Rollercoaster Head IS Genetic (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Good morning, Your Honor. Good morning. This is the case of
McDaniel v. Wells.
Thank you, Jerome. Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Mrs. McDaniel, you
opened your case today in hopes of salvaging your
marriage with the defendant. You claim you two have
suffered a great loss and should be
grieving, but instead, due to rumors, your husband is denying
your two-year-old daughter,
Ava Wells, and 18-month-old son,
Darryl Wells. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
Mr. Wells, you claim you have substantial
evidence to prove you didn’t father
Mrs. Wells kids and say you cannot
give 100% of yourself until you have
proof you did. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
All right, Ms. McDaniel, what is your husband’s
denial doing to your
family? It’s destroying us, like, we don’t need to
go through this because we just lost
a son six months ago, and we need to be
grieving with each other. And for him to deny my kids, it’s destroying us even more. We barely talk to each other. We sit in separate rooms. You know, we don’t do
what married people are supposed to do. JUDGE LAKE: How long have
you been married? Since, um,
February 14th, 2014. And so, just since 2014 and already the marriage,
it’s being torn apart. Yes. Due to this
paternity question. I wanna get into these
rumors, but before I do, I just wanna get a little
background on your family. Take me back. You all met… We met, um…
He was with his sister. And it was at
a convention center. And he tried to get his
five-year-old to give me
his number. And I was like, no, you… JUDGE LAKE: A five-year-old? It was my…
He called me friend. WELLS: It was my nephew. He called me friend. It was my nephew. I seen this…
She spoke with my sister and them,
so my nephew knew her. So I asked
my nephew to go… JUDGE LAKE:
Your nephew was five? Yeah, at the time,
he was five. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) How does your nephew
know a grown woman
when he’s five? WELLS: They knew her. And so he would call me, “Hey, friend.” And I’d be
like, “Hey, friend.” You know. Oh, the nephew would
call you friend? BOTH: Yes. Because he was
used to seeing you? BOTH: Yes. Okay, you all gotta get
this story straight ’cause
I’m like, you have five-year-olds…
Okay, so… (ALL LAUGHING) He knew you already. And so, you wanted to get to
know Ms. McDaniel? WELLS: Yes, ma’am. So you sent him over.
To say what? Yes. I’d sent my nephew over to
ask for her phone number. JUDGE LAKE: Oh! Five? Yes. Starting them young. Okay. So did he do it? BOTH: Yes. But I told him, Your Honor, “You need to get my number.” So we talked on the phone
for hours and hours,
you know. To me, it was
love at first sight. WELLS: It was. It was. But… I talked on the phone hours. We’d meet up with
each other, you know. And from there we’ve
been together since… Since then. This has
been since 2010, 2011. JUDGE LAKE: All right,
Mr. Wells, so tell me, why do you believe
you are not the father? Well, Your Honor,
I heard rumors that
she was cheating on me. Now I’m grieving too,
you know, we… We both, you know,
we both lost a son. But it’s just the rumors
and everything that I can’t deal
with it no more. How long have you
been hearing rumors? WELLS: I’ve heard them
since the first one was
born. The one we lost. JUDGE LAKE: So since you all
basically got together and
started having children, you’ve heard rumors
that your wife is with
someone else? Yes. That my kids belong
to somebody else. And who told you that? My ex. JUDGE LAKE: So, Mr. Wells,
you are in a relationship, a longstanding relationship.
You get married. You begin to have children
and all of a sudden your ex comes to you
and says I’ve got news. Yes… Tell me what she told you. She was like, uh, Meghan
is the THOT of the… Of the place where
they work at. But this is your wife
she’s talking about? Yes. Yes. So she just decides she’s
gonna call you out the blue and tell you
your wife is a THOT? WELLS: I mean… (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Well, not out
the blue, but… She heard that
she was pregnant. So she was like, I just
wanna let you know that
might not be your baby. JUDGE LAKE: Oh, so she was
warning you? Yeah. And so, when
she told you this, did you have reason to
believe or to suspect? At first I didn’t. No. At first? No. ‘Cause,
I mean, she’s… She’s a good woman.
