SHOCKING African Ancestry Results w/ @GlucoseChef | JASMINE ROSE

Hey guys (Haitian Creole) Como Ou Ye I’m Jasmine and Thank You SO MUCH for stopping by. I have with me here Alain AKA The boo thing and I figure, he would be the perfect person to tell me, My African Ancestry results because he is half Haitian and half African. I mean we all, full African. He’s half Burkina Faso, and he’s in Burkina Ba and Haitian So I think it be perfect for him to view the result. He’s in his African guard Right Right That Jasmine definitely insisted on the way So I actually got in contact with African Ancestry because I have been curious for such a long time as to where my ancestors are from? and so they were kind enough to send me over a DNA kit. and I swab my mouth. I did all the….. … all the thing that I need to do. I sent it off, I waited quite a bit of time but I finally got the results, and I’m supper supper happy. But before we get into the result.I just wanna, you know take a few guesses before the results are actually reveal. And I’m sure Alain wants to take a few guesses as well. Sooo um. As far as me um If I have to choose three places in Africa as to where my Ancestors are from, I have to say Benin… I wanna say Ghana, that’s what I wanna say and possibly maybe the Congo I don’t have my own original guess but, um.. I did bump into a….. ….. nice Ghanaian Couple that came from Ghana, and they were really nice and I was telling them that… ….. you know that Jasmine was actually the one who was in for her results and… um… He immediately say.. oh She’s from Haiti oh You know, “I believe that all people from Haiti come from Togo and Benin”. So I’m just very curious to see if his… . If his knowledge is correct, but I don’t know, but um ….the results will tell us. The results are in the DNA. The results are in. Ok open it Ok, you got a nice little fancy thing here. It says “Welcome To The African Ancestry Family”. Right there mmmmmm Let’s get on with it. Just calm down. Ok So Certificate of Ancestry, African Ancestry hereby certify that Jasmine Rose shares internal genetic Ancestor with Mandate people live in Sierra Leone based on a .. um…. Matriclan I’m not sure if……. Matriclan, uh uh Yeah matriclan analysis dated um.. May 9 2016 WOW Sierra Leone I didn’t see that coming I.. did… not… see… that one coming. I am from Sierra Leone. This is interesting I would have never guessed it. I would never…….. guessed it. But this is interesting, I mean this says that this measure mean that we are one hundred percents confident in your results The bold letter indicate DNA sequence pattern that you share with the mandate. Ok so I…… My people are from Sierra Leone babe. We’re Sierra Leone Oh yeah So this service is about $200.99 um…. But…… [sigh] I mean I do feel a sense of closure. I’m just…. I mean……. I’ll be honest, I’m quite……. ……..shocked Sierra Leone, I mean I would have thought, either Benin or Congo or Togo or something like that. But……..WOW interesting, Sierra Leone. I definitely want to do some more research on the ability on these tests and… Do some research on the mandate people. I mean, maybe find some similarities in them that I see in myself. All right everyone that’s all for this video today. I really hope you enjoyed it. If you did, please SUBSCRIBES in my channel and give me a big thumbs up. I greatly greatly appreciate it. Also if you have taken this test before I would love to know what your results are on this and if you haven’t please let us know which part of Africa you think your ancestor might be from. Please share this video of course with everyone and anyone and remember to SUBSCRIBE because I make video every single week I WANNA THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR WATCHING AND SUPPORTING AND SUBSCRIBING TO MY CHANNEL AND I’LL SEE YOU ALL ON THE NEXT ONE. PEACE OUTTTT Quick Reminder make sure you purchase your ticket for the up coming Loc Appreciation day event which is soon upon us, there’s so much in stores so be sure to purchase your ticket on event right now. Hello………… I’m sorry…… Who………. You have the wrong number.


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