Soul Genetics: Who Is Controlling Your Soul?

The good news is the Golden Age is coming
as early as 2012. The Mayan calendar also ends by that time. It’s not the end of the
world; it’s the end of the old consciousness. It is the beginning of new sciences, understanding
of the world from a different perspective. I am currently involved in developing two
sciences that will play a major role in the sciences of the Golden Age. One is called
Soul Genetics and the other is Mind Sound Technology. In this video clip, I am going
to talk about the Soul Genetics. For some time, I have been thinking about the genes
and I have talked about it and I have often used the expression that not only your brain
thinks, your genes think too. They have their own brain. So the gene remembers black eye,
dark skin, curly hair and Japanese or Chinese eyes versus Asian or Caucasian eyes. All these
are defined within the genes. So genes have their own brain. Now recently, I just moved
into thinking about the genes of the soul. Let me explain this to you: just as you inherit
genes from your parents, your great great grandfather, grandmother, great great grand
parents, you also inherit the soul. Your soul is not different from the souls of your ancestors.
Just as there is a lineage on the level of the genes, biological genes, there is inheritance
of the soul, this I called ‘Soul Genetics’. If you will you can use this metaphor of the
DNA with regard to the soul as well and talk in terms of the DNA of the soul. This is really
not a new science and I just have developed this out of some practices in India to propitiate
the ancestors and I also looked at literature from China and Japan, they are also into ancestor
worship. The theory is like this: in all these olden cultures what they think is your well
being is dependent on your ancestors who are now dead but they live in soul forms. So you
are required constantly to propitiate them and then they are supposed to bless you with
good things in life. I just started looking at the literature in India, voluminous literature
on the propitiation of the souls of the ancestors and their connections with their offsprings
who are living on the earth plane. It become so fascinating. The ancestors although they
give up their bodies and they are dead now, they are still living there in another dimension
in a soul form and your soul is connected to their soul because it’s the same soul
by standards of Soul Genetics. In other words, the thoughts that your are thinking may not
be even your thoughts, it may be the thoughts of your parents who are now no more or your
grandparents or great great grand parents, so this goes on. In order you to be completely
free from their influence you have to somehow let these souls give up their interest in
you. So that you can have your own thoughts and then use the contemporary wisdom available
in the 21st century and not conditioned by the souls of your ancestors and this is Soul
Genetics. On a practical level, I have found this immensely helpful to heal your diseases
which have come to you from your ancestors or your financial situation or your relationship
situations. All these things you find getting better once you do a ritual called Tarpanam.
Tarpanam means offering food to these souls. These souls come and hang out with you and
they need food and water. This might seem very naïve but then we have to evaluate it
only by results produced by this practice. I have not known any particular ritual or
meditation to be so powerful as this offering. So I just want to develop this Soul Genetics
further of how the thought patterns are inherited on the level of the soul from a pool of the
ancestors. And this is briefly Soul Genetics and I am going to look at more into the traditions
of China and Japan and incorporate it in my studies.

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