SM 춤짱 계보에 빛나는 신동(Shindong), 추억의 댄스 타임♡ 아는 형님(Knowing bros) 200회

Originally when you mention dance… [Flashy SM dancer’s family tree]
There is U-Know Yunho, no need to mention Eunhyuk, Taemin is also part, and Kai as well. And the upper class of the pyramid is Shindong. I asked why that is, [The SM trainees watch Shindong’s dance videos for practice]
When a trainee comes in, he/she looks at Shindong’s dance videos as the basics. [Ha!] So far, what they have said is that, [SM Top 3 Master]
The 3 things that move SM is the master of producing is Mr. Lee Soo Man, for the singing it’s Young Jin Yoo, and dancing is Shindong. [The hidden master(?) of dancing, Shindong!] [Great fuss/ Bluffing]
– I didn’t hear anything wrong, right?
– Right Right. [Great fuss/ Bluffing]
Just like a triangle form. Apparently the trainees watched my videos for practice. I actually didn’t know that. [Dance clip filmed before debut]
Because it was after my debut and I filmed it when I was a trainee myself. [To amuse people with the choreography I made]
I wanted to make people laugh and make jokes but I was good at dancing as well so I decided to amuse people with my dance. [Looking forward to it]
I had filmed them every week. So after my debut, [Used in entertainment programs in the past..!]
We used them in other entertainment programs like Heroine 6, Love Letter, etc. as a group. [I was going to show you guys today but I didn’t have the songs for it]
But I couldn’t find that songs for today so I literally called all my friends for it. [Finally found the music after asking around]
So I finally found it and brought it. [Finally found the music after asking around] [Hurry up and show us]
You brought it. But I may not be able to remember it all. [Time to Recall the Dance]
I will go for it. Turn the music, please. [The stage of the super dancing machine, Shindong, has started] [NEW Dong Shin Dong] Let’s give it up for Shindong. [Cute Come-hither] [(Wipes sweat)]
Wipes sweat. [The bell rings and the time has come] [Full-scale popping dance time START] [Crazy popping] [Robot dance START] He’s like Park Jung Nam! [This is the real robot dance] [Various repertory memories of the old classic songs] [Line of support] [A blast of excitement] [Everyone, let’s have fun] [On Beat] [Harmonious] [The best dancer/ God of Dancers, King of Dancers, Shindong!] [Shindong did a good job in bringing back memories] It’s been like 15 years and I still remember them. -Shindong.
-You have a story for it.

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