¿Qué relación tienen la diabetes y la obesidad con nuestros genes?

Dr Dolores Saveedra
Genetics and endocrinilogy specialized
Member of medmesafe Scientific and Ethics committee How are diabetes and obesity related with our genes? In both diseases in adult type 2 diabetes and in the obesity are the result of
interaction of genes and the environment. 100% of the cases are the result of the interaction of genes and theenvironment but not always is 50/50 there are cases where the genes or the
genetic load for the so-called is very high and little environmental factors
important or vice versa in cases where which the environmental factor is very large
and the small genetic load then we all have the same genes but
these variants that we call susceptibility polymorphisms vary
from person to person. Those who have more susceptibility, they need less alteration of the diet in this case or physical activity
to develop the disease. What does it mean having more genetic predisposition to diabetes and obesity? Having in the greatest number of genes genes that
favor the accumulation of fat that favor the intake that decrease the
loss of energy in heat and so on that we call sparing genes in the case of
Obesity and genes that favor insulin resistance . There are inflammation genes that act through various mechanisms. Saying that, I just want to conclude that obesity is not always the result of eating more or
not walking enough, there are many mechanisms genetic and biochemical
that is to say involved in the origin of the obesity
then depending on the genes that we have is that we are going to develop one
or another or several of the mechanisms that will give rise to this disease.
Knowing the genes that are involved allows us to know the
mechanism by which each person arrives the disease and will allow us a
custom treatment and diet.

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