Sims 4 REVERSE Random Genetics Challenge (CAS) – Super Hot Mom!!

I’m not like a regular mom. I’m a cool mom. Oh my God. This is a greatest swim outfit (^-^) I’ve ever seen in my life. So Rory’s mom has got it goin on (xD) Hey guys, so i’m back with another Sims 4 random genetics challenge, but with a little twist ( .o. ) Yeah, it’s so much fun making the first one of these videos, but I wanted to make a second one But I wanted it to be a little different. I didn’t know how and then I came across my friend SeePeeKay’s video the Reverse random genetics challenge which I will link in the description below where instead of creating the parents first you create the kids first and then Randomly generate their parents from that so in this one I’m going to do four sims instead of three like last time I’m going to make a boy and a girl teenager then and then from them I’m going to make the parents so fingers crossed My sims are not as bland as last time so without further ado Let’s do let’s do the girl first and let’s do teen and let’s start with her name one two Three is it sorry Sariah sorry why do I always get names i cant pronounce in this game? (Lauren seriously. -_-) Okay I just googled it So you could say sorry or suraíh. Let’s say suraíh Suraíh and one two three Cowarts Beautiful name, so beautiful alright Sariah. Let’s see what we can do to you one two three But I did learn to do the skin tone alone. You got to do this one two three So we’re gonna do head shape one two three eyebrows one two Three oh gosh, I get some waxing done You gotta get some wax in her plucking girl you so fuzzy look alright eyes one two three! Oh Okay We got some custom content eyes at least but not the super cool ones. I’ll take what I can get alright Nose one two three not too bad cheeks one two three lips one Two three chin one two three all right not too bad bad alright hair hair’s a big one guys hair can make or break a person on this one, too – oh Man! Three! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Oh, no, Oh no.. I might go one more only because this is a broken custom content as you can see yeah I’m Gonna do one more I’m very sorry if you guys are upset about it, but this might mess up everything so I want to play it safe So I don’t mess up the whole rest of this let’s do one more Not the prettiest hair or eyebrows to go with it, but you know she looks great Well it turns not a ball glitch all the ears the ears. I forgot Oh, God this this makes or breaks into one two three oh Nooooo You poor girl. Oh no. Oh, no, all right? Let’s do body type one two three, okay, all right So she chose a two-piece outfits all randomized it that way sort of one-piece one two three okay? Well, I guess you wanted to show off your tattoos there. Oh God really sinister there You’re so pretty hey, all right bottom one two three Kind of Matches your hairs. That’s not too bad choose one two three looks like we’re going camping horrible whoa one two three All right, not too bad choose one two three all right. I’ll take it athletic 1 2 3 – 1 2 3 Matches actually choose 1 2 3 oh the shoes right before that would imagine I’ll do one more time. Come on there we go I’m not very happy with the sim oh, God, so I’m not really supposed to randomize the hat on the girl character I’m supposed to do it on the boy, but we’ll leave this oh God her giant ears are sticking out of it. Well this step is falling apart right before my eyes sleep 1 2 3 1 2 3 Oh, god oh m 2 3 course invisible visible Okay, what a beautiful sleep outfit party outfit or it’s in two pieces So one two three one two three the total Party outfit one two three And Cowboy boots great really pulls the look together one two three one two three And get my feet back Yeah, that’s it. Oh. God. I think I failed really badly I will never make fun of my random genetic sims from the first episode ever again They were a godsend compared to my first one here so to recap This is the everyday outfit the formal outfit the athletic outfit the sleep Outfit kind of the party outfit and a swim out is she’s so beautiful Alright, let’s try to randomly pick one of these location okay Romantic all right And I klepto this was a fantastic sim right here with quality sim now we will genetics Oh, God get her brother create her sibling good So we shouldn’t really play with his face much because it’ll make him a totally other sim that won’t look like her So we will randomize his name 1 2 3 oh. God. Why why is it always the difficult names? Yusuf Joseph, yost yousuf youSuf Cowart actually the brother is pretty uh pretty good-looking alright will randomize his hair one, two three and Eyebrows one two three All right at least It matched a little better eyes will keep the same facial features will keep the same at least he got better luck with the ears Yeah, the brothers not looking too bad outfit though. We gotta fix this. I’ll both full body, so we’ll do another full body She’s not going to give us much to work with unless. It’s a suit which would look really nice one