Sperm Bank Hires The WRONG Guy [Crazy Story]

Thomas Liburd is a former are was a
former professor I at Purdue and in 1974 he was arrested
for kidnapping in using electroshock therapy on one is female students he served two years in prison for that
however after he got out in 1988 he started working at the
reproductive medical technologies Inc in Salt Lake City where they donate
sperm it’s a sperm bank basically he got a
hold on just for one sec yeah him was arrested for kidnap you have at they delivering electroshock you have
a good planet one year for the kidnapping want your
body like a hedge or sentencing get the picture I think yeltsin’s the end is insane he
took a plea deal which is why you only got two years in prison but but with
even more insane if he gets out and he gets heard out a sperm bank right like look at you do the crime you
do the time you should be able to get out and get a decent job I do I
definitely believe in that but apparently they didn’t do enough I
background checking on this guy because it turns
out that he he swapped in his sperm at the bank and years later a
21-year-old found out that she was not actually you know Sh her biological father was not the same
person who raised her okay so it all happen when this one
family there unidentified they want to remain anonymous they did %uh DNA testing right I don’t
know why they decided to do a randomly they decide to do. DNA testing they found out the
21-year-old daughter was not genetically it related to them at all
probably wanted to do they probably were like tricking her there were like as
they like he did not look anything like that canal and then they got a lead to some fun
genealogy after the whole family and then it turned out that it was this guy yes
also they found out they went back to the sperm they did artificial
insemination apparently they had trouble conceiving back then so they went back to I the the sperm
bank and they found out that this guy Thomas Liburd %uh worked there at the time they
contacted his a family members they received some
offutt while one in the family members provided
their DNA and they found out oh my god the equity that he’s dead he
died he died in 1999 so they were unable to take you know who
what where is the daughter was black think the new time there’s like no what
one with her so the worst part about this story is
the family was warned that liberty who seemed proud a wall children’s photos by his desk may
have tainted other Sai like at a picture of all the
evolved to be able to edit to and there’s no way really to we’ll
never know probability yeah the kids attracted the
check than a good to go through the roster and
send out a letter like a will pay for tell you what I know what would you
wanna at this point I don’t think I would wanna you do think
if I don’t wanna know as well just because I would worry I mean what if you
have some sorta like what if he had cancer or something
and I’m twelve-year predispose for for a certain diseases
kidnapping elector shot himself in a June rather you up could be are you up to SC 42 I don’t
like that here crying electroshock ojeda well maybe that was a little I we
all think he said something in there was a telling all that you said you’re like the clinic didn’t do enough a background
check but it was they hired him in 1988 and from the Year Zero and tell later
died in 95 by the background check was ever
convicted of a felony really check no you’re not alone in their background
that illegal and where to buy a gun replied well as I hear that yeah I mean
there’s like Iowa who you call you dog I was there they hired too many
the guy to be the technician had been a professor at Purdue it’s crazy it’s a


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