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You’re tendency to become prone to obesity! Hi guys! Hi!
Hi! How well do you know yourself? I feel like both of us are very outspoken. I guess. Do you think I’m a extrovert, Chris? Uhh…I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know, we actually don’t talk a lot very often. Don’t expose this on camera! Recently I did a full body check. Everything was fine except my uric acid very high. Do you believe genes dictate who you are? I feel like my horoscope dictates who I am. I think certain health issues will definitely pass down one. For personality wise, I think it’s an issue of nature versus nurture. Do you think you have good genes? I say no! My dad’s balding lah so that something that I… I know confirm will happen, plus chop will happen to me. Physical genes, I think mine like lower than average ah. I think I also, I’m a blimp eh. If I didn’t like, put in effort right or conscious effort to right, I’ll just be a lump. Blimp. On this episode of Singaporeans Try, we will be collecting your saliva to do a DNA test. Nice. Here is the genetic test kit. Why is mine different from yours? Yours is Myself 2.0, mine is Genesis 2.0. This is all we have in the Myself 2.0. Similar right?
Mine is the same. Fill between the lines. Oh my god we have to spit inside. Eee, I don’t want eh. I don’t want to spit inside then like, *eugh* like a bird. First you spit, then you close the tube…
Yes. Afterwards, you shaketh, essence of Jon. And then enclose the cap, and then you send. Okay. Okay, let’s start. Warning, viewer discretion is advised. Oh my god, that is damn gross. More like damn accurate. Jiayou, you can do it! I feel very embarrassed. Eh, don’t so shy eh. Don’t see me. Okay, okay, I don’t see. Ooh. Ooh.
Ooh. Eh, this should be sold in like bars eh. Shots! Then like, you *bap bap*, then you *suu*. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Just remove. There. Oh, oh. Tada. Bye bye saliva.
Oh my god. Done. Alright. Okay, so anyway your saliva samples will be sent to Genesis Healthcare’s lab in Japan now. Woah.
Woah. For it to be analysed.
Konnichiwa(hello). Okay, hello! Hello!
Hi. Welcome back. Your DNA results are back. Oh my god. I cannot believe this day has come. Results of all 6 participants will be split into 4 different charts with their identities kept hidden. As a pair, they’ll have to guess which results best corresponds to each participant. So let’s start guessing! I have a strong inkling, Uh huh. that I am ‘A’. Person ‘A’ is obviously Fauzi lah. Ya! Standard. Cause’ he always sleep at 10pm. He cannot like, sleep like, late one. Extraversion high trend definitely. Fauzi is quite agreeable. Okay, ‘B’. Slightly late, low trend of extraversion. Person ‘B’ is Alison. Because she’s not very extroverted. So I would say low trend extraversion is actually Ali.
Chris. Preference of outer appearance, high trend. Who is it? Chris. Do you have a preference for outer appearance? Yes. So then, that is like, high trend? Are you person ‘B’? Cause’ I think Chris has a very specific type. Ya. Of girls. When it comes to girls. I think I’m ‘D’ and you’re ‘E’. Because… My agreeableness standard?
I probably hoard more than you. I feel like ‘C’ and ‘F’, it’s either me or Jon. Just cause’ of the lateness. I think I’m the last one. Yes, that’s what I thinking also. Because you are introverted. Ethical tendency, all of us are high trend except person ‘F’. Jon Paul. Jon Paul is it? I don’t think Jon is very ethical. ‘F’ right, is highly likely Jonathan Paul because hoarding more prone. Have you seen his desk? I don’t hoard! You just said that you keep your own blood! The other day I found a test tube with my blood from like, more than like, 5 years ago. Ew. Oh my god, so many options. Let’s just look at the ones that are very obviously different. For example musical ability right, that one is either ‘E’ is, is either Leah or Jon. Wah, confirm you.
Leah. No, it’s Leah. Dancing. You and Leah is everything is the same. Except musical ability so who is the better musician? I feel like she has a good musical sense because she’s a dancer. Oh ya, oh right. And I think for Jonathan Paul right, he taught himself how to play music. So maybe he doesn’t have like, a inherent birth in terms of musical ability, but he taught himself? Am I that slow at math? We’re all slow at math! There’s only one person who is standard!
I graduated…hey, hey, hey. I graduated in business okay? Can you don’t like that? Guys, there’s no way I’m person ‘C’. Why? It’s not that I buay ba(thick skin) or like, I thick skin but like, I’m quite good at like, exercising. Eh, last time I sprinter eh. Then there the write like, sprint slightly low. How can you be like that. I am at least normal! I don’t think she’s good. I think she just pushes herself. Let’s just fix it for now lah. I think we stick lah, we stick.
