Special Collections: Genealogy

with genealogy you can’t do any history
without knowing about people so genealogy’s really important every story has has a person in it and our genealogists help people find not only their own family histories but also how those family histories relate to the context of history in general the genealogy collection it’s a large collection covering the entire United States it has some materials overseas there’s about what would you say forty five thousand between forty five to fifty thousand bound volumes it includes things like cemetery transcriptions, family histories, record transcriptions, genealogy periodicals, Society publications basically everything that you need to research your family also with our genealogy department we do appointments so we’re really interested in taking each person on their own journey to find their family history it’s a very personal journey and it can involve lots of secrets that the person might not have known marriages, divorces, the birth of children, people moving to different places, adoption all the things that are you know decidedly human but sometimes don’t get passed on from one family generation to the next but we can find a lot of that good information we got some city directories, atlases, maps and then we have a vertical file collection which is a serendipitous collection where we have all kinds of different things that people have donated to us over the years we have online databases, we have Ancestry Library Edition, we have HeritageQuest Online, America’s Genealogy Bank several resources that you can access online from home or wherever else you have you know Internet access and a library card so we realized that even though you might live in Seattle, your ancestors may not have Europeans only came to Seattle in
the 1850s so most of us don’t don’t come from here so we try to collect to cover
anybody who would use the collection and make sure that we have materials to
access for them to access their history there’s topics for everybody
just because you don’t come from Washington doesn’t mean we don’t have something to help you one example just just Ukrainian genealogy no other part of Eastern Europe just Ukrainian that’s helpful for anybody doing Jewish
genealogy Cherokee soldiers of 1812, Cherokee property evaluation John and I get paid to do our hobby so it’s fun when people want to come in and talk about genealogy with us we’re growing the collection, we’re building the collection but the whole purpose of the collection is so that we can help people, help individuals everybody’s story is different and unique and we’re happy to help people explore those stories

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