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So I’m going to randomize a dress for her – Oh no! [Intro music] Hey guys, what’s up? LDShadowLady here, and today we are doing the Sims 4 Random Genetics Challenge. I’ve been obsessed with watching theses videos on YouTube and I’m really excited to see how mine turns out. But if you don’t know how it works, basically you create a mother and a father completely randomly, randomizing all their features one by one, and then you create a child from their genetics. From there you’re allowed to change clothing, hair, make up, whatever you want to change to make it look good. And the aim of the challenge is to make the best Sim possible from these random parents. So this is our starting Sim, she is the mother. I’m gonna randomize her name first of all. I’m going to randomize everything three times – one, two, three – her name is Kinley. Kinley Baggett. Oh. OK, let’s see what Kinley Baggett is going to look like then. So we will start with the skin colour. So I’m going to randomize this three times, and then we can start randomizing her facial features. I’m going to start with her nose – one, two, three. And then her lips – one, two, three. And cheeks, everything has to be randomized including her jaw. And even her chin, which doesn’t seem to make much of a difference. And then we’ll do her eyes. One, two, three – Oh, she’s got these beautiful blue eyes now. And her eyebrows – one, two, three. OK. Now we can move onto her hair. So let’s randomize that. Wow, she kind of looks like a baguette now! Really living up to that name! Now we can change her body shape. One, two, three – She’s just a baguette! What is happening? Now let’s give her some cute outfits. So let’s randomize her everyday wear. Oh my goodness, I didn’t know baguettes wore mom jeans and crop tops, but here we are. Let’s move onto formal wear, so I’m going to randomize a dress for her. Oh no. Right. Let’s give her some shoes hopefully. Yep, lookin’ good! Moving onto athletic wear, I’m going to randomize one of these. Oh that looks cute! Girl, work it! OK, now let’s do her sleepwear, so – one, two, three. Oh my goodness, she’s wearing a bikini! This woman is mad! Let’s randomize her shoes as well – one, two, three. We got bunny slippers! We hit the jackpot! OK, moving onto party wear, ooh funky. Let’s put her in a dress. One, two, three – oh wow. She definitely doesn’t look like the life of the party. In fact, she kind of looks like the death of the party. Let’s see if her swimwear is any better. So, one, two, three – yes, now we’re talking! My girl Kinley turns up to pool parties in this! Let’s see what Mr. Baggett is going to look like. So first of all let’s give him his name – one, two, three. Paul, Paul Baggett. Oh my, Paul, are you OK? Paul, what’s happening?! I don’t know what that was, let’s get randomizing. So first of all we need to randomize his skin colour. So, one, two, three. And then we can start on his facial features. Let”s start with the nose. See what kind of nose we get, and the eyes – ohhh, those eyes! I could get lost in them. Wow. Let’s do his cheeks, and ears – oh no! Oh no, he turned out with huge ears! Oops. Let’s do the forehead. And the eyebrows – I think we did everything. OK, so now we can do his hair – one, two, three. I don’t know what it looks like under there, but I’m sure its good. Let’s randomize the hat. What is that? Let’s see if we can redeem it with some nice facial hair. Ah. Oh dear. OK, now moving onto body shape – one, two, three. And now we can give him some cool clothes. So let’s give him a full piece suit – one, two, three – of all the things he could have been wearing he’s wearing an apron! OK, formal wear – ooh, he got a fancy formal wear. I don’t know if it helps though… Oh well. Let’s see what we can do for athletic wear. Yes, I love this! This family makes good choices. So, sleepwear – one, two, three. Nice, let’s see if we can randomize to get some bunny slippers. Yes! OK, and the party wear we will go for – one, two, three – NO! I hate this outfit! This is the worst outfit in the entire game! There are so many cool party ones and he gets that! Really?! OK, well finally swimwear. Oh my gosh, how many accessories does this man have? OK, let’s randomize his shorts – one, two, three. OK, so THAT is Paul Baggett. And this is Kinley Baggett. Let’s see what the baby turns out like! Play with genetics. So we’re going to do a female and we have to age her up to 18. Here she is! Let’s find her name – one, two, three. Janie Baggett, and this is what she looks like. She has her dad’s eyes, which is good. So let’s see if we can give her a makeover, and make her look really cool. I’ll start with the hair. We have to find a style that complements the shape of her face. We could give her some really cool hair. Look at that! There is nothing wrong with dying your hair rainbow colours. Now for makeup let’s give her some nice eyeliner to accentuate those beautiful eyes. Look how pretty she is! Now let’s change her outfit. So for her everyday wear, ooh, put her in this granny dress! Actually, that’s really cute. How cute is that? Maybe not with those boots though. That is adorable. It’s not really something a teen would wear, unless your name is Betty Cooper. But it’s so cute! Maybe there’s something else, that’s pretty cute. How about this one? That’s cute! There are different colours. And what’s this one, oh that one’s adorable as well. I think I like that one, let’s change the shoes. Perfect! How cute is she? Now for her formal wear, she’s currently in this hideous outfit, so let’s find her something a little more elegant. How about a nice floor-length gown? Beautiful! Maybe we can get one that matches her hair colour. OK, a little bit too much turquoise going on, who am I kidding, there’s no such thing as too much turquoise! You know what she needs? A necklace. Ooh, these are cool. That one’s pretty, its like a little moon. She’s very mermaid-y so that works. So now let’s move on to her athletic wear. We can take off those glasses for a start. Wow, what is that? That is cute! I wouldn’t work out in it, but it’s cute. You know what I would work out in? That. That is adorable, I love it! Let’s get some leggings to match, perfect. And some nicer shoes, if any exist in this category. These ones will do. And now for her sleepwear, I going to put her in some bunny slippers to start off with, obviously. And let’s find a cute onsie for her. One of these, is there a turquoise one? What a beautiful selection of colours, I love it. That one is really nice, OK I’m going with that one. And for her party wear let’s put her in a nice outfit. Oh wait, let’s put her in that shirt we saw earlier. This one, how cute! And then let’s get her in some nice trousers, how about these ones? Yeah, I like that. And maybe a choker as well to go with that. I think this one would look really nice. Yes, that outfit is complete. Let’s move on finally to swimwear. I already kind of like what she’s wearing but let’s put her in a different shirt. This one’s nice. Let’s put her in some shorts actually. This could be a really cute pool-side outfit. There we go, I love it. So that is Janie Baggett. I think she looks a lot less like a baguette than her parents, but let me know what you think of her transformation in the comments down below. If you enjoyed it leave a like and I will see you next time.

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