Results From Ancestry.Com Part III (BM151 And His Mum Get Their Updates)

So that once again, thanks for hanging everybody today if you guys remember It was like two and change years ago we did your ancestry findings and you guys have probably found that you now have different results because ancestry has a Different algorithms. So what we’re going to go over today is What we initially had now what we have some of the things that puzzle us and perhaps Some of the things that we’ve kind of wish we were but we may be no longer. So if you guys remember back in 2016 my initial results and we’re gonna do this one by one and kind of just give a little hint as to what we were now showing so if you guys remember I came out at 21% Irish which was my lead I was 36% Eastern European and we knew that because of our Polish ancestry And we probably didn’t think that it was that prominent then even for you But that came in that’s like 36 percent is a pretty significant number. I had 16 percent Great Britain and Just a little head guys both of those first two have increased mightily on my results and my Eastern European is Really decreased. Yes completely different results for me and my second one Great Britain Decreased as well My third one was 16% Europe East which you were 36. I was 16 you thought you had less initially. I thought I had less initially – But that was mine. So so far that was what about 53 percent of me? I was 20 percent Scandinavian and which they’ve now changed to there’s no change in a group those regions differently and then my 15 percent which was my fourth one was Italy Greece Which and it was funny because if you guys remember my initial video I was trying to provide a little bit of history and you know a little bit of being topical with each of my findings Here’s a spoiler. So my southern European It looks like it has now possibly have all gone away and as is mine, I still wear the italia shirt, so Then I had now this one was interesting too because mom’s looking at it as well at Mike 9% your West which we knew about the Germany or at least we thought because remember mom grew up thinking that she was German the in kayo and we had that whole little bit and I was surprised because I knew I had western european both from my Maternal and my paternal side, but it came in like relatively small as to what I thought So my fifth one is I was 4% Irish because and remember you were surprised Surprised because my father is an Irish gent The first test 4% and I had the next rung in the ladder is the 5% Iberian Peninsula, which is Spain and Portugal So we’re getting kind of Southwest Europe and that has changed as well, okay my next rung in the ladder is West Asia carcasses, and I don’t even know if this is I’m the new results but 2% on that. Yes, so that’s turkey Armenia. So that’s West dangered. That’s right before you get to the Aegean Sea Like heading west towards Europe. I had West Asian to mine was 4% and I gave a little bit about that too because guys if you remember I was trying to find who my ancestors were Within that percentage that has changed for me as well So now we’re getting into the homestretch of the initial results 1% What stern European on the first one? Which again? I thought was very odd because I grew up thinking every German So yeah, first test scored in it one person on that one. My next one was oh, yeah, I had 1% Finland North West Russian, which I didn’t know any of those ancestors either, but I figured that it was possible because we had we have knowledgeable ancestors be on your side and that side of the family that came from The Scandinavia is so if you guys look at a map, Finland and Russia is not too far from there. So and the next on mine was Less than 1% of the Iberian Peninsula and I’ll group that in with that’s been a Portugal and then also less than 1% sees Finland in Northwest Russia, so very small very small amounts of them You’re gonna get any of this my last one guys, if mom even need any of this I was also 1% European Jewish and I said that I didn’t know Yeah, that’s what we were guessing but see guys now that we have different results as you guys have to We’re gonna kind of go down the list of those not what’s funny is Some of these probably expanded for you guys and I think for both of us they reduced because initially I had 10 different Origins and I think you just had because we just said them and you had nine different What is your lead my lead is Germanic Europe so that would include Actually, that’s just Germany because I think what they did was they took all the Western Europe and they broke them down into either Germany or France Very very northern So and also that of the Germanic region is Southern Denmark So I’m assuming I know that my father’s ancestors came from Copenhagen right so that Germanic region encompasses that so it’s just a little different than what I think just since I changed the regions, but I’m definitely way more German that my vision This is a big jump though, that’s a really Let’s see 1% Because you didn’t have any you didn’t have any Frenchie there obviously would have just been Western Europe so that were pulled it to on your first round so that a that’s a big Big old leap now I had initially 21% Irish which now, I want to say that that jumped to 36 But the way they grouped it with this new algorithm guys is Ireland and Scotland which you know is not too surprising because when you Look at the Isles that went up to own. I apologize not 36 35 and that was my one and Then on the new estimates guys It says by the percentages that it increased by so you went up 54 percent at least within just my country It is over half. I went up 14. They might lead, you know, yeah big surprise if these new results are correct. He can the This awesome Irish tan that I’ve had Look in German, I guess I don’t know Native American, so my next one. Okay, and it they regroup this from Great Britain, which would have been on the initial test So now I’m showing 18 percent England Wales in northwestern Europe. So Wales slight Southwest and then England being just east of Ireland so That’s now 18 percent. So it went there from 16. So that’s already 53 percent of me with just two of these new results. So Interesting, and it was interesting as well. I had 20 percent great britain first test and now that completely disappeared so in English Now that is interesting that when you look in history that you would have no English roots at all just thinking that I’m just saying And then my next one. Okay. Now we knew of this so and I spoke about my Western European being surprised it was only 9% because now I’m showing 14% French and it’s saying that it was refined from the 9 percent European West or Western European like I just said now the only French ancestry that I was aware of would be my paternal grandmother So but 14 is still pretty substantive too. There is probably a reason for that as well because we’re going to get into the Thinking that we were of southern European persuasion, at least we were told it So the next one on mine is Originally 20 percent Scandinavian. And again, I think they changed Yeah, it’s 20 percent Scandinavian So that what conglomerated Norway Sweden and Denmark so but now they broke another broken Scandinavia into two different countries This is Norway and Sweden 14 percent no, I have any Swedish in me