Should you do a One-Name Genealogy Study? – Paul Howes, Guild of One-Name Studies

have you ever done a one named study
well if not today you need to learn about them so you can get started howdy I’m Devon Noel Lee with family
history fanatics and we’re going to talk with Paul Howes of the guild of one name
studies about how to get started with these one name studies and then he’s
going to tell you about the study he has been doing hi Paul how are you
I’m pretty good thanks Devon I just finished giving my own presentation on
my own one name study so it relax now absolutely once we finish speaking it’s
always good time to chill and relax and enjoy a conference okay so let’s jump
right in and get five tips on how to get started and be successful
okay very first thing you need to go to the Guild website okay The Guild Webiste The Guild Website is and if you go to the button knocked home and click on that you’ll find a section underneath called starting your one name
study okay there are four or five very helpful pages there – step one step two
don’t take on too much too soon don’t try and shoot for the moon do
little bits in increments see how you get on you might not like it okay yeah
step three do what you enjoy okay so there’s a whole range of people in
the guild so we’ve got people that like collecting data we’ve got people who
like reconstructing families we have one named studies that are almost solely
focused on DNA okay and you know there’s a few oddballs and so on in the
background but but basically do what you enjoy and you will have much more fun
okay step four all right tell other people
okay tell them oh you know I do well if you join the guild of one name studies
now you have to make a couple of commitments which perhaps we can talk
about but and what’s the point of doing in one name study if you’re not going to
tell anybody you’re doing it absolutely Guild gives you a free Facebook page sorry
a free web page okay that you can use we call it profile page you can put text
and pictures on there maybe a link to your website if you have one okay
don’t have one the guild will give you one oh that’s awesome yeah absolutely
we have well over 200 studies okay with websites on the guild maintain website
right wonderful and you just mentioned commitment what are the commitments you
want ok the to commitments and number one you have to reply to all inquiries
okay but number two is the perhaps the more important one you make a commitment
to collect all the instances of that name that you can find anywhere in the
world Oh anywhere on the oh yeah actually one
name studies are by definition global okay the thing is though that we don’t
tell you where to start so if you just want to start in your own State or yout
country, County, you can do that and ultimately your aim must be to be global
but you can do it whatever speed you want okay I like that
so for instance what my maiden name is Geisler and I know a lot of them were in
Columbus Ohio so I can start there and find them all of the Geizlers in
Columbus and then I can maybe expand to the county and then the Ohio and and as
people tell me about Geizslers from all around the world but they want to
tell you if you don’t tell them you that there you go alright alright okay step
four is there so there you go Step five preserve your work okay so the guild
offers you lots of options to do that if you have a guild website that website
will be preserved when you leave the guild okay it’ll be preserved forever
more if somebody else comes along and takes your study over they can have a second
website with that name your the work you did is still there nice and secondly you
can put your data in a special section an offer from FamilySearch okay so if
you’ve it you obviously been to family search I do I’m a family search fanatic I know lots of us prefer to search for records but just
occasionally you might need a hint and go to the genealogy section oh yeah
alright the guild of one name study says a special corner in that genealogy
section where there’s about million people altogether whose records are in
there the family good search folks at Family Search say that you know they
have high confidence in the in the diligence and the quality of the work
done by guild members yeah so they gave us a section there
and church members can even use the references of personal references the
people there as sources in their in their own family history work dad is
exciting now I’ve been in the genealogy section but I missed that one so I like
a video I’m gonna have to do as a follow-up for sure alphabetical order
starts with G so you’ll find it easily wonderful wonderful so what’s the
benefit for we jump in and tell you about your story what are the benefits
of a one name study and ending probably like what you said we can do a lot of
thing what are you doing is it really just looking for all the guys wears
around the world yeah in my case it’s looking for all the houses around the
world okay and I started doing my one name study because I got stuck okay I am
my dad obviously was a house I got stuck around 1800 in my home city with with at
the houses on his line but up his line there’s a maternal grandmother named
house so he had two lines my mother has another one they’re all
from the same County and I thought well if only I collect all the information on
houses in Norfolk now I might be able to break through my brick walls yeah a lot
of people do that kind of thing so they’re really doing an element of one
name study without doing it okay in full and well it worked out pretty well and
two things happened I published an article in the Norfolk Family History
Society magazine telling them what I was going to do and I had a reply from that
from a gentleman from the guild saying hey why don’t you just do the whole
world what we thought about it but the problem is people move around you know
yes that’s it and so if you’re trying to trace families that came from Norfolk
you’re going to go all around the world anyway and when I looked at the numbers
they’re about half as many houses in the US as there are in the UK so it seemed
like doable and I talked with my cousin because we’re doing it together and we
decided to take on the wall there yeah yep
and so and how much success have you had were you able to connect them after 10
years I’ve gone back one generation on one of those lines maybe the other one
one of the others goes back to the 1500 so it’s not too bad not too bad but
in the last ten years we’ve given a lot of pleasure to a lot of people we have a
website house families calm at first hey joe w es family’s calm and we now have
almost one hundred and forty four thousand people in reconstructed
