SHOCKED! After AncestryDNA Result

Hello. Here, I want telling you something and that’s really important on this video Have you seen all of my previous videos about Football, QA and other Maybe those video isn’t important But, this video is an important about AncestryDNA Result. Mean, which is it does find out to an explore your ethnicity Where I come from? I am full strongly British? Or I could be wrong? Now, I have received by AncestryDNA Result today. I have checked it after shocked with my result with a video show Please you can keep watching all of my full video. I know you mighty want to the skip this video Please you can stay watching all on this video. I will appreciate it This result is an absolutely shocked. Then my brain is just suddenly dropped out already after found out with my result I feeling like….don’t know what do I say after my result But same time I want to say thanks to AncestryDNA. AncestryDNA is giving me an inspiration, aware and education Hello Everyone! My name is Benjamin. Mu name of sign is What should I do here now? Now, I want show you something. I sure you knew this name during TV advert about AncestryDNA Means, need the tube with saliva. Which is it can finding out where you come from? Definitely full British or other countries That’s why I want to try do it. I don’t know if I am even full British or other countries? Why not, I want do it now. So, I need the tube with saliva to the black wavy line Also, add stabilizing the DNA in my saliva. Then, shake the tube for at least 5 five seconds Then place the tube in the collection bag. Then, mail in the sample to posting. Around 6 to 8 weeks. Hope it will receive as earlier if possible What depend how long I will receive the AncestryDNA by an email. Because, it will many lists who been ordered Also, it need to take time to research till find out with result I am definitely full British. Or I could be wrong That’s why I want to try do it. For me, I think I am more British as I expected But wait and see if I could be wrong after my result Now, I am ready to show you how to progress with AncestryDNA and starting first step. Ready to show you now I just opened AncestryDNA. I got an information by the book You see it? That’s what I mean It say do not eat, drink, smoke or chew gum for 30 mins before giving my saliva sample. Also I already brushed my teeth and I need my teeth and mouth is clearly What if my food is still into my mouth or stuck on my teeth by food. I brushed all of my teeth to be perfect clean Then waiting for 30 mins with no eat, drink, smoke or chew gum. After 30 mins. Then, I can ready to saliva to into the tube So, I am ready to saliva in the tube. Let me a good luck Also, I already filled on AncestryDNA online by my laptop for my name, date of birth and the the 15 digit activation code from the collection tube Then, it’s confirmed. Means, ready to saliva in the tube. Let me a good luck again Follow filled the tube with saliva to the black wavy line. Must perfect to the black line and do not overfill. it’s too strictly So longer I have little overfill. So ready and I am gonna to get stabilize into saliva the tube. Have remove the funnel from the tube Then, replace the funnel with the cap I was reading the book and it say have to tighten to release stabilize fluid. Mean, the cap has empty into the tube Ready to shake the tube for at least 5 seconds Little overfill. Hope it does well with my tube. Hope so That it. Just finishing So, I got the tube with collection bag into mail it already address before posting. Save my money That’s just simple. But, I have little overfilled. Shake the tube just at least 5 seconds only. Then posting to Ancestry’s head office Waiting for 6 to 8 weeks for the final result I still don’t know if I am full British as 100%? Or less than 100 percentage? Waiting for my result. I hope But, I feeling if I got my result of AncestryDNA. I think I am mostly of British That’s my feeling I can see But, I could be wrong. Let’s wait and see Hello. Finally, I got result by AncestryDNA. Am I British or what? Let you know I am using my phone for record screen. Need proof. But, unfortunately, my laptop hasn’t one. Therfore, I have using phone instead. Ready? Looking now. I got AncestryDNA by an email . it say “Explore your DNA results” Looking forward about this. My feeling has excited and little nervous. Sound stupid lol Fucking My brain is just dropped. I couldn’t say it So, show you on my lists of my ethnicity. How amazing! This is just magical to me So, I want show you proper all of my ethnicity lists So, ready to show you now. England, Wales, Northwestern Europe is 56% My passion is Southern lol. It say where is the most of my family history living in Hampshire, Berkshire and South Oxfordshire. Also, East of England Ireland and Scotland is 18% But, I am shock Turkey and the Caucasus is 8% Iran/Persia is 7% Italy is 6% Sweden is 3% Norway is 2% Iceland is 1% Make me feeling so dropping. STOP This is making my brain is gone lol I can’t believe it is my results. This is magical me Very interesting I thought I expected high percentage for British. But I was wrong Turkey?? Iran/Iraq?? Sweden?? Norway?? More I feeling like… I am not full British. More other countries as well. Wow Also, I got other results for 119 is DNA Matches. Means, i got 119 4th cousins or closer. Total is 119 cousins in anywhere the world. Wow So perfect Why not, you can trying to do it for AncestryDNA? Mean you can found where you and your family come from? Because, you need to know if you are British? Or maybe could be wrong? So pleased that I know what happened on my results of AncestryDNA. I feeling like… I want thanks to Ancestry. That have an education to me. Feeling so thanks I still thinking about this lol Hold hold. Something what? ALSO NEVER FORGET CLICK SUBSCRIBE AND THUMB UP. PLEASE SHARE Have a lovely week. Bye bye


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