Okay. Acne? Aging. Brain’s performance. Oh my god, tendency to decline. Oh! That’s the one. Wah, damn poor thing sia. Oh my god, Leah? Aiya, I’m so… I feel so bad for her eh. If you’re ‘E’… Oh no! I’m ‘E’! What does that mean?! I’m gonna be stupid in like, 5 years?! It’s not stupidity. It’s more on like, the working memory…
It’s Alzheimer’s. Mental control, logical thinking… I’m gonna be illogical and stupid! Oh I don’t want to be person ‘E’. I’m scared. Now obesity right, tendency to become prone, person ‘F’. Only one person. Jon Paul eh. Jon Paul you need to exercise more. You’re tendency to become prone to obesity! Ya, I’m not surprised. Wah, this is very sad. I call bullshit! Eee! Oh, sorry, sorry. I identify through 2 other people to be prone to obesity also. And that’s? Alison! I also think I’ll be obese sia. Skali(Maybe) I’m ‘F’. I feel like acne is the only thing we can tell. Who has the highest chance of… I think is Jon. Jon Paul does get like weird spots. If y’all watch back all the old videos right, they’re a lot of episodes where you just see me right, always will have one guy travelling around my face. This chart is hella scary. ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘D’ is definitely me. Because my dad has a history of baldness. Wah, this everything is high eh, the person ‘A’ jialat eh. Yours is high eh, for everything man. Which is something quite shocking. Your family is relatively healthy right? My family has no history of stroke, cancer. So, might not be me anymore. Person ‘C’ is extremely healthy as a person. You know if you’re person ‘C’ you can eat McDonald’s and KFC all you want. Okay, irritable bowel syndrome. Chris is slightly high. Ya, he always shit, he always shit. And you can hear when it’s him one eh, I don’t know why. Wah, he lowest chance to get stroke. Ya. I think… Why eh? He will make people get stroke. Oh my god, I feel like I’m ‘E’ already. Oh my god! Okay. I do have like, irritable bowel syndrome. I need to sit down and like, talk myself through that, “Hey, you’re gonna shit now.” I need to like, warm up you know? Restless leg syndrome? Shake leg! Oh! You will slightly high! Ya, ya, ya. 100% is him.
For sure. 100%. Jon Paul always shakes his leg. ‘D’ is Fauzi. ‘D’ is Fauzi?
What. Slightly late. Okay, that maybe makes sense. Extraversion standard?! Alison’s extraversion is high trend?! Huh?! You are Fauzi? Oh my god. My… My… My health like bad ah. Oh ya sia wah! Like I slightly high at stroke, okay. Cause’ I eat a lot of like, fatty food. I’m ‘C’. Oh my god, we were right!
Oh my god we were literally correct! Wait, wait! Abilities! So wait, I’m not sporty?! I’m not sporty! Just now I said, whoever is person ‘C’ you can go eat McDonald’s and KFC however much you want. That’s me! Oh my god. Now we gon’ look at myself! So there’re a lot of categories. So some of them is personality traits, communication skills I’m pretty sure I’m very good. Body constitution, abilities and diet/nutrients. Oh no, so sad. Happiness tendency not to easy to feel. Okay cheer up! Cheer up! Erectile dysfunction! Oh my god! I’m tendency to have erectile dysfunction? Oh my god. You’re prone to have erectile dysfunction. Oh my god. Eh but, look at this. Eh, it’s more than 75% eh. High chance that a lot of people will have erectile dysfunction. So we’re now into Genesis 2.0. There’re 3 components, disease, constitution and risk level. Oh my god! Susceptible to, what is this? Norovirus infection. Am I gonna die?! Okay, what does this mean? You can actually click into it. Oh my god! I can click it. According to it, it says I’m prone to vomiting and diarrhea. Oh no. I mean, uhh, I vaguely recall that when I was younger, I used to vomit a lot so maybe that’s why. Eee, droplets of the vomit of stool from infected people. You can kena(get) from that. Ew. Avoid contacting with other people who have this virus. Let’s look at gender. Yup. Prostate cancer slightly high?! Time for me to get probed. They really go really in-depth ah. Was the results interesting? Very. I’m super shook. It’s interesting to see that your genetics right, whether it correlates or not lor. Like if it correlates then you can understand why. If it doesn’t correlate then I think it just shows that your circumstances can define who you are and overcome like, what you’re kinda like, pre-designed to be. Did you learn anything new about yourself? I think for me I learned that, if I’m more prone to certain things then I can take steps to kind of avoid that. Uhm… Yes, that I am not a sporty person by nature. But, because I’m in an environment where my dad and my brothers are extremely sporty. Oh my god! Mind blown. Actually this entire episode right, I just keep thinking eh. How can my saliva tell someone all this information about me. Ya! It’s damn scary eh! But it’s quite amazing ah. To find out so many things from your saliva. Like next time I go on the roadside or whatever right, then I just see saliva on the floor, I thinking like, “Who is this?” “Who are you?” Introvert. Extrovert. Acne. So thank you guys for watching this video and thank you GeneLife for making this video possible. So if you guys want to get your DNA tested with a test kit, you can get it at a discount with the promo code in the description box below. And we have a giveaway! We have 1 Genesis 2.0 kit worth $470 to give away. So all you have to do is leave a comment down below which of the 4 categories you want to know most about and why. And the 4 categories are, personality, ability, body and health. And the most creative comment wins!


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