Qingtime Assists With Chinese Genealogy

hi I’m Andy with Family History Fanatics at RootsTech 2017 and we have a unique opportunity here to talk about Chinese genealogy i’m here with Liu Xiong who is with Qingtime and he’s going to tell us a little bit about Chinese genealogy and those you have chinese ancestors what you can do to start looking for those ancestors. so, Liu Xiong, tell us a little about your company and what you offer to people who are looking for their ancestors We company bought? these tablets two years ago and by a member of our company who was working for the genealogy about a month and twenty years Because the Chinese genealogy is very long So China has a so long history It’s hard to find the genealogy for mat from one so and the other go so, we divide the base core of the genealogy’s data so we divide our database into four part one is the ishinowan, and most of all these ones about five hundred soren? years ago We have found a very interesting relationship about the Old Egypt and the Chinese Sha Dynasty it’s very interesting, so we build our genealogy You can see it’s very long We combine all and most of the important China surnames together This is quite different, unlike the Western World, you know Every surname, this is the pedigree of the invadeza? empire Every one, every surname of the China It come from some of them
-Okay -Yeah, yeah. this is the first part, and we research on how every clan, every surname come from in fact, every surname is a story so, for people who have Chinese ancestry knowing knowing the surname is probably the most important part to finding out where their family is from and what you can find out about that about that family name The ancestor. one is the most ishinowan, all of the China All of the Chinese come from one common ancestor of the China. all of China comes from the same ancestor It’s very interesting so all of China is all one great big happy family Yes, they are one big family So you have a very long pedigree the most important one is the surname ancestor The most important is the Mikereshian ancestor and the nasta iza, naties the Mikereshian ancestor The full part
-Okay So you have the four parts of the Chinese ancestry that you’ve divided the database up So, for people in the United States that their parents or grandparents were immigrants from China, how do they go about finding more about their ancestors in China Right now, in fact they can find their genealogy from the library And we have a very important partner in Southern Nagasiti So that the Family Search Uh-huh. Yeah, the Family Search cover the biggest Chinese genealogy in the word So right out here, in the family history library (link in descrption) It has the biggest genealogy of Chinese history Yeah, yeah That’s good for people in the United States They harbored the Chinese who came over with their genealogy This is why we come to Salt Lake City The materials, that data is the most important the original one. So, this is the original way we also cooperate with the National Library of China We hold a projecade of jung qua shing gu wan The Chinese rules search network We’re in charge of a projecade You know that, in China, the genealogy all of it is patener Patena?
-Yes Because there’s no maternal there It’s all paternal Yeah, paternal It’s not complex. So, we build our new applications [tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, and tap] This one, every family tree is paternal But can also change to maternal So, we know from the Western World Style We think It would be more interesting, yeah. So you’re interested in something we’ve done in the West back over to China.
-Yeah to get that maternal genealogy
-Yeah, I think it’s more interesting. Also, we’re taking some of the experience from Roots Tech To use the new technology, new good experience into China also Alright, well good. Glad you’re here, and I hope you have success while you’re here thank you
-thank you very much

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