– Aye, I can’t believe I’m
so shocked at that one. Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. Today’s video is a very
long awaited exciting video, today I’m going to be finding
out my DNA results. I sent off my DNA to, after seeing a TV ad on it. When I saw the ad, it
really made me want to do it because I don’t really
know where I’m from. I know where my mom’s from,
and I know where my mom’s side of the family are from, but I grew up not really knowing my birth father, my real dad, I had a
stepdad and my real dad. They’re both, actually now passed away, so I didn’t really know him
and I didn’t really know where he was from or
anything, and I don’t know, as I’ve got older and I’ve had children, I’ve kind of been interested
in finding a bit more out about that side of the family, and I just literally got an email saying “Great news, your
AncestryDNA results are in.” So I thought I would open the email with you and we will find out together where I’m actually from. Before I open the email,
and just to give you a bit of background, I
am Canadian originally, but I moved to the UK
when I was 14 years old. So, basically, a lot of people in Canada are of British, Irish descendants, because, obviously a
lot of Brits and Irish went over to Canada and
America a long time ago. So I am fully expecting
to be part British. I’m also really expecting to see Irish, because my grandma is
Irish, she was one of 10, and her parents moved
to Canada from Ireland. And then my grandpa, my mom’s dad, was part Polish as
well, he was Polish Jew, but on my dad’s side it’s
this totally unknown thing. I am expecting there to be
some British there as well, because apparently my
dad’s mom was British, but then there is a rumor
that my dad’s grandpa, so my great-grandpa, was a
Native Canadian, like Indian, so apparently he was in the Mohawk tribe, and he was a native Indian. So I’m just really interested to see if that comes up and yeah, let’s find out. Enough talk, enough talk,
let’s find out where I’m from. Yeah, so hopefully the
results are gonna show up on screen here, so I’m gonna just click on see my results, let’s see what it is! Okay.
(excited vocalizing) Oh my gosh, look at that pie chart. Ha, oh my gosh, okay, oh my God, you can see straight away, right? But how do I open this up? View your genetic ancestry. Right, so this map is
showing all of the countries that I am from, so it’s
completely highlighting the Americas, and also it
looks like England, Ireland, and a few other places, right. Let’s see, right so I’ve opened it up, and instantly, you can see a pie chart with loads of different
colors and pies on it, so let’s have a look. So I’m 43% Great Britain,
so that is a lot. I’ve always felt very at home here, so I’m 43% British, so that is huge, but I was expecting that. I’m 20% Irish, and that
is definitely my grandma, ’cause she used to talk
about it all the time. All right, the next one I’m
a little bit shocked at, I’m 13% Scandinavian,
I don’t know if that is my grandpa being Polish, if
that comes into it at all, but I wasn’t really
expecting it to be that high. That’s really interesting though, ’cause when I was younger
and we went traveling, I did a round the world ticket, everywhere we went said,
“Was I Scandinavian?” because I had white blonde hair, but I also go really really brown, and yeah, lots of people asked
me if I was Scandinavian, and I was always like, no, no,
no, but I’m 13% Scandinavian. The next one down says I
am 12% Iberian Peninsula. So what is Iberian Peninsula? And 12% seems quite high, let’s
see what that actually is. So, Iberian Peninsula is
primarily located in Spain and Portugal, but can
also be found in France, Morocco, Algeria and
Italy, I was so not expecting to be part Spanish or Portuguese. I have never heard anyone in my family ever talk about that, but I’ve always had a really good skin tone, and I
catch the sun really quickly. I don’t know if that’s anything to do with me being 12% Spanish, I can’t believe that, I’m so shocked at that one. I also wasn’t expecting to
have so many different parts to me, so there’s another one as well, I am 6% from Europe West, so
let’s see what Europe West is. Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein, so I’m 6% Belgium, France, German, again, I have no idea who in my family that is from, and then there is one more, by the looks of it, I am, aye, that is, that is what
I was expecting to see, I am, my heart is pounding, by the way, I’m 4% Native American, so that is my dad. So let’s just see the details on that. All right, so that map is
showing all of the Americas, but if you look down it
says that that is the region that is home of indigenous
people of the Americas, so that would be my dad, and
that would be the whole rumor about my great-grandfather
being a Mohawk Indian, so there, looks like there
is some truth to that. Oh my gosh, this is so crazy, I was really not expecting a few of those. I am in shock and also, on the email, it said that from, from people they have that have done it on their database, there
are 114 people on Ancestry that are my third or fourth cousins, so I can literally contact these people if I wanted to get in
touch and find out more. So it’s just crazy, I’m most shocked about the Iberian Peninsula part of it. I just don’t know where
that’s come from at all. So what I think I’m
gonna do is call my mom and see if she knows a bit more, and also tell her what my results were. Say hi, mom.
– Hi! – Right, so we need to find out, there’s a few that really surprised me. 43% British, I’m nearly
half British, 20% Irish. – That is my mom. – That’s grandma, 13% Scandinavian. – Grandma Tysel was a
Polish Jew and they escaped during one of the wars
and they went to England, they went to Britain. – Well, I was like, that’s quite a lot, I’m like 13% Scandinavian. – Yeah, that’s higher than I had thought. – I’m 12% Iberian Peninsula. – Really?
– Predominately Spain and Portugal.
– Well on that, right, yeah, that’s, you’ve got one
on me, I have no idea where, that’s gotta be your dad, sweetie. – 4% Native American.
– Yeah. – So I’m thinkin’ that’s my Dad. – I did expect that,
I thought it would be, I thought it would be more. A great grandfather came from Kahnawake, Kahnawake is a reserve in,
I think it’s in the border between Ontario and Quebec, and I think, I’m not sure whether both of his parents were of the Mohawk tribe or just his dad. – Hmmm.
– But he came from there. – Right, so I’ve just got
off the phone with my mom, and she was as shocked as I
was about the Iberian Peninsula percentage being 12%, she thought that I would have a bit
of Scandinavian in me because of my grandfather,
but the Iberian bit is a complete shock to both of us. My mom was just really not expecting that, and she’s now questioning
what my dad told her, ’cause she was like, it must be your dad, ’cause it’s not on her side at all. And she said she was actually expecting the Native American percentage
to be higher as well. She thought that a 4% is just so low, so I wonder if, now, the great grandfather that was Native American
could have possibly been Native American and
the Iberian bit as well. Anyway, it was so so cool doing this, my heart is still pounding
and it’s just so interesting. Totally, if you don’t know who you are, where you’re from, I
found this whole exercise so interesting, and my mom is now going to do her DNA results, and she said then we can compare
and work out which bits are from her and then the other bits will obviously be from my dad and stuff. But, yes, I’m off to see
who my 114 cousins are, that have now come up on Ancestry. But yeah, anyway, I hope
you like this video, I found it interesting. I know it’s basically just
me finding out about myself, but it was really really cool, and yeah, thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you in my
next video, bye guys.


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