Spotlight: Students of Caribbean and African Ancestry

SOCA is a student-run group in SFU We are a home for people within the African Diaspora We represent people from all
over the world from the Caribbeans, from Africa, European countries everywhere and what we do is we try to bring support to people on campus and we support black led organizations communities, events, things like that so SOCA has various groups that people can join SOCA dances, the advocacy committee,
Events Committee In March we have our elections so everyone who is interested can join in SOCA activities and our events are mostly open for everyone we’ve recently been hosting events such as Afro Vibes, Afro Festival, cultural
nights, and discussion Wednesdays so one of the things that were working
on right now for the fall semester is the J’ouvert on the Mountain which is a
concert that will incorporate Caribbean music and music from all over the
Caribbean diaspora right now we are looking at celebrating our 25th
anniversary in the fall semester and that would entail a dinner that would have and talks
that would have parties just to celebrate our existence and how SOCA
has been actively working in SFU for 25 years as a club I think the main challenge that we face is getting people in the
Diaspora to know that we are here it’s hard to find people because we are so
small in a large SFU community like this it takes us approaching every human being that we see that may be interested to join us so that’s one of
the challenges that I think we face SFU SOCA is a place for everyone so you do
not need to identify as a black person to be a part of SOCA We have a PlayStation here that people can feel free to come and use we have
books here available for anyone to come and borrow and read get involved with the community join the community and let’s enjoy the safe space as black
people as people of African descent generally and also as allies of people
of African descents to find out more about SOCA go to or
you can come to the SOCA room in the Rotunda

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