Sadhguru – Your genetics might be changed within a matter of 3 to 9 months!

Moderator (Vedavyasa): Sadhguru I am a student from science background. Most of the religions in this world proclaims
that the God has created human beings but our evolutionary science is saying that
human beings have come from monkeys. Which one should I believe in? Sadhguru: What do you feel closer to (Laughter)? Moderator (Vedavyasa): Being a human I think
that I have evolved from humans (Sadhguru Laughs). Sadhguru: See.. if you are someone who is on a reverse gear, then you must choose the first one. Your religious people telling you, you came
from God because you are going in that direction
better not go in the direction of a monkey. Go back to God. But if you’re planning to evolve then better go with Darwin. Because is there room for evolution for you
or you are super evolved already? I am asking? Moderator (Vedavyasa): There is a room for
evolution. Sadhguru: There is room for evolution. If there is room for evolution that means there is a possibility that you can become
a better man than what you are today. So if you are going in forward gear go with
Darwin, if you are in reverse gear go with God (Laughter/Applause). Yes. Because if you want to go on that path that needs devotion. Devotion means… The word “devotion” comes from the word
“dissolution.” You want to dissolve in to
your object of devotion whatever it is. You want to dissolve into it. So in a way it is a way of making yourself
less and less and less so that you become nothing literally. It’s a wonderful way to live. It is not sounding good when you speak in
language that you want to become less and less. No. When you become really nothing, you become limitless also. So devotion is one way to go. But you don’t have that. Because you’ve gone through
little bit of modern education and you’re beginning to think logically. Now if you think logically, naturally you can see life has evolved on
this planet there’s no question about that. So if you want to go forward you must see just behind you is the monkey. One step backward you will be right there. Better you move forward quickly. Because some of the scientists are saying
today that the DNA difference between
you and a Chimpanzee is only 1.23 percent. 1.23 percent is not much of a difference,
isn’t it (Laughter)? So one point…If you are not happy with 1.23
percent you must accelerate your evolution the entire system of Yoga is just this. How to accelerate your evolution. In every dimension of who you are,
how to hasten your process. Now that you are talking about evolution. Whatever Charles Darwin said, a goat could have become a Giraffe. It took so many millions of years. A pig could have become an elephant and
it took so many million years. And a monkey became a man and it happened
rather quickly (Laughter) to such a point, anthropologist are saying that there must
be a missing link somewhere. It happened rather very quickly. So now if evolution happened, when you were a monkey you did not desire,
“I want to be a human being.” There is no such desire in you. Nature just pushed you on. It’s just life’s longing. It’s not a conscious thing. It’s just life’s longing to get better from an amoeba to here, just imagine the volume of work that’s been
done. Incredible, isn’t it?. Whatever amount of time it took from a
single-celled creature to a human being, what a tremendous amount of work being done. But now you have been rendered in a space
where your evolution has to be conscious. Fifteen thousand years ago… Over fifteen thousand years ago, Adiyogi said this when his seven sages asked… His seven disciples asked this question, “How did life happen? You have heard of the nine avataras? What are they? Moderator (Vedavyasa): Matsya, Kurma, Varaha,
Vamana, Narasimha, Parashurama, Rama… Moderator (Vedavyasa): …Krishna, Buddha,
Kalki (Cheers/Applause). Sadhguru: So, Please look at what he is saying. This is very much in parallel with what Charles
Darwin is saying. First is fish Matsya Avatara, next is amphibious
turtle, then he is skipping all the other small forms
and coming to the mammals. The first mammal we are talking about, a boar
or a pig. the hardest animal to kill is always a boar because it’s so rooted in the body. Even today if you behave badly the girls will
say “he is like a pig.” Yes or no (Laughs)? So something is very crude you say it’s
like a pig. So first animal, mammal is the pig. What’s next? Narasimha. Narasimha means half- man, half-animal. Next is Vamana means a dwarfed man, next is Parashurama a full-fledged man but
explosive and uncontrolled, volatile.. Next one is Rama. A peaceful man. Next one is Krishna a loving man, an exuberant
man. Next one is Buddha who is a meditative man. Next one is supposed to be a mystical man. It is not about those individual people. This is just these people are being used as
milestones. This is the nature of development of life. In many ways this is running parallel to
Darwin’s theory of evolution. Darwin’s theory of evolution is only
hundred-and-fifty-two years old. Adiyogi spoke about this over
fifteen-thousand years ago (Applause). And then naturally the next question is “can we evolve further?” Because you find… you find right now when
you want to study for your examination, you wish you had little more brain. Hello? Does it happen or no? Participants: Yes Sadhguru: So naturally question “Can I evolve
further?” If a single celled animal can become this
much, can I go further? So Adiyogi said this. This is…Modern neurologist are saying the
very same thing in a different language. Adiyogi said “considering the nature of the solar system
and the arithmetic. The way the planet, the moon and the sun,
these three are very important. This is why the entire yogic system is around
these three aspects. These three have significant roles, unless something fundamental
about the solar system changes, he said your body cannot evolve further. But you can evolve consciously. When we say we can evolve consciously, I can show you or we can take you as an experiment
if you are willing. Moderator (Vedavyasa): Yes Sadhguru: Hmm? We can put you on something and show you that
your very fundamental genetics will change within a matter of three to nine months by doing certain things with your system. If you know, if you are willing to
give yourself to a certain discipline. Your very genetics can be altered. Your level of intelligence can be changed. The way you experience life can be changed. So he said, you can evolve consciously but physically you cannot evolve
unless something about the planetary system changes. Modern neurologists are saying something very
similar.. So if you are going forward choose Darwin, if you want to go backwards, backwards is not a bad place. If you want to go backwards… don’t think
backwards is a negative thing. No. If you want to dissolve you go towards God. If you want to evolve, this is one way. These are two different ways of doing the
same thing (Applause).


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