Starting your search at the library website

You can start your search on the University
of Toronto Libraries website by using the ‘Start your search’ box at the top left,
which will search for books, ebooks, articles, journals among other items available through
the library all at once. If you’re interested in looking for books,
ebooks, journals, or DVDs, then the library catalogue would be the place to search. You will not find journal articles listed
in a library catalogue. Use the article search or a database to search
at the article level. An article search here will search across
databases in all disciplines, so it may give you results in areas of study you are not
interested in, depending on the keywords you use. For example, a general article search for
video games and behavior” will find articles from psychology journals, as well as those
in the area of games and culture, which may not be of interest to you. It is good research practice to know and use
the subject-specific databases related to your field of study, as they can provide a
more comprehensive and in-depth search on your specific topic. To locate subject-specific databases, click
on ‘By subject A-Z’ under ‘Databases’. When you click on a specific subject area,
for example ‘Architecture’ or you can scroll down to ‘Psychology’, you will
see a list of article databases in that subject where you can begin searching for journal
articles. PsycINFO is a well-known psychology database
where you can begin searching for articles in that subject.

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