of us here
because we’re already thinking about going back to the Philippines when you
retired all right because our money’s more there so I’m thinking the blessing
should be there it’s $55 to 55 now right for many Filipinos in the
Philippines they want to come to America because they think the blessing are here
and the Filipinos are there are wanting to go back just like where is it where’s
God’s blessing God’s blessing is where God wants you to be so do you know where
God wants you to be do you to know God because if you know God that’s the
blessing itself right there knowing God having him as your Lord surrendering
everything about your life to him not doing anything that is a against his
will that alone is the blessing do we agree
people that are that are healthy but have no care about the Lord are
different from people who are sick but love God but their peace the people that
are sick but love God have more peace than the healthy people so it’s not in
your place where you’re staying it’s not the financial status that you have or
don’t have it’s not the condition of your body it is the surrender of your
heart in your mind to the Lord Almighty Abraham followed it and if you know your
Bible Abraham is called the father of all nations right a lot of blessings
came through from Abraham because Abraham will be Abraham obeyed Abraham
was to be dn’t to God next one here after lot had separated from Abraham the
Lord said to Abraham look from the place where you are look north and south east
and west for I will give you in your offspring forever all the land that you
see see there was a before they separated before if you know the story
Abraham and lot before they separate it was an argument which mean between the
people of lot and between the people of Abram about a well and Abram being so
surrendered to the Lord he said that wherever you go where if you go to the
right I’ll go to the left to go to the east I’ll go to the west
he was he was he didn’t want to argue anyone argue but then because Abram was
surrendered he wasn’t looking at the situation with his human eyes he was
looking to the fact that God is in control of all things believer do you
still surrender to that truth you still believe that God is in control of all
things when things are going well it’s easy to say Amen but when things are not
going well when things are not going as planned
when sudden interruptions in our life or disappointments in our life arises do we
so surrender to God’s sovereignty we still trust in his love Mike Abram my
prayer is that we can all be like Abram look at the situation every situation
with God’s eyes knowing that God is in full control of everything
knowing that God loves you knowing that God has the power to restore whatever it
is that is broken and all nations of the earth will be blessed by your offspring
and there’s no s it’s one it’s singular offspring because you have obeyed my
command now turn your Bibles to Genesis 24 a few pages down 24 verse 7 another
promise there the Lord God of heaven who took me from my father’s house and from
the land of my family and who spoke to me and swore to me saying to your
descendants I give this land he will send his angel before you and you shall
take a wife for my son there and that’s exactly how it happened
Abraham trusted God because he knew God and God spoke to him
God’s Word is in it’s it’s alright it’s we have it it’s our dispense the Bible
the inspired Word of God he speaks to us through the Bible believers the question
is are you reading your Bible many times or not we’re satisfied with an
inspirational verse for the day right or snippet of a video snippet alright an
encouraging Facebook post we’re good with that we’re good I’m good at that
it’s true it encourages us hopefully it’s encouraged you hopefully it doesn’t
lighten you those those many verses are or small preachings or devotionals but
the bottom line is if you truly want to know God and his promises to you if you
really want him to speak to you start reading your Bible amen
a lot of our faith fails because we don’t know God’s will and his ways for
us us believers we act as if for unbelievers at times it’s crazy and it’s
disappointing if you truly want to know God the Bible says he who earnestly seek
smiie will find me knock and he should be open unto you are we stopped right
cuz we we did get our prayer we wanted this wife for us we wanted this specific
wife and God gave us the cousin of that wife and we’re so miserable we’re like
why did you give me the cousin Lord you left out the fact that the wife that you
were praying for the cousin was already married
but yet you were still praying for you all right
sometimes we we act as if we’re we’re gonna rebel when things don’t go our way
when God didn’t answer our prayers or things as we think life Christian life
should be and it’s not turning out the way we thought he would we get
