Searching on TheGenealogist using Keywords

Hi, I’m Mark Bayley from TheGenealogist in
this short video I’ll show you how you can refine your shearch results using event filters
and keywords when you do a search on TheGenealogist you’ll notice there is a dropdown box if you
click on one of these dropdown boxes you are given three options an exact match a standard match or a phoenetic match which covers all the variations you can spell a name but still
pronounce it the same you also have the option to search on a specific record set but here
we are just going to click on all records you’ll notice searching for Charles Dickens
across all records brings back over 9000 results now lets look at how we can filter
these results, firstly you could pick a record set, for example the 1861 census, you could
then even pick a county if you wished or view a map of results now I’m not sure where Charles Dickens was living in the 1861 censes so im just going to click all records from 1861
now that has narrowed it down to 77 results but we can do even better using a keyword.
A keyword could be a place, a street address, a birthplace or profession such as author
now im going to see how adding just one keyword helps me refine my results, and there we go
we’ve narrowed it right down to the one result we’re after, Charles Dickens living in London
in the 1861 census. From here we can save the result to our search log or tree view, view
the original image or you can view the household. now mousing over the household icon actually
shows you a quick view of everybody else living in that house. Thanks for watching!

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