Shadow Fight 3 {Torturous Nightmare Set} Event Mùa Xuân FAMILY TREE

You have just collected your first set! Equip it to have special abilities in the game. A respectable royal family is in danger: evil relatives will ruin the celebration. Intervene and save this day! Hi! I need your help! My family celebration turned out to be a disaster again. please help us! My uncle Nagil hoids a grudge against Granma and Granpa. He’s come to take our family heirloom from us, a valuable antique armor! What a shame! He even got some og our siblings on his side and started a fight right in the middle of the clebration dinner! Help! As you can see, martial arts is a big part of my family’s life. He taught martial arts to all. That is our tradition. Don’t forget to try the food my grandmother cooked! It will help you win. Her dishes are very special! Thank gods! It’s over for now. Nagil won’t rest until he gets the armor, but today we can celebrate in peace and pay respect to our elders. Granma and Granpa are so grateful! You are now our most beloved quest. Please visit us tomorrow!


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