Rosario Dawson’s Emotional Story About Adopting Her 11-Year-Old Daughter

(audience cheering) – [Kelly] Have a seat! – Hi, That is such a cute outfit! – Thank you! – It is so great to see you. How is your family? – Good, good, good. My dad’s doing okay. You know we’re post surgery
for his post pancreatic cancer. So it’s been a really
long journey this year. But, you know now it’s just trying to get some weight on him. And, my daughter just turned 17, you know. – That’s crazy. (audience cheering) – My mom is like on like,
doing all this like diet stuff and like workout stuff
and mindfulness stuff. So she’s just like it–
– My mom is too – Super healthy right now.
– Yeah, yeah. – Like, you know, I guess she’s going into 2020 strong
– Get it moms. Yeah – Like life is, you know, just grateful. – Yeah, I’m trolling a little
behind her, but I’m trying to. But you adopted actually a 17 and you get adopted her when she was 12. – When she moved in she was 11, Yeah. – Oh, in 11. – Yeah, yeah. – So why did you choose to adopt, we talk about this a lot
on the show, actually. And I was talking to my sister
about this for she’s adopted. And she always feels sorry, because a lot of the
older kids never get adult and so is the babies.
– Exactly, exactly. – So was that a that was
a strong choice for you. – I told my mom when I
was five years old that I was going to adopt and
I was gonna adopt older. Because that was when I found out that my dad is not my biological father. – [Kelly] Yeah. (audience clapping) – And it’s so amazing to me,
– That’s a very beautiful thing to do (audience clapping) – That he, you know, married my mom when she was 18 years old with a one year old. – [Kelly] Yeah, – And raised me as his own. That’s why I’m a Dawson. And you know, when I figured
that out and found that out, I just said, Wow, like, what
would that have been like? I have so many friends who are single, you know, have single parent – [Kelly] Yeah. – And you know, what if
I was five or six now would someone have
wanted to adopt me then? So I was like, You know
what, I’m going to, when I get older, I’m gonna adopt (audience cheering) I’m gonna adopt–
– And you’re absolutely right! The situation completely changes. Like it’s almost like once kids hit five and above it just changes
your percentage of like getting adopted goes, just way down. – Yeah. – And you were actually a part of a documentary about homelessness, right? Like with youth
– Homelessness. – Yeah.
– Yeah. It’s called Lost in America. And you know, it’s for a
lot of girls, you know, like my daughter would have
more than likely statistically aged out and more than likely
become homeless statistically, because you don’t have a network, you have no community around, – You’ve no life skills and–
– And you know, like skills are just like, you know,
you know, people fall back, you know, that just that those
that that the family that’s coming together and
rallying to your aid to kind of grow and develop. And so there’s a story about
that at a girl who ends up in foster care and ends up homeless and the homelessness problem
that you’re seeing is, is just growing all across this country is a very serious thing. And when people talk about
you know, real housing, that’s a that’s that can be a real, real, real benefit to society
– Yeah. – And not,
– Exactly (audience clapping)
– It’s preventative, – You know,
– Exactly. – People act like it’s gonna
cost it so much you actually it’s costing us way more in
not to take care of each other. – Yeah, 100%. We’ve actually worked with a
lot of that on the show like, especially with youth and homelessness, and it’s like, people don’t get like they didn’t choose that, they were born into this
situation like nobody wakes up one day and goes, can’t
wait to sleep in a tent, like outside of a building
like nobody does that. And these kids matter. Everybody matters, like no
matter where you’re from, and I thought it was really beautiful. But I do want to talk about
your new show as well. You’re just drinking a beer and that show is way cooler than me on any day. You just exude cool. I’m just gonna let it out now. But what’s your new
show Briar Patch about? – Well, my character is
suddenly given the news that her sister has died,
she was a police officer and died in a car bomb. So she goes back to her hometown to investigate her sister’s murder. And it just gets crazier and more wild and weirder than that. She’s also works for in
a Senate subcommittee. So she works for a senator
who she’s you know, in having a situation with, (laughs) relationship with
– Maybe relations – Maybe relations with. – Is that why you’re dating Corey? He was research?
– No. (laughs) – It was research, – No, actually
– Your very method (laughs) That’s all I’m saying. No, I just
(audience cheering) I think it’s so awesome. (audience cheering) I think this is the reason
why I wanted to put it out, because I think it’s so awesome. I think it’s very telling
of your character too, to want a man like that that’s so strong and so infinite knows what he wants and knows what’s good for people. – Yeah. – [Kelly] He’s a cool dude. – He is a really great,
– Yes. – Very cool too. – But it was also research to? – No.
– I was just kidding! – It’s so funny cause we
did, we shot the pilot for the show in September of 2018. – Yeah. – And then Corey and I started
dating in October of 2018. And I remember when
the show got picked up, and we started doing ADR,
and we were going to film the rest of it last year. I talked to the showrunner
Andy and I was like, so art imitates life or life imitates art? I think I have the answer to that finally. – I know, it’s so crazy. – Yeah, – Yeah, it’s like a cool show. – Yeah, luckily, you know,
when you watch the show, it’s definitely more
cynical version of looking at politics and looking at sort of the world in general or not. But you know, that’s
not the case with Corey. Thank goodness. – I know, I know he seems really cool. But speaking of running for
office there’s a game on the web right now to figure out to figure out your personal
presidential campaign slogan. I love it. It’s your name, the year you
want to run for president and the last thing you texted, (audient laughs) so I feel like it works mine and I figured this out before
the show, and it’s awesome! (laughter) Mine is Clarkson. 2028. Oh, sheew, you actually
just reminded me that Cassie texted me and I
never got back to her. I’m such an ass. Please tell her I’m so sorry. I just remembered grimace face. (laughter) That’s my slogan. (audience clapping) – Well, what is yours? – I brought out my phone. – I hope, I was like
beforehand, I was like, I cannot believe this is my last text. (laughs) – Actually, I just I texted Cab because I was actually sending him the first two episodes. That’s you know, – Yeah,
– Cause he gets extra first. So I just went just for you, baby. (laughs) That will be like, Dawson
2028 just for you, baby. (audience laughing) It sounds – That’s actually awesome!
(audience clapping) – It sounds a little bit, I went to the I was (mumbles) at the Met ball and Rihanna as performing and then like the surprise
guest was Kanye West. – [Kelly] Yeah. And he came out and everyone
got super excited to see him and the first thing he walks up to the mic with all this,
like rounding applause. And the first thing he says is, “You’re welcome.” And I was like,
– Oh, my God. – You know, he’s talking
about running for office, and I think that should
be his campaign slogan. – You’re welcome
– Kanye West for president. – Actually,
– You’re welcome. – I actually said that a lot myself. So I kind make fun of him (laughs) – Usually am like, “You’re welcome” But it’s usually when I mess up.

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