School of DNA: Tracey and Naomi Reunite | Ancestry

Come here! Give me a hug! You know, I found family. To go in, and then to have Ray kind of tell us, ‘you’ and ‘you’ are cousins for me, it was just like… ‘What? Like, what are you talking about?’ I was just like, I dunno, I was just in complete shock and I thought… And then at the end of it I just thought ‘Oh my god trust you, Tracy. Trust… it had to be you.”
seconds before we walked in the room I Seconds before we walked in the room I said, “Right. Something amazing is gonna happen. There’s gonna be an envelope on the table and it’s gonna say we’re gonna take
you to some of these places. Or….. they’re gonna tell us that we’re related. And it was like, “Eh…no” And it went! So we said it, and but then it just went straight away. *giggles* It was like, exciting but emotional at the same time. I had to explain to him, ‘It’s happy tears. I’m not upset.’ I remember you saying Ray – ‘Don’t cry’. And I think the whole project actually about even the kids telling us where we’re from it really made it special. To hear it from your child, you know,
‘this is where you’re from mum’ and for them to have that power in that moment I know something about, you know, us that we didn’t know about ourselves was really something quite amazing. But our children are in different years
so we wouldn’t have ever met. We were supposed to meet. It was crazy. And I think, what’s the odds? A letter has gone out to the parents
of the school. We happen to respond. We come in, spit into a tube. Gone. A month later we’re being asked to come back in. And of all the people it just so happens. You know when you feel like you’ve come home? And…. for me because I don’t have a lot of
family, for me when I … “Oh, that’s your cousin,” it was like…. Come here! Give me a hug! It’s nice to find family who accept you for you when they meet you as you. Rather than a perception of what you’re supposed to be. That’s what it felt like. So yeah, we’ve gone out for dinner and we go out for drinks, and what have you. So, just getting to know each other.

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