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you can be the Scottish people I am Irish Scottish and wells [Music] so today we are gonna do the my heritage DNA test because we want to find out our heritage I’m Alexandra and I’m Antonella and today heritage am i right today’s news is we’re gonna do some tests about our heritage pregnancy tests it looks like a pregnant test okay actually but actually Chandler knows okay well I am half Greek half Canadian I am poor Italian Brazil was colonized by Portugal in Spain so I would say that pretty much what we would find in my DNA so I know I’m Russian my mom is like half Jewish and my dad is like ukrainian ish i’ve never really fully associated being Greek but I’ve never fully associated being Canadian I feel like I better qualify as like a sasquatch many people say that I look from Sumeria Middle East for some reason maybe the big nose and Jew if I could belong somewhere it’d be like Balkan okay or something Latin more Latin but you know I get that a lot like all the time imagine by the way like you’re like hey you’re pretty Rican originally I’m from China but I used to live in Japan for a long time now I’m living in Canada so deep in the heart I’m half Japanese half ninety all right so let’s do this I’m gonna do each other or do you want to swap each other that’ll get really interesting am i right you’re supposed to do 45 seconds on each side with each swab and then you’re supposed to stick it into this little thing right here 45 seconds you guys count it down for us Tara we’re doing right cheek or left cheek let’s do the left bachchi I’m excited [Laughter] car and my mouth is never open for that long so we are all done right are we all done okay so now we wait four to six weeks do you think someone would like super creepily send this like someone that they love it’s like here’s my DNA for you and now you have me forever Dada and fester so it’s been what three weeks about three weeks and today we’re gonna find out the results and see what trailers from I’m like what you just told me I said like one of my students just came up to me yesterday and told me that sir you don’t look like your Chinese it look like Vinny’s I’m like no way I’m even more than 10% they’re like 11.3% and Japanese any super so that yeah I’m like now you know my life complete for it if you’re always the one for you 6% finished I don’t know where and we’re back haven’t showered for three weeks okay I’ve been sitting here in this whole time just waiting on these results oh I’m oddly nervous I don’t know why okay [Music] [Applause] [Music] 11.6 Middle Eastern and six point one two more ethnicities essentially I’m a big mutt I am I actually I am there I am 39.6 Iberian 90% Central America 80% scans Naga that 6.2 percent Nigerian DNA my eyes are watering okay oh my god I am forty eight point seven Eskenazi Jewish 23.6% bulk tip you can be the Scottish people I am Irish Scottish and Welsh I’m just like Jewish I’m like pretty much like Jewish yeah yeah that is about oh my god 54.3% italian 25.8% Greek 8.1% Middle Eastern I’ll do penis Ashkenazi she can ID Jewish two point three I mean that’s not half marinas hat I just want to thank you marina for this opportunity to it mother yeah thank you central crisis I really appreciate ya so you guys enjoyed finding out where we’re from and want to do the same at home you can use the link below to get your own free shipping and use the coupon dating beyond borders and let me know in the comments below where you are from and what do you identify with maybe it’s another country that when you are from and hit a big like on the video and subscribe to the channel for more weekly videos and dating around the world so you guys next week you keep on breaking down your barriers cool see you next and subscribe to the channel for a free [Laughter]


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