You know, she… Only time I don’t see her
was when she would be
at work. You know, so I don’t
know what she’s doing
there, but at home… JUDGE LAKE: And so, okay,
well, then let me ask
you this. If you’ve got a good woman
that you don’t have
any questions about, you trust her,
she only goes to work, she comes back home,
she’s a good wife, she’s, you know, gonna be
the mother of your children. How is it that some ex can
come in and tell you something
about your wife? Well, it wasn’t… I mean,
after that then this… She, uh, she’s been
sneaky on the phone. Ms. McDaniel starts
acting sneaky? Yes, she’s covering up
her text messages,
erasing them. Oh, I… I delete
my text… It’s been a habit
since I was little. I delete my texts
every day at midnight, and
I can admit to that. Now, I’m a straight shooter
in this courtroom,
Ms. McDaniel, that really
doesn’t sound too good. You delete your text
messages every night? Yes. Now clearly, you know,
text messages are not what’s getting her pregnant. But, at the same time, you usually smell
a little smoke before we get to the fire. WELLS: Mmm-hmm. Fire. Do you believe that your wife
has been unfaithful to you? Yes. You do? And that’s why you
question paternity? But he might be
thinking of… Of… This time we went to a club, and this is another
reason he probably, you know, don’t think
it’s his kids. Because I was in
a club with my friend, and I was dancing
on my friend. But the guy spanked me. JUDGE LAKE: And so,
Mr. Wells, you saw
this happen? Yes. What happened? With the guy,
she starts dancing
and twerking. He stuck his whole
hand up her dress and he was smacking
her butt. JUDGE LAKE: So you’re
dancing with a friend. Yes. And some other guy,
out of the blue, puts his hand up your dress
and smacks you? That she was talking to. JUDGE LAKE: Oh, this is
who your friend was with. Yes, Your Honor. Oh. Does it make it
any better, Jerome? No, it doesn’t. JUDGE LAKE: Uh-uh. Uh-uh. So, Mr. Wells,
you see this happening. WELLS: Yes, ma’am. And so, in your mind,
at that point, that’s before you
even get married. Yeah. But the bottom line
is you filed it away in your mental Rolodex. Mmm-hmm. How does this fuel
your doubt about Ava? The rumors, and then
she doesn’t look like me.All of my kids, they
all favor me in some way,
you know?
He has told my daughter, “I’m not your daddy,
go find your daddy.” JUDGE LAKE: What? I did not say that. I did not… Mr. Wells. I did not say that. What did you say? I probably told her, like,
“I ain’t your daddy.” Like, you know,
meaning today… It’s just a joke, though.
I’m just playing with her. JUDGE LAKE: No,
that’s not a joke, ’cause if you were playing,
you wouldn’t be
in this courtroom. You dead serious. (APPLAUSE) And so your doubts
have gotten you
to the point where you’re looking
at a two-year-old child who potentially
could be your child.
You don’t believe it. And you say,
“I’m not your daddy.” And how does she react
when he says that? I don’t know how
she feels or anything
’cause I’m not her. But it hurts. I mean,
she loves him to death. Like, she’s a daddy’s girl. I mean, she is my twin,
all the way. But she has his nose,
and she has a smart mouth. JUDGE LAKE: And so, you… (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) And you believe
she gets that from him. Yes. Okay, but you don’t believe
she looks like you. WELLS: No. Not at all. JUDGE LAKE:
And so, for two years, you’ve looked at this child
with doubt in your mind
and in your heart. Yes, I have, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: And I can see
that really does bother you
deep down inside. We’re already got a heap
of doubt around Ava. I wanna move on
to your doubt
around Darryl now. WELLS: For one… I have this, Your Honor. Jerome, will you hand
me that, please? Sure. And what is this, Mr. Wells? WELLS: That is
the birth certificate. As you can clearly see,
I’m labeled as Ava’s father, I’m not on the birth
certificate of him. JUDGE LAKE: But you two
were married at the time. McDANIEL: Yes,
and he was there
for the delivery. He was the only one
in the delivery room. Since you’re married,
and the child’s born
within the marriage, he is the legal father
under the law. But why leave his name
off of this birth certificate? I don’t know, Your Honor.
I mean, I can’t sign it. So you all don’t remember
the execution of this
birth certificate? You don’t remember this
happening after the baby? I swore he signed it, but obviously he didn’t.
That’s the proof. So, Mr. Wells,
you feel like there’s
some part of this that was intentional on your wife’s part. WELLS: Yes. You believe that,
somehow, she maneuvered or said, “I don’t
want him to sign that,” because she was unsure? Maybe, yes, ma’am.
That’s my thoughts,
yes, ma’am. And then,
it’s his skin tone. He got ginger hair,
and he’s too light. He’s too light.
his mother is white now. But, Your Honor,
he calls him “white boy.”
That’s not acceptable. He calls him what? McDANIEL: White boy,
and that’s not acceptable. I call him
my little white boy. (AUDIENCE MURMURING) He has curly hair.
He’s just light-skinned. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Wells? You’re gonna have
to get some better
child dialogue, okay? ‘Cause what you’re saying
to these children… (APPLAUSE) No, no, no, no, no. You refer to the baby as
“my little white boy”? No. You really believe
he was fathered
by a white man? He’s too light, for one. You know, the ginger hair,
and then like the way
his head is shaped. I brought an exhibit. JUDGE LAKE: The what
of his head? WELLS: The way
his head is shaped. The shape of his head? WELLS: Yes. And you brought an exhibit? WELLS: Yes, ma’am. Please step over
to your exhibit and show the court
what you brought. Okay. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) Now, what I’m saying,
Your Honor, is that the way
my head is built is like a rollercoaster,
you know. It has a lump
in the middle,
you know. Most of my kids,
they have that.
