DNA or Deoxyribonucleic acid is the most basic
structure of all human beings and it can be made using colored straws. first take these
colored straws and cut them in equal parts. DNA structure is double helical and each unit
is a nucleotide made up of sugar, phosphate and nitrogenous bases. there are 4 types of
nitrogenous bases and hence we use 4 types of colored straws. these nitrogenous bases
are adenine, guanine, cytosine and thymine. each step of a DNA is actually a pair of this
nitrogenous bases because adenine binds only with thymine and guanine binds with cytosine.
you can assume each nitrogenous base with a color of this straw and make these base
layers, red with green which can depict guanine and cytosine and yellow with blue which depicts
adenine with thymine. these are our nitrogenous bases.these nitrogenous bases hold the information
for making proteins in all living beings. three of these bases contain information to
make an amino acid and a chain of amino acids is just a protein. take a 2 meters tape and
make it lie sticky side up and place this base layers of colored straws at equal distances.
you can see that adenine is always binding with thymine and guanine with cytosine. this
DNA contain all the genetic information which gets transferred from one generation to the
other and that’s why a lot of us look like our parents because the information is coded
in the DNA. take the other cello tape and put it on the other end of the straws to bind
them. put pencils at both the ends so that you can rotate it. you can now see the helical
structure of the DNA. rotate it so that you can see four base layers in one of the helix.
this is because the DNA structure contains one helix of the DNA structure contains four
base layers. have fun playing with the most important molecule in all living beings.


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