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Sometimes finding your frustrating
ancestor in records actually can be done a whole lot easier if you will
investigate potential relatives that you discover along your research journey.
Because sometimes those ancestors are hiding out with another relative,
even a distant relative. Sometimes they’re total strangers
boarding in a house or working as a servant So when you find a potential
relative, like we did in the last video of Research Over My Shoulder,
it pays to pause on your current ancestor in question and investigate
those potential relatives because you might solve your case. Howdy! If this is your first time here,
I’m Devon Noel Lee and this is Family History Fanatics
where Andy, Caleb and I strive to teach you how to
find your family and preserve your legacy and have a whole lot of fun along the way. Today’s video is episode 12 of the
Research Over My Shoulders Series for Winfield Underwood and the question,
“Who are his parents?” if you have missed any of the previous episodes
be sure to click the info card or the description to get all caught up. In today’s video
we’re gonna put pause on Winfield because in the last video we left off
with the discovery that H J Underwood and his son Clayton are hanging out in
the 1800 census very close to where Winfield is living in Grayson
County, Texas. HJ is living there. He’s born in Kentucky.
He has parents from North Carolina. (There goes my accent.) And his son is Clinton. Not too bad. That lines up
with the previous clue web we have on Winfield, we’ll show you that
a little bit later. But there’s no wife! So what’s your first question? Where’s Nancy?
Where’s Codelia? Leah let’s see if we can figure that out. A search for Nancy Underwood who was born about
1837 in Kentucky was found in the 1880 census
with a possible family. The only problem – there’s no Codelia! At this time, Winfield is 22 and living near a potential dad out in
Grayson County, Texas. Codelia is at the age where
she’s probably married. So, it’s okay that she’s not
necessarily in this family record But dang if she was!
We could throw our hands up and say, “We got this problem solved!
That’s where Nancy is.” But I’m quite confident that this family could be the one that belongs to Hiram. and I’ll tell you why later by a record that we have coming up. I know little teaser to keep you tuning in. But let’s hop back over to the clue web
so we can show you what’s going on. So let’s take a look at the clue web
for Nancy and then compare it to the other two clue web
we’ve had in this series and see why my senses
are going bonkers So in 1880 we have a
Nancy Underwood and she has a whole mess of kids. Those clues are going to help
us later when we compare it to the other two clue webs we
created. Now the only problem, that some of you
who like to do extra homework extra credit in class, you might discover that this census, which I will put the
source citation in the description Yeah, she’s not in Taylor [Kentucky]. If she was in Taylor, then it
would definitely be my family! But, she’s not! She moved. A little side note,
this Nancy moved a little bit closer to some of her other relatives.
That would make sense with our possible husband
hanging out in Texas. So we got a lot of theories.
I’ve got to put it all together While looking at the clue web, The guy out in Texas, remember? Look how Clinton can fit
nicely into the tree. What we have is,
Nancy has moved, closer to her family. Her husband and son
have moved away. She’s kept the oldest son with her so he can help with
all the younglings. Daddy has taken
the next oldest son (and if they’re related to
Winfield, he’s out there too) just trying to establish a place to bring the family. That’s the working theory going on. And that’s very plausible. We need some extra
sources to make it all make sense. When you post up the third clue web, you can also see
where Hyrum and Nancy and the Winfield can also fit
within this clue web You’ve got the overlap with Nancy. You’ve got the overlap of Hyrum. You can see that Winfield would just fit right above the oldest son
that’s back in Kentucky. Does that make sense? Without the clue web
it would make no sense to me. But hopefully this visualization
helped you out. So the clue webs have
provided the theory. Now to see if my theory makes sense. If it’s right. If I
have the right Nancy and all of this works together, I need to find more
records that back it up. But I know what I’m looking for now. If I find any of
those kids. If I find Clinton and the Nancy-Hyrum situation, then I am
definitely on the right path. So let’s go research! so now in my search terms I’m
going to keep focusing on tyrant like I said from the previous video I’m gonna
focus on higher armed to see if I can get Winfield into this family doing this
search terms I’m going to put Hiram Underwood in the given name and the
service starting I’m going to keep the residence at Grayson County Texas
because if those folks from Kentucky Nancy and all
kids moved to Texas they should wind up in Grayson and then I’m gonna have no
other search terms because that’s what I need to happen
Hiram Underwood Grayson Texas let’s see what happened well the first result has
a 1900 census for Hyrum J and Nancy Underwood with a son named Holly dang it
where did all those other kids go well between 1880 and 1900 it could have left
the house it’s 20 years don’t you wish we had the 1890 census I sure do 1910
census with Hiram s and Nancy with a son named Moses Oh then there is an 1890s
veteran’s enumeration of Hiram J Underwood which means that Hiram was in
the Civil War but he’s living in Dayton and if we go and actually try to look up
that original record it will tell us where he’s from specifically look there
is a death record for Clinton Underwood and his parents names are Hyrum so all
those other Hiram’s and Grayson are related to him because Clinton is dying
in Grayson and then his mother’s name is Nancy and daddy hmm we’ve been trying to
track down gaddy’s and we’ve been trying to make a connection between Nancy and
Hyrum definitively the one from the past this is a very very good clue now let’s
go jump back to that find a grave entry remember it’s a compiled collection of
information and it’s not always the most reliable the stuff you can trust to
generate the grave stone picture but there are people who like to contribute
extra information and some of that extra information is amazing I’ll be honest
it’s amazing so what do we find out well first we find out there’s a shared stone
between Hyrum and Nancy all right Hiram and Nancy good to go they were married
usually shared stones are our husband and wife sometimes it’s
siblings but in this case because of their same age their husband in life now
we see all the information that another user has contributed they say the
marriage date of hiren and Nancy and Gotti in Taylor County Kentucky yes we
finally got our Hyrum and Nancy from Texas back to Taylor County Kentucky and
it has a marriage date the contributed further identifies the children of Hyrum
and Nancy and it includes Winfield Cody Leah Clinton and all of those kids that
we found in the 1880 census and that oli / Moses / Moses Ollie from their 1900
and 1910 census the page also suggests that the G for Winfield is Gatti but
remember even though we’re still trying to figure out what the first name of
Winfield is find it grave all of those clothes line apples what we’ve been
researching but it’s not definitive source so I would really like to try to
find that contributor and say how do you know its name it’s getting I’d like to
see your evidence but to wrap up this video we did pure research we went step
by step and looked at clues and piece things together I don’t have all the
evidence that I need to make the case but what I have done is I’ve come up
with a theory and in different research completely on their own separate from me
I don’t even know who it is came up with another similar theory so
I’m confident we’re both on the right track but we would need more records and
I’m gonna leave it to the family but you have seen step by step how researching a
different ancestor and making these different pivots can help you learn more
about Winfield and prove or help prove the answers to the questions you have
I’m gonna ask you do you think I have enough evidence to make the claim that
Winfield is the son of Hiram and wit and Nancy
and Gaddy from Taylor County Kentucky and the brother of the Clinton we found
in the last video and all the additional children we mentioned today let me know
in the comment section because you know what you guys might have some other
strategies that can help me provide evidence that I hadn’t thought of before
I can’t wait to have that discussion in the comments section thank you so much
for following on long on this video I hope it’s benefiting you learning how to
research because a lot of times watching somebody’s research project and hearing
them talk through their steps is a lot better than reading a book that says go
look at a census record well what do you do with it so if you want more videos
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