well, we knew about Denmark so This is true then that’s migration and possibly and I weren’t able to narrow down to anybody in Denmark little confused about where the Copenhagen disappeared from but again, it might be the boundaries and You guys who have an account you can see Sweden again is kind of Germanic it’s it kind of encompasses Both of those regions are kind of touching Copenhagen’s. Yeah. I’m really proud of my skin and avian roots I’d like to bake. I like to bake pastries and bake good as did My father’s grandmother’s so and what’s my next one? Okay, so I have now 10 percent Germanic Europe, which is a big difference from yours because you’re showing 55 I’m showing 10, but remember guys we talked about a couple years ago DNA doesn’t distribute evenly you don’t really grab everything from the entire pot You just kind of get a little bit of this get a little bit of that. So results are gonna vary So that was my Germanic Europe Next on my list. I was 4% Irish in the first test and now I am 7% but they also added Scotland in there. So Ireland and Scotland come in at 7% on the new we never knew who your ancestors were either Of those. Yeah, I’m not sure I never was aware of any Irish or Scottish Ancestors so that’s coming from somewhere. My next is Swedish you had 14. Yes. Okay, and I have nine So the next one I have is Eastern Europe and Russia and this one got refined from 16 percent Which is what we found out about last time, which is what we talked about last time But we only had knowledge of our polish ancestors being from Crowley Cove. Oh, I think was the name of that and I am showing 6% which is a dip from my initial 16% so I didn’t get oh it seems So that moves us to France. I spoke about that a little earlier no French in the first test and now I’m 5% from the French region, and I think again that accounts for the where my ancestors in Italy came from the Very top of the boot on the border bordering France So I was not aware of any French heritage and here we are at 5% interest Because that means that you’re probably of cultural Italian blood right and historic and tell you but probably not any scientific If this new test is, correct guys And I’ve seen some of the comments on YouTube thus far there’s people that don’t necessarily agree with the second set of results And I’m thinking because they keep receiving so many more samples that these results are gonna change Even now – I was very surprised with my first results. I grew up thinking Sorry kids Laughing and it turns out I pretty much am German unless they come up with another test in a couple years So before we can just counting all these results. We’ll see the commercials that we saw with Kyle Who mom had made reference to a couple years ago? Do you think we’re gonna see another commercial of his where he’s now German again? That’s interesting I would love to see that but I don’t know if they will Put it out there because it would pretty much say their first results were all bs But yeah, I’d like I’d like to see him be German again. That was Admit that he was German and admit that the first test was maybe everything that skewed and everything that he partook in was correct So yes that traumas overly So I have two left and this one is probably the most accurate with what I’ve researched because now I’m coming in guys at 6% Norwegian which makes sense because that’s really in line with everything that I’ve researched. I know my third grade granddad on dad’s side was from Christiansen, Norway and That might be all that I got it from because we never confirmed anybody scandinavian wise Outside of Denmark and they probably migrated from Sweden because we’re both showing Swedish right my last one originally tested less than 1% from Iberian, Peninsula and Which is feint of Portugal and Finland Northwest Russia at less than 1% Those were completely wiped from my genetic slate. And now I’m coming in 2% Norwegian So again, that’s I can add that with when I think of Scandinavia, I think of Norway Sweden and Denmark So if you combine the Sweden in the doorway, it comes in at 14% Then 2 percent so 16% with those two and that’s kind of in line with the 20% Scandinavian that the first test showed and my very last one guys is notice is interesting because they separated this one from Eastern Europe in Russia because I’m showing 2% Baltic states, which is also redirected from your East from our first test so in the Baltic states are comprised of Lithuania Latvia and Estonia, so that’s way North East Europe so I went from 10 initial origins now down to 8 and I think you went from 9 to 6. I Lost two and you lost three. So the ones that I lost guys were So thanks initially 15% italian in greek. Well, that’s all been wiped So that one’s gone for me Iberian Peninsula. That one’s all gone for me because I came in at 5 West Asia Caucasus. So how many percentage points is at thus far so Finland North West Russia and European Jewish. So I lost more than a quarter percentage-wise of my initial results and well I said we were going to say is there any Being puzzled or surprised or maybe perhaps being a little bit bummed out. I will admit I’m a slight bone if these new results are true that I lost all of my southern and southwestern we have you know, because it’s like I had a little bit of Mediterranean flavoring and going on and now it’s just the the English and the Irish guy Primarily but yes, this is interesting guys and it was funny because I have friends who had taken different tests I mean some people had taken 23andme that’s just to name one There’s a friend of mine who asked me did you guys have to submit? another subscription to get these new results and we just like Yeah, and they said you have new results waiting So that’s kind of cool that they can keep you updated through your original sample that you don’t have to retest But it also on on the other side of it. It’s kind of like well like I thought I was yeah, I thought this and Yeah. Yeah, and I shared my result. So now there’s completely new results with me. It was over over You know 50 percentage points had changed. So it’s a little I don’t know It’s just I don’t know I have mixed feelings about it. I’m thinking I’m thinking the second set of results So are more accurate with what I grew up thinking I would think mine are too because you know mum talked about France and Northwest Italy and It could have just been right and it might not really have any Italian blood which might not means That we have any I be reemployed so and it’s how they they place the region’s – yes It transits Sometimes more than one country. The Germanic region is actually, you know spread out through several countries I know and one of these days I spoke a couple years ago guides that hopefully I will be able to do a volume three to this chapter on my channel and we’re doing so we’re soon gonna hear from my youngest sister and We got to get Nana – yeah – hers because we don’t even know where her updated results. No, maybe some country southern European Yeah, they’d be interesting So I’ll have to get her to log on to her account to see what’s going on with her results But either way, thanks for hanging again guys. We just thought we would give you a little update. Thanks I appreciate you and if you haven’t done this yet. Happy hunting

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