Hi, everyone! Welcome back to my channel! As you can tell from the title of this video, I’m going to reveal my DNA results, and if that’s interesting to you, please stay around. To be honest, I always wanted to do one of these tests, and I’ve been fascinated with DNA, and just how it works, and ancestry. And I would go on YouTube and watch thousands of these videos, where people would just be like: “Oh my God! I didn’t know that I had THIS in my DNA!” So… I’m going to be honest with you and say that I did look at my results before making this video, and the results are a little bit crazy to me, because they don’t particularly match what I was expecting to find out. Growing up I always heard two different stories. So I heard that on my mom’s side I had a great great grandfather who was Swedish, and he married a Turkish woman. The second story is that my great-great grandmother was named Maria Isaac. Which is not a very common patronymic. So Maria Isaacovna –
that was her name. And we weren’t sure about the last name. We thought maybe it’s made up. Maybe it’s real. So it was kind of all up in the air. And another thing that we knew for sure is that before 1917 my ancestors on my Father’s side had quite a bit of wealth and also had a factory that they had to give up when 1917 Revolution happened. Basically these are the two stories that I heard growing up, and when I looked at my results I was surprised with some things and not at all surprised with others. Before I begin I would like to say that this video was not sponsored by 23andme. I got this as a gift for my 23rd birthday and submitted my sample about a month ago, and it takes about four to six weeks to find out your results. Force 23 doesn’t stand for your age. It stands for the number of chromosomes that make up your DNA. And the last thing I would like to say before sharing my DNA results is that after watching about 10,000 videos like this, one thing that really bothered me and actually made me kind of sad is that some people would look at their results and say: “Oh! I’m boring!” or “I’m a mud!” And I just wanted to say that your ancestry is something that you cannot change. Just like you can’t change your skin or eye color or where you were born. And it’s definitely not up to you who your ancestors were marrying or having babies with. I don’t believe that there is such a thing as a boring DNA. Because if you think about we can get so much information about the past from this tiny little cell. And it can be the most genetically diverse or genetically pure person, but still not be a good person. Anyway, let’s look at my DNA results. So the first thing I see is that I’m 100% Artem Kolosov and 99.7% European. Which is… expected. Then here’s the first surprise. I’m only 74.4% Eastern European. I thought I’m going to be much more Eastern European than that. The next surprise is of course that I have some Northwestern European blood, which is surprising to me because except knowing that I have a great-great grandfather who was swedish, I wasn’t expecting that it’s going to be 17.1% And of course it shows up right there. Scandinavian 4.3%. Finnish 4.3%. And another surprise – 1.5% French and German. Which is… I don’t know where that came from, but okay. And then Broadly Northwestern European 7%. Now I wanted to go back a little bit to French and German part and say that it is a little bit strange, because… Thinking about this part in terms of my ancestry and Russian history is very interesting, because If you know Russian history you would agree, that Russian peasants could not marry foreigners. So it’s not like I’m trying to say anything, but I think you understand the general message. Like “this boy ain’t a peasant, okay?” So the next part is Southern European 2.4% Again, I was expecting a little bit more. You can see that I have 1% Balkan and 1.5% Broadly Southern European, and Balkan meaning the European Turkey, which actually makes sense. And right now I’m going to show you something really cool. Because 23andme also gives you the overlapping information So where your ancestry might come from in terms of the timeline. Right here we can see that the most recent ancestors I had were eastern European… so between 1916 and 1930 Then there’s nothing so I didn’t have any ancestors. I guess they couldn’t really identify. So then I have Finnish. That’s the next closest one. And then five to seven generations back I have Scandinavian and Balkan which makes sense, and they do overlap, as you can tell. But then I’m not sure why I have French and German right there as well. Okay, cool. If we go back to the first chart, we can see that I have less than 0.1% Ashkenazi Jewish. Which is… okay? I guess my mom was wrong. Hey, mom! And the last European part is Broadly European – 5.8% so basically it can be from anywhere. The last two parts are really cool. So I have North African 0.2%. So basically like two drops of blood. And East Asian Less than 0.1%. So basically I’m as East Asian, as I am Jewish. So looking at the second chart North African and Ashkenazi Jewish shows up in six to eight generation. Unfortunately 23andme doesn’t go any further than that, but I think that’s enough for me. There’s two different kits for 23andme. There’s one that is $99 and you only get your ancestry, but there’s also another one that is $200 and you also get you know, health report and traits,
wellness, etc. So let’s look at that as well, because since I got those reports, it would be kind of cool. The first one is carrier status reports and Basically it just says that I’m healthy and that I don’t carry any diseases. So that’s pretty cool. I see a lot of variant not detected which I’m happy about because, you know… I’m healthy The next part is genetic health risks. So there’s four different health risks that they are testing for. It’s Late-onset Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, Alpha-1 and Hereditary Thrombophilia. The tribe. Also none of these were detected. I’m also happy about that. The next part is traits Some of these were actually pretty off. For example, I have hazel eyes which are considered on the darker side, and then my ring finger is actually not longer. It’s shorter, as you can tell. Happy that there is no hair loss. Great. Not sure what I looked like when I was a baby. The last two okay, yes. I don’t have a unibrow but, boy, do I have a widow’s peak? I definitely have that. The last part is wellness reports, and most of it was actually wrong. Because in the genetic weight it said that I’m predisposed to weigh more than average, and I weigh less than average. And unlikely to flush. I flush so bad when I drink alcohol. For caffeine consumption It says that I’m likely to consume more, which I don’t. I do drink tea from time to time. But I wouldn’t say that I drink coffee or tea all the time. The next part really made me laugh, because it says that I’m less likely to be a deep sleeper. And if you know me, I can sleep through anything. And, guys, this one – the muscle composition that it’s common in Elite power athletes… It’s true Anyway, this was my 23andme report. I hope you enjoyed watching this video. I think it’s crazy how we can get so much information from just a little spit in the Tube. This makes me appreciate and love science even more, because I think it’s fascinating how much information we can get from so little now. Let me know in the comment section below if you have already done something like this or if you would want to do this in the future. Because I gotta admit that this was pretty cool and eye-opening. But after all let’s just try to be kind humans to one another. And with that I leave you. Have a great day!


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