disappointing when you run away we don’t bother searching the Word of God we
don’t know doctrines about our faith we stop that’s saved by grace and by grace
alone that’s all we know as much as that’s it all it’s gonna save you
there’s so much about our faith that you’re missing out on there’s so much
about our faith that you’re missing out on
verse 26 go to chapter 26 verse 4 still in Genesis and I will make your
descendants multiply as the stars of heaven God speaking to Abraham I will
give to your descendants all these lands in your seed all the nations of the
earth shall be blessed and who’s that seed that seed is Jesus Christ amen and
verse 5 says because Abraham obeyed my voice and kept my charge my commandments
my statutes and my laws we are saved by grace but we are asked by God to obey
his commands because jesus said if you love me obey my Commandments when it’s
not about the ten commandments that will save you we agree we’ve done this many
weeks now right it’s only bike by accepting Jesus as our Lord hey by that
grace we are saved now by obeying the Ten Commandments to get us saved but
once we’re saying we become obedient amen because of out of our love
relationship with him continue with Galatians chapter 3 verse 6 in the
second part and notice that the scripture we read it earlier doesn’t say
to his children as if it meant many descendants
rather it says to his child it did say to his offsprings but rather to his
offspring it didn’t say to his seeds but rather to
his seed some of your versions will show that right so now please go to the first
book of the New Testament which is Matthew if you want your Bible now
please raise your hand if you didn’t read it erase it earlier I told you you
guys need your Bible tonight Matthew chapter 1 I want to show you the
genealogy of Jesus Christ so you can see the trace I know back when I did my
first Bible journey I was quick to just go past these names I didn’t know the
significance of it if you’re like me before I hope that you will see the
treasure why this was placed here the book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ
the Son of David in the son of Abraham Abraham begot Isaac Isaac begat jacob
and jacob begat Judah and his brothers Judah begot Perez and zerah by Tamar
Perez got begot hezron in his ron begot ram ram begat aminadab aminadab begat
Nashawn and Nashawn we got salmon salmon begat Boas by Rahab Boas begat obed by
Ruth Obed begat Jesse and Jesse begat David the King David the king begat
solomon by her by her who had been the wife of Uriah which is but shiva solomon
begat Rehoboam Rehoboam Rehoboam begat abia and a ib job begot a Nicole asa
begat josaphat Josaphat begat joram and joram begat saya
in Josiah me got jeconiah and his brothers about the time they were
carried away to Babylon and after they were brought to babylon Chicana jeconiah
we got she LTL and I’ll just call him Andrew Andrew begat Zoran Zora the
rubber belt we got a B odd and then jump down to verse sixteen and jacob begat
joseph the husband of mary of whom who was born Jesus who is called Christ if
you’re sitting there and you’re still skeptical if Jesus is true if God is
real then you can try to really do if you’re sincerely asking the question but
sincerely trying to find out the real answer review this and investigate the
trace of Jesus Christ because other than are seeing that Jesus came from the line
of Abraham this is for us to also see and investigate if we want to find out
if the the person in Jesus Christ did exist because here is a trace of a
family tree right and if you’re gonna go through that list to you see a lot of
what imperfect people used by God so if you’re still sitting there you’re
thinking oh you know I’m not perfect God cannot use me look at that list and then
talk to me again about you not being perfect because I’m really thinking
about I’m really considering putting a sign by our front door of our church to
put no perfect people allowed because if you’re perfect then you’re not allowed
to be here because we are sinners saved by grace amen and you look at that list
you look at David committing adultery and murder him in but Sheba but then
Jesus Christ came from that line right I know we have Boas who was so
noble he took in Ruth is there are people to that god uses with with that
kind of background but there’s also but more so there are more people like
Abraham who was a coward he didn’t want to admit that he was married to Sara
because he was afraid that they might kill him because Sara was good-looking
tell them I’m your brother okay so they will be good to me right and the same
thing Jacob Jacob the deceiver so there’s in that long list shows you that
that Jesus Christ is came from Abraham which is the seed that God made that
promise with Abraham many years ago and that list also shows you a lot of people
