Rescue Dogs Get Their DNA Tested

– He loves music and singing. – He does, is that what it says in there? – [Woman] No.
– [Man] Because it should. (upbeat music) – A lot of people have their
own opinion of what he is. – I’ve always said she’s
got some Beagle in her. – Maybe some type of pit bull? – I know he’s mostly
terrier, or I think he is. – She’s probably a Dachshund mix. – Maybe a hound or something in there? – They said that he’s a
Schnauzer because he has a beard. – There could be terrier in there, I wouldn’t be surprised.
– [Man] Yeah. – Alright, obtain cheek cells. Sit! Oh, that’s a good boy! – Okay, sit still. She’ll just eat it. – [Voiceover] What’s
this puppy, what is this? Let me see your mouth. – There we go buddy. – Yeah, rah rah rah! – See! Chihuahua, Miniature Poodle,
Cocker Spaniel, what! – Contragulations, he’s an American Staff. – [Voiceover] Oh, he’s– – He’s the king dog! – You’re the king of the pit bulls! – Bell is Chihuahua, American
Staffordshire Terrier, and Cocker Spaniel. – That is the weirdest combination. You don’t look like any of those things. – You’re a weirdo. – How crazy, oh, Jim! That explains so much. – So one of her parents was Chihuahua, Staffordshire Terrier,
and the other one was Chihuahua, Cocker Spaniel–
– [Man] Mix. – Unknown third breed mix. And there’s no Dachshund in her at all. – [Man] No. – So he’s all American Staff. – Like his parents. And grandparents, and
then this little ink blot on his resume.
– [Man] Seriously. That is very cool. – Black dogs aren’t usually adopted but he was really cute, I loved him and I wanted him so I just got him. I love him, like that’s my best friend. – Someone was just like, I found this dog on the street, who wants to take it?
– [Man] Yeah. – And then we were like,
oh, we’ll take her. – We had talked about a lot of the discrimination against pit bulls. You know, we weren’t gonna go buy a dog or even look for a pure pit bull, it was more just about rescuing and more just about the dog’s personality. – I don’t think a breed of a dog would ever make or break
an adoption for me. – No. – It doesn’t matter what breed it is, it’s just love.


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