Stories from the Stacks – Milwaukee Genealogy

I’m the recording secretary for the
Milwaukee County Genealogical Society. We offer our free genealogy classes at the Milwaukee Public Library once a month. It’s a very wonderful partnership and
the librarians are very helpful. They’re knowledgeable they know how to direct people to the materials in the room and to the genealogy and biographical and newspaper databases. The databases that we use here, one is which is a database that you have to pay for if you want to use it from home but here at the library you can use it at no charge. People are very thankful and grateful
that we’re offering these free classes because they’re not struggling to figure out “What do I do first? What do I do second?” “I’m just lost. I don’t know where to start.” We take them from the beginning to you
might say intermediate and even an advanced level You’re talking to others and you’re sharing. So next to you might be a person and you never know you might be relatives Now I come to the Milwaukee Public Library to do my genealogy and research for my Mexican heritage. I am very fortunate to have photographs that go back to Mexico. We want to do research because we want to know about our past. It’s about the stories. And you hear these stories and you say “You know, I want to know more about my ancestry.” And then we can pass this heritage down to our own children and future generations You never know you might discover
something so beautiful

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