that are not perfect but yet God used them amen God use them see if you’re not
perfect God can use you do we agree because I’m not perfect I’m not perfect
far from it ask my family they’ll be more than happy to tell you I’m really
not the people that are close to me they can see that so it’s but it’s about
Jesus amen it’s about God doing it to us in a it’s about us allowing the Holy
Spirit lead us and move us to another level it’s the same thing with Luke
let’s let’s go to Luke chapter 3 see that that’s there’s beauty there and
hearing those pages alright you should have joy and hearing those pages turn
that means somebody hopefully will learn something from God see if you could just
if you’re just doing through your phone there’s no authenticity I think as much
as it’s so convenient there’s no authenticity but if you do
this goodness and you can smell that paper hopefully because you know you’re
using the Bible you’re reading the Bible you’re
gonna hear from God the difference with Luke is he started
from the bottom right I’m not gonna read the whole thing cos I just discovery was
so hard with those names 23:38 now Jesus himself began his
ministry at about thirty years of age the son of Joseph the son of Eli the son
of matthat the son of levi the son of melchi and the son of Jonah the son of
Joseph the son of Martin mattaniah the son of Amon and then we jump to verse 38
the son of Enosh the son of Seth and the son of Adam and the son of God it’s all
rooted down don’t you see the beauty now oh those chapters and those verses that
you used to skip there’s so much truth in that if you just find out the
genealogy the bad thing is when we us people were good in judging the children
because of their parents right oh he’s like that because you know who the
father is right right well especially when they’re misbehaving
all right well especially when they’re misbehaving oh look at that girl you
know who the mom is right Apple does not fall far from the tree this is what they
say the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree we’re so good in making that
judgment but again if you look at genealogy there a lot of imperfect
people used by God for his glory and furry it’s to encourage us to remove the
lie from the enemy that if you’re not perfect he can’t be used by him that’s a
lie but that’s what sin does when we sin
against God we get paralyzed we get sin paralyzes us you know that it makes us
ineffective to be used by God there’s this story and I’m really hoping you’ll
connect with the point if not hopefully it’s funny enough kid a
person bought a zoo he bought a zoo he didn’t have any idea
of zoo zoo will make money but he just bought a zoo because he thought hey you
know there’s nothing else to do with my money buy a zoo
he bought a zoo he sends out a newsletter to everyone in the city
saying hey you know come grand opening he put it at 50 bucks he said fifty
dollars for grand opening price nobody came the first day he kept it for at
least five days six days said you know I’m gonna lower it down
no really by half he put 25 bucks still no one came he got so upset after
drinking he drank the whole night and he was so upset so he said you know what I
got an idea I’m gonna do it for free sends out a
newsletter says entrance is free the whole town came to the zoo it was packed
he then ordered his people to lock the gates and let the Lions out and then he
had a sign by the exit exit five hundred dollars sin it entices you and traps you
and you think you’re gonna enjoy but then at the end of the day you have to
pay with your life you have to pay with your life it’s money that you cannot
afford it’s a payment that you cannot pay that’s what sin does believers we
are saved by grace but we are told by the Lord to not sin against him we’re
gonna continue with God’s promise Jesus Christ is God’s promise do we agree acts
3:25 and you are errors of the prophets and of the Covenant God made with your
fathers he said to Abraham though your offspring through your offspring all
peoples on earth will be blessed and as this is what God told the enemy in the
garden in genesis 3:15 and I will put enmity between you and the woman and
between your seed and her seed her he shall bruise her head and you
shall be and you shall bruise his heel this is where we see the final defeat of
the enemy through Jesus Christ Oh death where is your sting no more because
Jesus paid for it again that’s what Jesus Christ has done for us that was
the promise that God has given this is Paul telling them the Galatian Church
that there is no adding to what Jesus Christ has already done the promise to
Abraham was Christ we continue and you know the payment for our sin as blood
must be shed all right and with blood means life do you remember when a Adam
and Eve sinned right look at this Genesis 3:7 when they
sinned when Eve was deceived then Adam wasn’t deceived by the enemy but he
