“Scientific Understanding of Ancestry” #SOC119

So, that’s what science is. It’s like you
take a complex world and you try to break it down to understand causality.
Like, why do things happen the way they happen? How is it that, you know, some
people get rich and some people are poor? How is it that some trees grow? You plant
like ten seeds in the ground and one of them becomes really giant and overpowers the other ones and kills the other nine. And, why is that? Why do the one do that?Science is about controlling reality. Let me do it again, and let me do it like
five times. And let me control and let me see if I can isolate the reason that one
tree rises up and destroys the other ones. Let me just figure that out. And so
you start doing all using the scientific method and all this experimentation and
eventually, you know, you start to get answers that you think are connected to
causality for why things happen the way they do. And that’s what science is. So
imagine that throughout the history, human history, that most people grew,
spent their entire lives living in an area that’s very small. A very small geographic area. So everybody they ran into, for the most part, looked
like them. They spoke their language or they maybe spoke at different languages.
But maybe they never ran into more than like, two people in their entire lives
who spoke a different language or a different dialect. Because most people
live and die in the region in which they live. Okay? So then imagine that people start getting on boats, and they start traveling from one continent to another continent. And they arrive at
that continent where people look different and they look different
because… just as, we’ll get to that in a hot minute. But you know suddenly they
get off the boat like, wow these people are so different.
And then you start saying “Wait, how did they get different? Who are they? What are they? And like, how does this makes sense?” And then suddenly people start developing all these questions. And this is the this happens at the same time that the
scientific scientific revolution is happening. So go, Jeff next slide, so here
this guy was one of the very first people to create a typology of race. So
in 1735, so he divides the world into three groups. White
Europeans, their inventive, acute, of course he’s European, right? They’re sharp
and perspective and gentle. Because when I think about Europeans the first word
that comes to mind is gentle. And governed by laws, okay?
Dark Asians, red Native Americans, severe haughty, which means kind of overbearing.
Covetous, governed by opinions. Covetous. Right? Covetous, right? It’s amazing, okay.
Wait the Europeans go all over the world pillaging and stealing and whatever because they’re coveting everything that everybody else has but they’re not
covetous. They’re covetous because they won’t give it up. [Laughs]
Fucking Native Americans will give them all their gold, so they, so then
Europeans had to kill them all so. But like well we wouldn’t have had to kill
you if you weren’t covetous, but you know you were so therefore, ok. But if you didn’t
have that bad trait you’d be alright. You’d be alive today, and mmm whatever.
Okay black Africans, lazy because that’s exactly why they went to Africa to get
slaves who were Africans because they were so lazy. Negligent and crafty. Crafty
’cause they always were trying to escape from slavery, I guess. Anoints himself
with Greece… I’m not sure what that is. Governed by Caprice, based on sudden
whims. Right okay. Got it? So, okay but look at this. So here you go, this guy
Linnaeus is the dude who’s he’s going to come up with this type typology of race.
He’s gonna divide the world into, in this case, three main groups, right? He’s gonna,
of course, they’re gonna be…like him. Like if Richard Spencer was black like there are black like Afrocentric scholars who study this stuff. Who are racist. Right?
Who believe things like, well, you know blacks have more melanin in the skin. And
so therefore, in melanin is what really produces the skin, makes the skin dark,
you know, it’s just the pigmentation that makes it dark. Protects us from
ultraviolet rays of the sun, and but blacks had more of it, right? And because
that’s the nature of the dark skin. And it’s the melanin that produces the
intellect. Because we know the melanin is connected to intellect, so therefore
black people are smarter than everybody else, because they have more melanin in
their skin. And so therefore they have more intellect, right? So this is like,
this sort of Afrocentric scholar who’s this. And I’m like dude…seriously? That’s
dumb. Right? But it’s no more dumb than
somebody who’s writing, well, white people are superior. Because most white people
have straight hair and because we have different colors hair like brown and
blonde and black and so on. And the texture of the hair and the color of the
hair and having it be varied it’s the thing that really leads to greater
intellect and leads white people to being superior than everybody else. Like
that’s just dumb. Okay so, well then this is as well, but this is what happens,
right? Everybody’s gonna put their own group on top. Evolution plays a trick on
us. Because we are we’re 99.9 percent the same, okay? So we’re brothers, right? From another mother, but we’re brothers. We really are
brothers in a distinct way. And we probably share more DNA than you do with…dude stand-up real fast… than they do. It’s just as likely that we share more DNA, we’re more similar, genetically speaking, or
that we are more similar, genetically speaking, than they are with each other.
Right? This is complex. So evolution plays a trick on us. We’re 99.9
percent the same, okay, everything. But there’s a very small percentage of our
DNA admixture that is related to our external appearances. So we’re the same.
Look at us, right, we’re the same. But there’s a tiny amount of our genetic
material that accounts for these external differences. That’s what you see.
And so you think whoa we’re really different. Here’s Sam, here’s Franklin
here are these two people they’re like totally different people. Different races…
nah man, look, we’re the same. Yeah you’re all you’re doing, you’re picking
out a tiny fraction of our genetic material and using that tiny fraction of
our genetic material to build a wall between us and say, oh you’re in one
group I’m in another group. But the fact is we’re really all in the same group.
And so, if you, so he’s, he could be more similar to any one of those white people
that were up here than any one of them is similar to each other. So you get that. So
when you got a guy like Richard Spencer who wants to talk about all these white-white, the white racial groups. Dude, what exactly is that white racial
group? If you’re all sharing basically the same genetic material, what is it? So
this is the trickster. Even life itself is a trickster. I look at him and I’m
like ah, dude he’s totally different from me. No he’s not he’s the same as me. See
these, these, girls right here. They’re twins, right? So they’re twins.
They’re not identical twins but they’re twins. And if you look at them though, they really, they look, they do…if you get if you get past, if you just look at their
facial features, they do look almost identical. Right, so this is the thing .One
little twist…one little twist, in their genetic admixture. Right. One little tiny
change in there you go, very different. It’s like, okay, what, what are we talking about with these racial groups? Like what exactly is
this all about? Alright.

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