Searching the National Archives Catalog to Find Records to Transcribe

Don’t be limited by the records we suggest
in Citizen Archivist Missions. Find your own records by searching the Catalog. First, make sure you are logged in. You can search for anything you want the name
of a person, somebody from American history, or even a topic. I put in summer. Let’s see what we can find. Here are our search results. Search results search everything in the Catalog,
as well as everything on the National Archives website. Let’s filter it so we’re only seeing records
in the National Archives Catalog, that have images, that we can work from. We want to find records to transcribe, so
let’s look at textual records. I’m going to click on textual records. Now we want individual items, so we’re going
to click on items. And then I want items that have digital objects
– this means images attached to them that we’ll be able to work on. So I’m going to click on Archival Descriptions
with Digital Objects. We still have 8,000 records in our search
result. That’s a lot, so I’m going to try to refine
them even further. I’m going to go ahead and click on JPGs. So it is only going to show me records that
are items, that are textual, that have images attached and those images are in the form
of JPGs. Let’s scroll through these search results
and find a record that looks interesting to start working on. Let’s try this one here. The blue is the title. If I click on that, it will bring me to the
record. We can see here that the thumbnails do not
have a blue tag on them. A blue tag would mean there are contributions
already. This is fresh, I can begin working on it. I’m going to click on View/Add Contributions. I’m going to navigate to transcribe, and
I can zoom in on the record, move it to where I need to and I can begin typing right here.

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