couldn’t live without Eve because he’s the only woman I’ve ever known
right he literally did probably say you’re the only woman here I have no
choice then the eyes of both of them were opened and they realized they were
naked so they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves the
coverings is like the good works that we think we can do to earn heaven
the good things that we think we can continue to do so that we will not burn
in hell that’s the fig leaves that they did but look at the difference when God
did it the Lord God made garments of skin the first leather clothing
since it’s the skin of an animal the animals were killed and blood was shed
in payment of their sin for Adam and his wife and clothed them it was God who
made the way for Adam and Eve to be saved from their sin just like it is for
us it was God who made the way to pay for our sins against him by giving Jesus
Christ for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that
whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life
isn’t that wonderful again if you look at yourself in an honest way and in a
sincere way knowing that there is nothing about you that is perfect that
is worthy of heaven but yet God made a way God made a way and paid for it all I
know we’re only tackling two verses in Galatians but this is what the Galatian
Church went through they forgot the grace the gospel that was given to them
to begin with believer or not gonna be legalistic believers here by saying but
when we say you need to obey God we’re not saying so that you can be saved
we’re saying you owe big up because you are saved amen
we are saying that you need to be obedient to God because you understand
what it took him for you to be with him because it’s out it is out of your
gratitude and it’s not because you need to be saying it is because you’re saved Jesus’s blood equals payment for the sin
for those who believe this is Jesus speaking and you know tonight we’re
gonna have the Lord’s Supper and I praise God all this timing here because
this is the Covenant this is my blood of the Covenant the covenant which is
poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins
now it says there for many not all for many there’s many for those who
believe in him this is the blood his blood was shed and I know that’s clear
for us if you’ve been going this church from the very beginning I know this has
been very hammered between passengers and pastor Charles they’ve been
hammering this right and then for my last three years I have no other topic
but this I think no this is what it is right Jesus did it all for us
amen Jesus did it all for us but now is he true to his promise because Jesus was
promised the answer is yes God is true to his promises but then you’re probably
sitting there but you know Joe I’ve been praying I’ve been praying for help for
many years but he hasn’t answered my prayers he hasn’t been true to his
promise to me because you know there is this thing it’s not the procrastination
way because I know we use it in the procrastination way right
what’s the Christian way of procrastination I’ll pray about it and
in God’s time sometimes we use those things as a way out of us reasoning of
our delay of obedience or action but there is such a thing as God’s time when
he fulfills his promises to us to each and every one of us depending on our
obedience it happens in his time here’s one example Joseph – dreamer so I’m not
gonna bore you but you can go to your Genesis again if you miss when I
preached about this before this is in Genesis 37 but he was 17 years old
Joseph – dreamer when he was sold by his brothers 30 years old when he was made
Egypt’s prime minister when he 39 when he first saw his brothers 41 when his
dream of them and his father bowing down to him
that was in chapter 37 verse 7 remember he said I had a vision or a dream that
my sheave and you know this many sheaves were bowing down to my sheaf so how many
years is that even when he was in jail the cupbearer when after he told him
about his dream and it told don’t forget about me
it took that cupbearer 2 years to remember of Joseph – dreamer imagine
that well yes you could say Joseph’s not only a dreamer jos is a very patient man
right he is but if you look at God in Joseph’s life it took many years before
God’s will and promises truly happened for Joseph for the new belief for the
believer now you know on the with the first the first part when we were sold
to slavery we’re done gosh if this is Christianity then I don’t want it right
a challenge with our spouse a challenge with our children a challenge at our
work I challenged financially we’re done with Christianity I don’t want this this
is too hard right some of us we could go through it but
that’s many years later when I give it a shot 13 years 20 for you there you go see I
said I was gonna give it a shot right at least I took a shot next one next