All of them. As you can see,
my head is the same way. As for little Darryl,
his head is more flat, and his hair is ginger,
like a reddish hair,
you feel me? I don’t… I’ve never had that
in my family. So you have
a rollercoaster head. That’s what you call it. Yes. Because there’s
a dip in it. Yeah. And the child’s head is flat. Yes. Ms. McDaniel, do you have
a rollercoaster head? No, no, Your Honor. (CHUCKLES) JUDGE LAKE: So… You have decided that
this physical attribute you say that your other
children possess. WELLS: Yes, Your Honor. But how many other
children do you have? I have…
Between them two
is five more. Five additional? WELLS: Yes. (AUDIENCE GASPS) And they all have
a rollercoaster head? Yes. But these two children
don’t have it. WELLS: Yeah. And that
leads you to doubt. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
At the end of the day,
all of this doubt is truly tearing
your family apart. You have this
beautiful connection,
this beautiful relationship, and now you are
barely talking, sleeping in different
bedrooms. Yes, Your Honor. You’re not even
at a place where you can
grieve the loss
of your child together. That’s a lot. And that’s hurtful. McDANIEL: That was
my firstborn right there. He was the world to me. So, for him to deny
my other ones tears me apart. And so, when you’re dealing
with this grief, and you’re by yourself. He’s all I got.
My family don’t grieve
with me or nothing, so, I mean,
I have nobody but him
and my kids. You are dealing with this
by yourself. Yes, Your Honor. Each and every day. Yes, and no parent
should have to go through it. JUDGE LAKE: Absolutely not. I mean, for you to be
in a position where you’ve lost a child and have no one
to lean on, both of you, really. Yeah. That is difficult. And then,
to have the doubt seeping through all of this,
there is a lot at stake. So, at the end of the day, these results truly
mean everything. BOTH: Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Wells, I can see
that this makes you
very emotional. WELLS: Yes, it does. What are you feeling
in this moment? It’s unexplainable.
I feel lost, especially without
that little boy, and I wish that
these kids be mine, you know, I want
nothing more than that, even though I do say
my little joke names to them,
believe me,
I love them. JUDGE LAKE: Well,
I’m hard on you because
children are precious beings. Yes… And the words we speak
to them have power. And you may not think
that they feel them, but it may be
the intonation and the intention
behind them, even if they don’t
understand the words. WELLS: Yeah. They may feel something. And I can see that you are
a loving person. I can see that
from you standing here. Yeah. And I just want to
make sure that in your own grief
and in your own doubt, you don’t damage children who potentially
could be yours. And that’s why
I’m hard on you. (APPLAUSE) Now, have you
prepared yourself if these results don’t come out favorably? WELLS: I know
it’s going to be hard. I haven’t prepared myself
for anything. I just fight for the best.
That’s all I can do. If one of the children
or both of the children are not your
biological children, would you still continue and try to make
this marriage work? I don’t know, Your Honor.
I don’t know. JUDGE LAKE: Hearing
your husband say that,
Mrs. McDaniel. It hurts. I mean,
’cause my kids
really love him, so, I mean, I would
have to deal with it, but I can’t change
the way he feels, but it would hurt
and it would really
tear my kids apart. JUDGE LAKE: Well,
I think the only way
we are going to start to get down
to the bottom of this
is to get the results. Jerome. Here you go, Your Honor. Thank you. You’re welcome. We’ve two results today and these results
were prepared by DNA Diagnostics
and they read as follows. In the case of
McDaniel v. Wells,
when it comes to
two-year-old Ava Wells, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Wells, you are the father. (APPLAUSE) (WELLS CHUCKLES) You look relieved. I am, I am.
Very relieved. Very relieved. JUDGE LAKE: Good. Second result. In the case of
McDaniel v. Wells,
when it comes to
18-month-old Darryl Wells, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Wells, you are the father. (APPLAUSE) (INDISTINCT) WELLS: Sorry, baby. (CLEARS THROAT) (WELLS CHUCKLES) JUDGE LAKE: Now that
we have this result, tell him how
it makes you feel. I love you, and I want
our marriage to improve, but we need to
grieve over our son and be there
for each other, and I hope you start
believing things I say, not your ex
or any family members. AUDIENCE: Yes. Yes, babe. I’ll do that. McDANIEL: All right. I will. JUDGE LAKE: I’m so glad
everything turned out the way we all
wanted it to,
but there’s more. I’ll meet you
in my chambers now. WELLS: All right. Court is adjourned. You all have been through
an unimaginable loss, and you have not
had time to grieve because you’ve had
these questions
surrounding paternity, and so this court
would like to offer grief counseling services
to you, because it’s important
that you all go through the grieving and the healing
process together, and I’m hoping that will
help with your healing and you being able
to allow your son
to rest in peace.


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