Sammy Researches Genealogy At The Indiana State Library

Hi, how can I help you today? Hi, my name’s Sammy and I came to the State Library today to research my family tree. Is that something you can help me with? Well, sure. We can definitely help you start with that. Do you have any information already? Yeah! I do. i actually brought some pictures today. Can you get those? Those are some pictures of some of my ancestors. On the back of that one it says grandpa bird. And that was back in Louisiana. And I know that my family is from South America and then we immigrated, or migrated in my case, to Louisiana. And my mother, who I don’t really speak to, She’s from Evansville. I’m just interested in the path we might have taken and maybe other relatives that might be in my tree. Okay, I can definitely show you around. We do have lots of resources here that you can use. And we can help you try to find some people in your family tree and places they might have been. And lots of information about your family. That would be great. Hey, what’s your name? My name is Sarah. Great, thanks Miss Sarah. You’re welcome. Ok, Sammy. One of the things we have here at the Indiana State Library is Ancestry Library Edition. ooh Yeah. On here you can checkout passenger lists, since you said your family came from Louisiana they probably migrated through New Orleans. Yeah, that makes perfect sense! They offer New Orleans passenger lists online. So you can check them out, and you can type in their names, and you can do some searches from there. It’s a really great resource. That’s awesome. So that means if I have a little bit of information I can get more information here at ancestry library edition? Yes! You can. It’s a great resource. Fantastic! Hey, thanks. Sarah, I just wanted to say thanks because you’re really making this easy for me. I mean, I feel like I could come here and learn how to do some of this myself. You’re welcome, Sammy Well, we’re here in the Louisiana state section and in here since your family lived in Louisiana for a while we do have some information. One of them is the diathesis of Baton Rouge church books. wow. Church books were really big because a lot of sates didn’t record births or deaths and this is a great way to find out family information that you would not otherwise find out. Cool. So you mean like all these church records are things that maybe my family might be mentioned in? Perhaps. We also have different genealogical newsletters and magazines such as the
New Orleans Genesis. So if they came in through New Orleans and they maybe stayed a while, there might
be some information in there as well. We have quite a few periodicals that can be really really helpful. How thrilling! Okay, Sammy. another great place to look is in the Indiana county records. In here we have all sorts of types of information from different counties like marriage records, deeds, family histories. Sometimes we have church records. We also have probate and wills on microfilm as well. So that means like deeds are if my ancestors owned some land? Correct and wills are if they died and they gave their stuff away? Yes. A lot of people didn’t have wills though, so probates are another great place to look. Okay. do you have those in paper format? What’s the format? This is all going to be on microfilm so you’ll have to use our microfilm machines. Oh, okay. So those are the machines where you thread them through and you can see the images on a screen? Yes Can you print those? You can or you can also bring in a flash drive so you can save them and you don’t even have to print them out. Wow, that’s like so digital. It is. That’s great. Thanks Sarah. You’re welcome. Anything else? We also, to your left, have Indiana newspapers. We have quite a large collection, one of the largest collections in the state. You can look through the newspapers, and if your family is in anything exciting Oh, my family’s definitely done exciting things Well, Sarah I just want to thank you so much for helping me learn more about my family history. You’re welcome. Yeah and basically I learned there’s lots of resources here at the state library that I can learn about. And i can do all this myself, right? That’s right. Awesome. Hey, you’ve been so helpful. Thanks so much! You’re welcome. Bye

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