example how about the promise the prediction when Jesus was gonna be born
it took what seven hundred years seven hundred years when Micah predicted
Jesus’s birth in Bethlehem look at that but you Bethlehem Ephrathah though you
are small among the clans of Judah out of you will come for me one who will be
ruler over Israel whose origins are from of old from ancient times
700 years 4100 years after the covenant with Abraham my goodness that’s a long
time do we agree American Christian we’re done on the fifth year well time
to change faith this is not happening I don’t think that Jesus is coming anytime
soon and it’s been five years that’s how impatient we are we’re
laughing well that’s how we are you agree Lord’s changed my spouse change
him change her it’s been many years Lord I’m about ready to just get this guy out
of the door and say yes to that date that my coworkers been asking me he’s
been working out too he forgot to work out she doesn’t eat too much she eats a
lot and we’re we’re so we’re so good in quitting right because it’s easier to
quit then to hold on to the promises of God do you agree the first mistake of a
person trying to ask their spouse to change is they have their minds
different the prayer should be Lord change me okay
I’m not gonna I’m not saying that your spouse is right or is wrong but the
prayer should be Lord changed me why look at Joseph again so if he prayed
Lord changed my brothers while he was with Potter far what did that worked out
no there was no prayer from Joseph saying Lord changed my brothers when he
was it it was a slave at party far as a household he will also was the overseer
there did he say Lord changed party for the
hill just won’t make me a slave no then party for his wife accused him of rape
then he was thrown in jail did he pray Lord changed party for his wife no
nothing Josef’s I was just a God and God alone so with Abraham when he finally
walked ever so closely with the Lord his eyes was removed were removed from him
and what he could do about the situation that’s why he told lot go to the left if
he choose the left I’ll go to the right if you go to the east I’ll go to the
West right he left it all up to God believers we need to continue to learn
to leave it all up to God because we need to trust in his timing and his
sovereignty and in his love amen because his timing is better and
it’s perfect and the question is after knowing that God is true with his
promises the questions are now what right now why God is true to his
promises now what Jesus’s blood paid for our sin now what what is it what are we
to do if you haven’t surrendered your life to Christ what the thing that you
need to do tonight is to accept Jesus as your Lord and then be freed from the
consequences of sin that’s what you need to do because it’s been paid for many
years ago and tonight is I’m to make that decision and the other thing if God
is true to his promises we need to continue to hold on to that truth even
if we have been seen even if we have been seen the result the other thing is
the question is how much does he mean to you
how much does Jesus mean to you believer I’m speaking to the believers look at
this then one of the twelve the one called Judas Iscariot went to the chief
priests and asked what are you willing to give me if I deliver him over to you
so they counted out for him thirty pieces of silver from then on judas
watched for an opportunity to hand him over I’m talking to the believers here
tonight a lot about our life here in America is equivalent to a dollar amount
do you agree some of us are paid per hour some of us
are paid by salary but America and the society here in America dictates that
our life be spent mostly to make money do we agree yeah you could
say okay it’s up it’s fine work is not evil in itself right we have to work
because he who does not work does not eat I tell people who don’t work I tell
them to work I tell people to that work too much I say it’s not working right so
if you ask me well then what’s my I don’t know know there is a point of
working right but if you’re not working you need to work because your body your
life is designed to work because there’s blessing and working but there’s also a
trap of working too much if we are working too much to a point that we have
neglected the most important thing which is our relationship with the Lord
then believer you are wrong you need to adjust your life to not give Jesus an
equivalent of thirty pieces of silver how much does Jesus mean to you some of
you will say all my life my whole life okay and let’s see it
right this is this is this is how they said you spell love TI m e time it’s the
same with our loved ones we say we love where our family how much do you spend
time with your family we say we love our spouse how much time do you spend with
your spouse other than arguing okay I know the arguments that’ll happen like