two three Oh, God one two three Clown shoes really alright formal one two three forgot I was on the shoes first turret one two three Why do you keep wearing really weird outfits one two three great? You’re part robot when you code the formal attire top one two three Oh, he’s a friggin poliwhirl and pants one two three one two three alright.. one two three one two three shoes… one two three party outfit one two three one two three one two three swimwear one two three Oh, God vito. I never did his body type. O body type Yeah one two three. Oh, that’s bad all right. I think he’s done. So this is Yousef. He definitely lucked out in the gene pool a lot more than her, but his clothing did not every day four of all athletic sleep party and Swim random aspiration Cereal romantic trait self-Assured and Squeamish great all right moment of truth. I’m just going to stem everybody from her so play with genetics parents And we’re gonna press three times on the father and mother one two Three oh jeez he just changed to a completely different person. It was like keeping the hair in same features pretty much Wow, her dad’s actually not bad-looking We’ll save him and work on him first, then we’ll add the mom I’m gonna laugh if the guys and the family are both like eat Oh, God, put put your clothes on gonna laugh at both guys and the family are like made out well in the gene pool So so far. They’re they’re looking alright and both of the girls look horrible. Let’s see what the dad’s name is one two three Giancarlo okay, I can say that and just like the first random genetic challenge You can play with the outfits and such of the sims that come out of it so that you can try to make them look Good alright. So just put the dad and like it’s a stereotypical bad boy outfit the hair I don’t really need to change. I think I’ll keep it. What cool dude and see what they pick for his formal. Oh No, let’s do this. It’ll match his eyes and again. He’s just cool guy, dad So he wears jeans with his uh sport coat moving on Athletic I’ve got enys wearing earrings now. Rally. He’s like cool. Hot dad coming through alright I’ll just let you keep your outfit, but I changed your shoes bleep. Oh, this is not cool guy outfit. Oh Yeah, this is just about to enjoy a let’s give you a some black bunny slippers This is adorable party outfit. This is your party outfit. Oh my God. How are you married? What a cool dude. I was trying to make him like as cool as possible to make up for his children. Yeah, cool All right, so this is the dad he’s just a super cool classy guy. Oh, yeah his aspirations. Oh he’s an outdoorsy guy and My God, he’s smart Squeamish. Oh, just like his son and Jealous oh all right let’s see what kind of wife you’re jealous over all right ready guys one two Three what this is the mom that poor first girl that I made her parents look fine They look normal and she looks really terrible all right Well, we’re giving you a different hair because this makes you look like you’re a teenager I’m gonna give her hair the same color as her daughter’s so at least they have that in common my friend You were named one two three of course It’s something like cute, and simple hey your daughter must really resent. You like this is her daughter And then this is the mom like it’s not fair her her whole family is beautiful, and she’s like the black sheep But anyway back to making her bomb look amazing. Yeah, we’ll match her eyebrows I give the mom like a cool girl outfit to match the dead My God she’s so pretty it’s so not fair For her and she’s Edgy look at her hair’s all shut the side shape going on right for formal whoo This is pretty cool for her edgy and unique, and yeah, oh my God. This is her work out out. You know I’m not like a regular mom. I’m a cool mom, and are super inappropriate cool mom outfit for parties. Oh my God This is a greatest swim outfit. I’ve ever seen in my life. You know what you can keep This this is Kate change the color of this tab let’s change these about your hair bar bag Beautiful. Oh, I did your aspiration is of course. She’s a party animal and her trait self-assured lazy Now going for everyday her formal for athletic her sleep her party Her swim first one’s the best best outfit ever created and it all started with her oh my God I feel so bad for her There is no helping you, but all I gotta say is so Rory’s mom has got it goin on I don’t even know I don’t even know I’m saying my since character Racer re fairy Fairy I know I said it right in the beginning and that I totally forgot, and I’m gonna end on her with her Amazing swim outfit well guys if you enjoyed this video make sure to give it a thumbs up before you go leave a comment below Letting me know who your favorite character was I mean mines fate hands down especially with your awesome swim attire But who knows maybe you guys have a different favorite subscribe if you’re new to the channel I put out new videos every single day and as always. I will Z you guys soon


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