Strawberry DNA Extraction

Strawberry DNA extraction is a fun
experiment that you can easily do using every day materials. You’ll need one strawberry, one ziploc bag, two small beakers, a
plastic funnel, one square of cheese cloth, a tube rack one 50 mL plastic tube,
5 mL of alcohol, a pipette, one small tube with a cap or a lid, and
20 mL of extraction solution. The extraction solution is made by
mixing 900 mL of water with 100 mL of shampoo,
and 2 teaspoons of salt. This will make enough for your whole
class. First place the strawberry into the
ziploc bag. Then pour 20 mL of the
extraction solution into the bag. Close and seal the bag removing as
much air as possible. Use your hands to gently mash the
strawberry in the extraction solution for five minutes. Place a funnel into the 50 mL
tube. Next, place a piece of cheese cloth inside
the funnel. Open your ziploc bag and pour the mixture of strawberry and
extraction solution through the cloth and into the funnel. Gently squeeze the cheese cloth. Once all the liquid has passed through
the cloth, throw the cloth away and remove the funnel. add 5 mL of 70%
isopropyl alcohol. Hold your tube to eye level and observe.
The DNA precipitate looks like fine, white strands of cotton fiber – almost like spider webs. Now you can use
the pipette to remove the DNA from the tube. Look at it, touch it, for place it into
another tube to keep. Now you’ve successfully extracted the
DNA from the strawberry.


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