families on our site had it like a team of seven or eight people working on it
for in lots of different countries and people write in and go well the quality
of your research is great we try and record every single detail on every
person anything you know whenever we come across a new record we knit there
are sensors for example we know the name the date of birth weather from
occupation where they are and so every time nice so that’s a lot of detail and
a lot of peers that is so I don’t know if anybody out there has ever looked at
their GED file and tried to open it with a text editor our GED file is over five
million life oh my goodness yeah yeah you don’t want to print that a
little segment here in there absolutely to tell us more about the guild and what
it does for people okay and well if you take on a one name
study I’ve already told you the two things you’re committing to but there
are huge amount of benefits from them I think most members get most value from
interacting with other members okay so we have a Facebook group with 750 or so
people in it we have an open group for the outside world where there’s about
4,000 people signed up okay anybody can ask any question of any other member and
get a reply or several replies within 24 hours
oh wow we still do old tech we have an email list we also have a forum on our
website and members to interact on stuff that’s a bit more detail than you can
really use Facebook effectively for absolutely ma’am we provide annual
conference quarterly seminars in the UK well you may say it’s in the UK what
benefit is to that for me a new top well all those seminars at least for the last
seven or eight years every single one is videoed and online behind the paywall on
the guild site so loads and loads of interesting topics they’re wonderful and
when the next conference the next conference is at the end of March and
Lester in England the guild is 40 years old this year this is our 40th
conference Winer farm and just as a little aside for my sins I got to marry
manage the special project being done by guild members to celebrate our 40th
anniversary okay and that’s a study into the surname Ruby Ruby okay we are very
ruby anniversary 40 years got it sorry the Ruby clan is absolutely
fantastic fascinating because it goes back to Switzerland we’ve got people in
Denmark the u.s. obviously Ireland they scattered around the world and a few
very interesting stories like one of the descendants of the Swiss clan in
Pennsylvania at the age of four shot and killed his mother no I’m afraid it
wasn’t she reprimanded this young kid for playing with matches and they were
out in the yard and he went into the kitchen climbed up the dresser grabbed a
gun and then shot his mom in the back of the neck it’s absolutely horrible story
oh my gosh but it brings home all the family
history is there he’s only four yes he subsequently threatened the coroner with
a knife oh my goodness and did he just live a life of crime and amazing thing is in 1930
census there he is with his family 1940 census there he is with his family
and he joined the Navy had a successful career in the Navy and lived in
perfectly normal life after that it’s incredible that all the stories a
man named William Ruby was digging a grave in central London in 1816 now they
had a bit of a problem which will become apparent when I tell you that the ground
collapsed in on this guy oh he was 26 feet down
ok great London had a huge problem ok with the number of people dying in the
small areas the graveyard so they had to go down to find somewhere find somewhere
to bury their dead ok and it was another 15 years before the
the corporation of London realized that they had a such a huge problem and that
they then developed seven huge grave sites out in the suburbs
okay so there’s actually you know you learn a lot of social history doing okay
family history social history is the best yes brilliant so question yeah but
he buried alive or did he get out oh no that he wouldn’t he died down the bottom
of this grave they did get him out oh goodness unfortunately we can’t trace the man you know he had a wife and three children
oh good name but we can’t find an appropriate marriage of William Ruby
anywhere in England so far so far I know well did you go to Gretna Green I doubt
it way back there Justin romance novel anyway I’m telling you stories but the
real story here is that we’ve got 35 guild members collaborating together on
a one name study and so we’re going to finish in September and so far we have
12 and a half thousand people in reconstructed families just in that
study that’s amazing to find that you go to okay and
that’s one of the two hundred so websites being preserved by the guild
yeah it’s a good example I hope if what guild members can do absolutely I like
that power of working together on a project because I just think if if
people work together instead of just let me just say there’s a lot of people who
keep trying to climb their line but their line that’s been picked over so
often but here the way where you can keep looking for your surname yep and
find new discoveries oh absolutely I mean a lot of a lot of researchers do
that anyway I was looking in the family history library a couple of days ago at
a family named hause from Clark County Mississippi and I’m trying to sort out
all the family so there’s a book there with a bunch of probate records in and I
looked up all the probate records and some old records from the Works Progress
Administration you know they did little counting history and I’m able to
reconstruct a family sensibly from that before census records began but I’ve got
some houses that don’t fit in you know so raised my curiosity how
I’m going to fit those people into my studies well liked it I liked it well
how can people get to know more about the one name study as well as your
research project okay to go to the gilda the one name Studies website at a m– already okay
and don’t worry might even be a foreign name we’ve 100 members studying names
originating from outside the British Isles okay so don’t forget those and if
there’s a guild member studying your surname there’s a little button there
you click that you’re set up with an email you can send them a query send
them some help so you can help them and maybe they can help you they may already
know okay and if your surname isn’t understood in hey give it a thought well
all of the links they eat that Paul shared with us in this video will be in
the description section so be sure to check out all of those links and
consider doing a one name study or contributing to a winning study that is
already under works thank you so much oh thank you Devon pleasure


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