an hour and a half after that how much do you spend time with your spouse you
know sometimes our spouses they’ll argue with us so they’ll have that time with
us because we’re not spending time with them I’m not saying I’m an expert at
this but I’ve heard no but you know it is this it’s their way of doing it
spending time with them it’s the same way that God does deals with us God was
throw challenges in our lives if we’re forgetting him before God in him because
that’s the only time we go down on our knees and pray to Him
when these challenges arise because when we’re healthy and we’re wealthy were out
in about on the cruise sipping on our margaritas alright
I’m not saying how many Barrett at you because I’ve done it before when things
are going well I forget to go to church when things are going wrong playing on
my church first thing Sunday on a good day some of us we’ve forgotten that
Jesus is our all and here’s our last point this is the cost of following
Christ this is the version the passionate the passion translation TPT
as massive crowds follow Jesus he turned to them and said when you follow me as
my disciple you must put aside your father your mother your wife your
sisters your brothers yes you will even seem as though you hate your own life
this is the price you pay to be considered one of my followers and
anyone who comes to me must be willing to share my cross and experience it as
his own or he cannot be considered to be my disciple now you still want to be
crisis disciple are you still a Christ follower after knowing the weight now
I’m not just talking about church titles right I’m not just saying this is just
for those who are leaders in the ministries or or deacons or deacons
wives this is just not for them for us although it is it goes through every
Christ follower if you call yourself a Christian a little Christ you have said
if you are a Christ follower and this is the weight there’s no other way I how I
wish there was any other way but that’s not what the Bible says and if you
cannot do this then you cannot be his disciple that’s why he said well that’s
a lot of weight me but you know Jesus said apart from me you can do nothing I
am the vine you are the branches if a man remains in me and I in him he will
bear much fruit apart for me you can do nothing so what does that mean we need
to be connected with our look I’m in time again amen the Holy Spirit we are
the branches the Holy Spirit is the SAP right and the sap is the one that that
that gives that nutrients to the branches so that it will bear
root Jesus is divine the Holy Spirit’s the SAP now if your if your life is not
producing fruit then you are probably not connected with the vine the question
is for how much did you do that for Judas did it for thirty pieces of silver
and he hung himself afterwards I’m not casting guilt or too late passage
too late Joe I guess I was no that’s not the point the point is to give the
urgency the point is to give the truth yes God is true to his promises and yes
we are not true to ours to him but praise God we are saved grace but if we
call ourselves a Christ follower there must be something that we need to do
which is mostly self-denial amen our society tells us to do it all you
only live once do it now or else it’s now or never Joe what Christianity tells
us deny yourself take up your cross daily and follow me let’s pray father we
thank you for your truth that you’ve given to us once again tonight I pray
father for the Holy Spirit and all your believers or God to just make the
message resonate and their minds and in their hearts to give them the urgency to
obey you in whichever way you’ve moved them and spoken to them and I pray
father God for those who are hurting I pray for comfort for them I pray that
they will continue to look at the goodness of you and your promises and
the promises that you have done in their lives
in the past I pray that they will be honest enough to say that you’ve been
good to them before and I pray that the Holy Spirit in them will just continue
to tell them that you continue to be good to them father I
pray for salvation for those who are lost that has heard the gospel tonight I
pray that this will be the night but they will just say yes to the truth
and accept the fact that they are sinners there’s no way for them to save
themselves except the gift of salvation that you’ve given many years ago father
thank you for your people I pray and speak blessings Lord God for them I pray
that you give them the desires of their hearts Lord God as they continue to
delight in you and your truth I pray for this church of yours or God that we will
continue to be obedient to you and to be used by you in every which way we can
but I pray that you find everything about tonight pleasing we thank you
again in Jesus name we pray you

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