Sesame Street: Family Song

a family. What, what, what is a family? A family, a family. What is a family? Brothers, sisters,
a mom, or a dad. Hanging out, spending time,
much fun to be had. Soccer with your uncle. Fishing with your aunt. Grandpa sure does love
to do a dance. [MUSIC PLAYING] GIRL:(SINGING)There’s a family
of fish living in the sea. A family of monkeys
up in a tree. There’s a family of ducks
playing in the mud. And a family of bugs
on a flower bud. BUGS: Whee! GIRL:(SINGING)Sometimes
they’re near. Sometimes they’re far. They’re still your family,
wherever they are. Families are sweet. Families are fun. All around the world, we’re
a family of one. We are, we are, we
are all a family. We are, we are, we
are all a family. [CAMERA SHUTTER] ROBOT 1: [ROBOT NOISES] ROBOT 2: An apple pie. That smells good
enough to eat. ROBOT 1: [ROBOT NOISES] Yum! My eat! [BURP] Oh, ha ha, sorry.


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